How do we get approval to wipe our own ass in the US?

I believe the US may be having a contest between the Biden Administration and the Republican Party as to whom can pass the most legislation limiting American freedoms. Our government keeps piling law upon law upon regulation upon mandate upon bullying tactics. We haven’t been a free country for decades. One thing in which IContinue reading “How do we get approval to wipe our own ass in the US?”

You cannot force someone to be attracted to you regardless of sex or gender.

I am sure most people have seen the news stories floating around about transgender people claiming transphobia after their date realizes they have male and female genitalia. Reality bites sometimes. You cannot force someone to be sexually attracted to you. I don’t care if you are LGBTQ or heterosexual. We are attracted to what andContinue reading “You cannot force someone to be attracted to you regardless of sex or gender.”

Transgender Children. What are we thinking?

We have all seen the child we knew from day one is gay or a lesbian. We just knew. It was obvious from how they played, what they liked, and how they responded to circumstances in their environment and other children. We don’t like to talk about it much if we are Christians. The BibleContinue reading “Transgender Children. What are we thinking?”

My Dysphoria Regarding Gender Dysphoria

Merriam-Webster defines dysphoria as a state of feeling very unhappy, uneasy, or dissatisfied. The DSM-5 updated it’s classification of Gender Identity Disorder to Gender Dysphoria to eliminate stigma for people who believe they are a different sex than their designated gender. This causes me dysphoria. I’m feeling very unhappy, uneasy and dissatisfied with the PC,Continue reading “My Dysphoria Regarding Gender Dysphoria”

Living in a Dark Comedy

In 1983 a play premiered written by Christopher Durang called “Baby with the Bathwater”. I saw this play performed in the mid 1990s. It is a dark comedy about a young couple who has a baby and are totally unprepared. The first few years they call the baby, Baby. The baby is finally given theContinue reading “Living in a Dark Comedy”