Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.

For starters, yes, most of us are at least trying to have our regular Thanksgiving holiday. There are those people who are scared of Rona or who are in high risk groups who will not be attending. Otherwise, it’s game on! City people simply do not understand rural America. It’s sparsely populated, the same familiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.”

Enjoying a spring thunderstorm while having an introspective evening.

I have spent the past two hours alternating between sitting on my front porch swing and in my living room enjoying a spring rain. My two tomcats are accompanying me. They are both fascinated with the rain, noise and light show. One cat is enjoying venturing out onto the steps and getting rained on thenContinue reading “Enjoying a spring thunderstorm while having an introspective evening.”