How do we get approval to wipe our own ass in the US?

I believe the US may be having a contest between the Biden Administration and the Republican Party as to whom can pass the most legislation limiting American freedoms. Our government keeps piling law upon law upon regulation upon mandate upon bullying tactics. We haven’t been a free country for decades. One thing in which IContinue reading “How do we get approval to wipe our own ass in the US?”

Easter in white America

The Bible does not give a clear physical description of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, God, or the apostles. Why? Well, if you read the Bible, it’s clear skin color, ethnicity and gender are not relevant to gaining entrance into heaven. Heaven can only be gained through Jesus Christ. It cannot be gained through your church,Continue reading “Easter in white America”

Teaching factual American history in our schools

Well, this post is probably going to anger a few people. I don’t care. Hear me out. I grew up in white rural America. I did not live in white rural America for most of my adult life. I’ve been back here for a few years. There are days that I love it and daysContinue reading “Teaching factual American history in our schools”

What is the plan for snow this winter?

Winter and snow are two of my favorite things in life. Snow is white. It’s primarily in northern countries from which white people have descended. I’m wondering if it’s going to be declared racist. I think it could happen considering the ever growing list of racist claims in the US. Isn’t skiing mainly a whiteContinue reading “What is the plan for snow this winter?”

The world wants to talk about skin color. OK. Genetics and lineage in America.

America has been a melting pot since it’s birth. Very few Americans who have been here for generations can trace their lineage back to only two or three countries. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Most Oklahoma Natives have Native American blood. When Elizabeth Warren, being from Oklahoma, claimed Native American blood without everContinue reading “The world wants to talk about skin color. OK. Genetics and lineage in America.”

We are all the same in the eyes of God

For 8 years, Obama stirred the pot and deepened the racial divide. For 8 years, we constantly heard white privilege. Last time I checked, there were plenty of white kids who couldn’t afford food, housing and education. White people living on the streets and in homeless shelters are not privileged. But hey, continue with yourContinue reading “We are all the same in the eyes of God”

“You are raising him white” Further observations of racism and prejudice in America.

My son is mixed race. Since he has been born, I have heard a litany of ridiculous comments from people. The one I find most dumbfounding is “You are raising him white.” I have heard this comment from white people in various places. Usually accompanied by white people are not racist. Usually preceded by theContinue reading ““You are raising him white” Further observations of racism and prejudice in America.”

Racism and Prejudice Exist in America

Racism and prejudice both very much exist in the US as they do around the world. I do not believe that it is as prevalent as it once was in the US. I believe we have made a lot of progress but we aren’t there yet. We will never completely eradicate racism or prejudice. ————————————————————————————————-Continue reading “Racism and Prejudice Exist in America”

In Support of China

Yes, the coronavirus is believed to have originated in a live meat market in Wuhan, China. There are many conspiracies being floated all over about this being an escaped manmade virus from a lab or it was intentionally set free. There are numerous YouTube videos about not eating out in the US and/or buying anythingContinue reading “In Support of China”