Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.

Ronaviravich was feeling pleased with the complete chaos in America both herself and her dog Wackadoo had achieved so early in 2021. Wackadoo (aka Q) was, however, angry that she had been censored on so many internet platforms. Wackadoo wanted to go to DC and bite Pelosi and Mitch. Rona had a better idea. RonaContinue reading “Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.”

Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.

Divided countries fall while united countries stand or erupt into civil war. The problem with uniting Americans is the belief that this is a fight of good versus evil. Good cannot compromise and unite with evil and remain good. It isn’t possible. People are preaching unity. We cannot have unity without compromising our basic coreContinue reading “Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.”

What is the plan for snow this winter?

Winter and snow are two of my favorite things in life. Snow is white. It’s primarily in northern countries from which white people have descended. I’m wondering if it’s going to be declared racist. I think it could happen considering the ever growing list of racist claims in the US. Isn’t skiing mainly a whiteContinue reading “What is the plan for snow this winter?”

Glassy eyed shrieking banshees.

What exactly is going on in the US that the media, Hollywood and politics are filled with glassy eyed, shrieking banshees? You cannot have missed the look that I’m talking about. Round, bugged-out shiny eyes, sallow skin complexion, and so worked up they are shrieking instead of talking. I almost can’t watch anymore. But then,Continue reading “Glassy eyed shrieking banshees.”

Crazy Donald and the Angry Swede

I am sorry, but these two are the best entertainment on the planet right now. They should have their own angry talk show and name it….Crazy Donald and the Angry Swede. The Angry Swede came from a family of professional entertainers from what I have read. I have no idea if it’s true or not.Continue reading “Crazy Donald and the Angry Swede”

Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER

I have visited or worked in 33 states and have lived in three. I am a resident of a flyover state. When I say please keep flying over, I mean it sincerely. Do not stop. Do not visit. Do not drive through. Fly right on over. If you wish to flee your city or stateContinue reading “Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER”

“Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe

The Republican Party has once again proven itself to be the leader in objectifying women, selling sex, and further proving the hypocrisy of the religious right. They’re definatily pulling ahead in the race to completely stamp out any self esteem or self worth the millenial woman might have accidentally found. Our second amendment right toContinue reading ““Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe”

Living in a Dark Comedy

In 1983 a play premiered written by Christopher Durang called “Baby with the Bathwater”. I saw this play performed in the mid 1990s. It is a dark comedy about a young couple who has a baby and are totally unprepared. The first few years they call the baby, Baby. The baby is finally given theContinue reading “Living in a Dark Comedy”

Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.

My son turns 10 in a few days. He’s in fourth grade. He came bouncing downstairs last night and plopped his butt into the recliner next to mine. Invariably, this means he has something he wants to talk about. Last night it was gender identity. He started with “Mom, why do people think they canContinue reading “Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.”