Red Ryder, two boys, and a creek.

Yes, it’s winter time and everything is brown. These are pretty areas when the grass and trees are green. I took my son and his friend out for the weekend with my son’s Red Ryder BB gun. We did a little target practice and then went to a couple of easy access spots on aContinue reading “Red Ryder, two boys, and a creek.”

Transgender Children. What are we thinking?

We have all seen the child we knew from day one is gay or a lesbian. We just knew. It was obvious from how they played, what they liked, and how they responded to circumstances in their environment and other children. We don’t like to talk about it much if we are Christians. The BibleContinue reading “Transgender Children. What are we thinking?”

Appreciate the Step Parent or Significant Other

When you are a parent, it often seems as if the entire world is hellbent on telling you how to raise your child. We hear a lot of “what kids need these days is a good sound ass whooping”. And on and on and on……. Anyone with a child knows they had preconceived notions ofContinue reading “Appreciate the Step Parent or Significant Other”

Don’t Wrap Your Kids in Bubble Wrap

Most of us would like to protect our child from the world and any harm that can come to them. Our job is to teach them how to live in the world as adults and be successful in their own right. Success means different things to different people. For some people it’s money, fame, power,Continue reading “Don’t Wrap Your Kids in Bubble Wrap”