Are we winning WWIII?

Are we winning WWIII? The news media told us President Trump started WWIII when he authorized the killing of Soleimani. I haven’t seen anything about how WWIII is going, who is winning, or even the countries involved anywhere on the news. I saw several news articles about college kids retreating to their safe spaces dueContinue reading “Are we winning WWIII?”

Glassy eyed shrieking banshees.

What exactly is going on in the US that the media, Hollywood and politics are filled with glassy eyed, shrieking banshees? You cannot have missed the look that I’m talking about. Round, bugged-out shiny eyes, sallow skin complexion, and so worked up they are shrieking instead of talking. I almost can’t watch anymore. But then,Continue reading “Glassy eyed shrieking banshees.”