My son is happy to be back in school.

My son didn’t care for his spring semester homeschool teacher. She made him attend a few zoom meetings and complete his last six weeks’ worth of homework packets. She wasn’t very interested herself. OK, yes, she is me and I was completely done with school when it closed for CoVid-19. My son was more doneContinue reading “My son is happy to be back in school.”

People eat bats?

I live on the edge of canyons and hill country. There are caves in the canyons where bats live. There are bats that live underneath bridges over country creeks. These little guys fly around at dusk and dawn and eat insects such as mosquitoes. The above photo is of one of the bats in theContinue reading “People eat bats?”

My son has stolen all of my pets.

I had a 20 pound calico cat for 13 years when I became pregnant with my son. She tried to sleep on top of my stomach up until the day he was born. She thought she was a chicken hatching her own egg. Everyone told me to be really careful with a cat around aContinue reading “My son has stolen all of my pets.”

Appreciate the Step Parent or Significant Other

When you are a parent, it often seems as if the entire world is hellbent on telling you how to raise your child. We hear a lot of “what kids need these days is a good sound ass whooping”. And on and on and on……. Anyone with a child knows they had preconceived notions ofContinue reading “Appreciate the Step Parent or Significant Other”

Don’t Wrap Your Kids in Bubble Wrap

Most of us would like to protect our child from the world and any harm that can come to them. Our job is to teach them how to live in the world as adults and be successful in their own right. Success means different things to different people. For some people it’s money, fame, power,Continue reading “Don’t Wrap Your Kids in Bubble Wrap”

What I Learned When I Purchased My 2019 Ram Rebel…..Why Middle Aged Men Drive Sports Cars.

When my son had just turned 3, I decided to move us from the metropolitan area with a population of around 1.4 million back to the rural area in which I was raised. For a variety of reasons, it was the best choice for my son and I. I was driving a two door ChevroletContinue reading “What I Learned When I Purchased My 2019 Ram Rebel…..Why Middle Aged Men Drive Sports Cars.”

Having and Voicing an Opinion Does Not Mean You Are Angry. It Will Not Begin the Apocalypse.

Rural communities are great in that most people go to church, have fairly high morals and ethics, and are generally peaceful people. They’re rich with tradition and are all about appearances and what is considered proper. God help you if you’re one of us who has an opinion about, well, everything. I am the personContinue reading “Having and Voicing an Opinion Does Not Mean You Are Angry. It Will Not Begin the Apocalypse.”

“Dad, what is the bull doing on that cow?”

As a five year old child, I used to practice my balance beam skills barefoot on the top board of the cattle pen fence. I felt sympathy for children living in cities who did not share my advantage of honing their skills as professional gymnasts in their own backyards while facing the danger of beingContinue reading ““Dad, what is the bull doing on that cow?””