Ronaviravich laughs at the wealthy elite.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu. Today Rona rocks in her chair beside the fire contemplating the cyclic nature of history and it’s doomed repeated failures. Rona remembers being a European Gypsy in her young adult years. She remembers the oppression of her people. She remembersContinue reading “Ronaviravich laughs at the wealthy elite.”

The President of the United States is an essential job.

I am sharing my own facebook post from earlier today. Am I the only one who remembers December and January? Impeach Trump at all costs. Remove him from office…. Now it’s March and the Democrats are still crying because Trump wasn’t focused on this virus outbreak in January and omg he put Pence in chargeContinue reading “The President of the United States is an essential job.”