Facebook Intelligence Report

During the continuing arctic blast, I’ve had nothing better to do than surf the internet. Facebook has been wildly entertaining. Here is a brief summary of the “knowledge” I have gleaned by reading Facebook for several days. Facebook Intelligence Report Where ever the poster lives is the coldest it’s ever been and the coldest onContinue reading “Facebook Intelligence Report”

Millennials, Facebook Police, living in your car in silicone valley, poor life choices.

The Facebook police choose to live in their vehicles in silicon valley. Why? Yes, it is a conscious choice. There are other jobs. You own a car or van. You could drive to another location and seek employment. You are working at a desk job requiring few skills that doesn’t pay you enough to payContinue reading “Millennials, Facebook Police, living in your car in silicone valley, poor life choices.”

If Animals Could Talk and Have Their Own FB Page….

I love animals. They’re better friends than people. At least we think they are, but what if they could secretly talk and had Facebook? Cats would be snarky. Mimi would be in heat with sexy pictures on her page and lewd suggestions. Her address would be on every post with directions to her backyard forContinue reading “If Animals Could Talk and Have Their Own FB Page….”

Facebook Madness: The Lake of Insanity

Facebook Madness should be the next mental illness added to the DSMV-5. What happens to normally rational people when they get onto Facebook? “Hey look! There’s a big Lake of Insanity. Hold my beer while I jump in head first naked.” The above picture is one my son took of me last summer at LakeContinue reading “Facebook Madness: The Lake of Insanity”