Santa is on a Covid-19 respirator. Christmas is cancelled.

Christmas travel, shopping, and family gatherings are being cancelled or minimized throughout the US. Schools are not open in many areas. People are isolated and depressed. The economy is making billions for a handful of people who are profiting from Rona. The rest of the people are getting deeper in debt and losing businesses, jobs,Continue reading “Santa is on a Covid-19 respirator. Christmas is cancelled.”

Hey you, let me in.

Regardless of where you live in the world, it can be very depressing. Covid-19 is isolating people. Human rights are being violated and lost. Economies are crashing. Natural disasters are occurring. People are dying. Too many see no hope for the future. Now more than anytime in recent history, it is important to not onlyContinue reading “Hey you, let me in.”

School closings, kids, work, and the COVID-19 virus.

This morning I was reading online news stories and of course catching up on social media. There have been grass fires in the area in which I live. I can smell smoke when I go outside. High wind (20-30mph with 40mph gusts), pastures not green yet, and it’s really dry. All normal for this timeContinue reading “School closings, kids, work, and the COVID-19 virus.”