The story of Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu

My previous post Communing with the dead: Dominion Voting System and the US Mail provides the story of Ronaviravich. This is the story of her bat, WuWu, upon whom she laid a terrible curse. WuWu was Rona’s favorite bat from the day he was born. She spoiled him horribly and favored him above all others.Continue reading “The story of Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu”

Santa is on a Covid-19 respirator. Christmas is cancelled.

Christmas travel, shopping, and family gatherings are being cancelled or minimized throughout the US. Schools are not open in many areas. People are isolated and depressed. The economy is making billions for a handful of people who are profiting from Rona. The rest of the people are getting deeper in debt and losing businesses, jobs,Continue reading “Santa is on a Covid-19 respirator. Christmas is cancelled.”

Watching America is like watching an abusive relationship unfold.

The first thing I usually hear people say after a wife, child, or even husband is finally murdered by an abuser is, “Why didn’t she (or he) just leave?” Well, because it’s not that simple and straightforward. It’s often gradual and creeps up on a person in the same way the censorship and loss ofContinue reading “Watching America is like watching an abusive relationship unfold.”

Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.

For starters, yes, most of us are at least trying to have our regular Thanksgiving holiday. There are those people who are scared of Rona or who are in high risk groups who will not be attending. Otherwise, it’s game on! City people simply do not understand rural America. It’s sparsely populated, the same familiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.”

Deer Blinding

Verb: Deer Blinding. Definition: Using deer blinds as a strategic or integral point of home and property defense during a civil war on American soil. Noun: Deer Blinding. Definition: The name of the strategy. How do overweight, old, out of shape, or out numbered people defend their rural properties? Deer blinding. Most rural people withContinue reading “Deer Blinding”

Trump should NOT concede the election. Make it go to the House where each state has one vote.

Trump is not and should not concede the presidential election. There are voting irregularities in several battle ground states. There are counts and recounts where only democrats are being allowed to count votes that arrived by the 100s of thousands in the middle of the night and are one hundred percent for Biden. Tie thisContinue reading “Trump should NOT concede the election. Make it go to the House where each state has one vote.”

Voting may be completed on November 3rd, but Jesus is due to arrive November 5th at 2:37pm. Or maybe on Friday at the latest.

The entire US is ready for elections to be over. People are worn out and need an answer ASAP after the votes are all submitted. I don’t believe for one second that will happen. I see large Trump rallies throughout the US including Democrat strongholds such as Los Angeles. When a large Trump rally happensContinue reading “Voting may be completed on November 3rd, but Jesus is due to arrive November 5th at 2:37pm. Or maybe on Friday at the latest.”

Hey you, let me in.

Regardless of where you live in the world, it can be very depressing. Covid-19 is isolating people. Human rights are being violated and lost. Economies are crashing. Natural disasters are occurring. People are dying. Too many see no hope for the future. Now more than anytime in recent history, it is important to not onlyContinue reading “Hey you, let me in.”

My son is happy to be back in school.

My son didn’t care for his spring semester homeschool teacher. She made him attend a few zoom meetings and complete his last six weeks’ worth of homework packets. She wasn’t very interested herself. OK, yes, she is me and I was completely done with school when it closed for CoVid-19. My son was more doneContinue reading “My son is happy to be back in school.”

“Karen” should not be employed in our public schools.

Panic and fear are not what we should be teaching inside our schools. Karen is working overtime. Karen is having a meltdown of epic proportions over the opening of public schools this fall. Karen is convinced she is going to die as are all of the school kids. Karen is twisted because she has toContinue reading ““Karen” should not be employed in our public schools.”