The story of Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu

My previous post Communing with the dead: Dominion Voting System and the US Mail provides the story of Ronaviravich. This is the story of her bat, WuWu, upon whom she laid a terrible curse. WuWu was Rona’s favorite bat from the day he was born. She spoiled him horribly and favored him above all others.Continue reading “The story of Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu”

People eat bats?

I live on the edge of canyons and hill country. There are caves in the canyons where bats live. There are bats that live underneath bridges over country creeks. These little guys fly around at dusk and dawn and eat insects such as mosquitoes. The above photo is of one of the bats in theContinue reading “People eat bats?”