My cat is an alt right terrorist.

Hider is a male indoor/outdoor cat weighing about 22lbs and is four years old. For the past year, he has left many clues as to his involvement with what most of us consider “fringe” activities. I had chosen to believe they were normal male cat activities. Things like refusing to let me clean the bathroomContinue reading “My cat is an alt right terrorist.”

Three sane people reside within the US.

Who are these three people? I have no idea. I am merely giving the US the benefit of the doubt that there are even three sane people within our borders. It’s highly likely they are here illegally and actively seeking an escape route which will avoid being picked up by ICE on their way outContinue reading “Three sane people reside within the US.”

Followers of the Orange God battle the Borg

Reading or watching the news in the US is like viewing a new Star Trek episode where the Borg are trying to assimilate a band of people following their Orange God. We have the media and the Democrats actively discussing how Trump supporters must assimilate to their agenda and their hive mind or be huntedContinue reading “Followers of the Orange God battle the Borg”

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.

Ronaviravich was feeling pleased with the complete chaos in America both herself and her dog Wackadoo had achieved so early in 2021. Wackadoo (aka Q) was, however, angry that she had been censored on so many internet platforms. Wackadoo wanted to go to DC and bite Pelosi and Mitch. Rona had a better idea. RonaContinue reading “Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.”

The lies being spread by the media regarding the attack on the capital building are ridiculous.

As I’ve previously posted, I do not condone violence. I do not condone racism. I do not condone what happened at our capital. I do believe, however, that there are things in life worth fighting for. Our constitution and our country are worth fighting for. I believe up until this point we were able toContinue reading “The lies being spread by the media regarding the attack on the capital building are ridiculous.”

The Far Left has shown it’s Communist face to the entire world.

Don’t believe what you hear from the Jake Tappers and Don Lemons of the virtual reality world. Trump supporters are getting angrier by the second. The Doxing of Parler accounts, the onslaught of retribution for daring to not agree with communism, censorship, the overseas shell companies used by politicians and wealthy elitists, and the continuingContinue reading “The Far Left has shown it’s Communist face to the entire world.”

Echo chambers of darkness

Censoring speech creates echo chambers. Echo chambers are nothing but a place for thinking, innovation, and progress to die. Echo chambers are thought and mind control regardless of whom controls the chamber. We saw the emergence of the echo chamber in the US during Obama’s presidency. Censorship of thought and speech directed at anyone disagreeingContinue reading “Echo chambers of darkness”

After months of absolute disgust with both parties, I am changing to an independent voter.

Let me start with the Republicans. First, read my last post about Republicans having a rude awakening. Second, if you read that short post, the obvious conclusion is that the Republican Party is in fact the party of white male supremacy. As a group, they don’t believe racism exists. They believe the only sin thatContinue reading “After months of absolute disgust with both parties, I am changing to an independent voter.”

How does it feel? Trump supporters got a rude awakening.

Trump supporters are angry because they’re saying Antifa caused the vandalism at the Capital in DC. They say they’re being judged unfairly. Well, there have been thousands of people who peacefully demonstrated and protested with the BLM then went home before dark doing no rioting or looting. Trump supporters are mad because they say thereContinue reading “How does it feel? Trump supporters got a rude awakening.”