The US needs to divorce itself.

I haven’t written much the last two weeks because I have been completely irritated with the US. Everyone is angry, including myself. Our government is completely out of control. Both sides are intent on mandating a multitude of laws to further their own interests, power, wealth, and beliefs. Neither side cares if the country isContinue reading “The US needs to divorce itself.”

Dear world, Please demand the US export vaccines and the materials needed to produce vaccines.

I understand why the US initially put the brakes on exporting materials used in making Covid-19 vaccines. The US wanted to produce as many as possible as quickly as possible. We thought we could do it faster. We have the money and the resources. We also wanted to ensure we had enough vaccines for ourContinue reading “Dear world, Please demand the US export vaccines and the materials needed to produce vaccines.”

Teaching factual American history in our schools

Well, this post is probably going to anger a few people. I don’t care. Hear me out. I grew up in white rural America. I did not live in white rural America for most of my adult life. I’ve been back here for a few years. There are days that I love it and daysContinue reading “Teaching factual American history in our schools”

Watching America is like watching an abusive relationship unfold.

The first thing I usually hear people say after a wife, child, or even husband is finally murdered by an abuser is, “Why didn’t she (or he) just leave?” Well, because it’s not that simple and straightforward. It’s often gradual and creeps up on a person in the same way the censorship and loss ofContinue reading “Watching America is like watching an abusive relationship unfold.”

Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.

For starters, yes, most of us are at least trying to have our regular Thanksgiving holiday. There are those people who are scared of Rona or who are in high risk groups who will not be attending. Otherwise, it’s game on! City people simply do not understand rural America. It’s sparsely populated, the same familiesContinue reading “Thanksgiving holiday 2020 in rural America.”

Deer Blinding

Verb: Deer Blinding. Definition: Using deer blinds as a strategic or integral point of home and property defense during a civil war on American soil. Noun: Deer Blinding. Definition: The name of the strategy. How do overweight, old, out of shape, or out numbered people defend their rural properties? Deer blinding. Most rural people withContinue reading “Deer Blinding”

December 8th, is the official Presidential election result. Biden-Harris/Trump

I voted for Trump for a variety of reasons. I thought he had a good chance of winning, but I’m not surprised that he appears to have lost. I say appears because there are some ballot issues and I don’t think he is done fighting. I don’t believe there are as many as most TrumpContinue reading “December 8th, is the official Presidential election result. Biden-Harris/Trump”

Hey you, let me in.

Regardless of where you live in the world, it can be very depressing. Covid-19 is isolating people. Human rights are being violated and lost. Economies are crashing. Natural disasters are occurring. People are dying. Too many see no hope for the future. Now more than anytime in recent history, it is important to not onlyContinue reading “Hey you, let me in.”

Pitfalls of the Guy Deal. A buddy of mine…

We all know men who when they need something, their sentence starts with “A buddy of mine….” This buddy is usually a childhood or at the least a years long friend. This guy and all of his buddies are perpetually broke and filled with drama. They live off of an adrenaline rush of seeing whoContinue reading “Pitfalls of the Guy Deal. A buddy of mine…”

Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.

Divided countries fall while united countries stand or erupt into civil war. The problem with uniting Americans is the belief that this is a fight of good versus evil. Good cannot compromise and unite with evil and remain good. It isn’t possible. People are preaching unity. We cannot have unity without compromising our basic coreContinue reading “Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.”