Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER

I have visited or worked in 33 states and have lived in three. I am a resident of a flyover state. When I say please keep flying over, I mean it sincerely. Do not stop. Do not visit. Do not drive through. Fly right on over. If you wish to flee your city or stateContinue reading “Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER”

“Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe

The Republican Party has once again proven itself to be the leader in objectifying women, selling sex, and further proving the hypocrisy of the religious right. They’re definatily pulling ahead in the race to completely stamp out any self esteem or self worth the millenial woman might have accidentally found. Our second amendment right toContinue reading ““Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe”

Living in a Dark Comedy

In 1983 a play premiered written by Christopher Durang called “Baby with the Bathwater”. I saw this play performed in the mid 1990s. It is a dark comedy about a young couple who has a baby and are totally unprepared. The first few years they call the baby, Baby. The baby is finally given theContinue reading “Living in a Dark Comedy”

Gay Marriage and the Church

I support gay marriage. I do not support the left’s ideology of forcing churches to perform these marriages. Healthy societies are promoted by long term monogamous relationships and rearing children in stable homes. I don’t believe you can change a gay person into being attracted to or intimate with a person of the opposite sexContinue reading “Gay Marriage and the Church”

Gender Neutral Restrooms and Locker Rooms in Schools The above article concerns the UK but our schools in the US are facing the same insanity. This article concerns girls not coming to school during their periods and not using the restroom at all at school or drinking liquids at school. Let’s be honest. Even grown men are often complete assholes when itContinue reading “Gender Neutral Restrooms and Locker Rooms in Schools”

Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.

My son turns 10 in a few days. He’s in fourth grade. He came bouncing downstairs last night and plopped his butt into the recliner next to mine. Invariably, this means he has something he wants to talk about. Last night it was gender identity. He started with “Mom, why do people think they canContinue reading “Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.”

Keeping up Appearances

Beware of the public persona people present on social media sites, in church, at work, and at school functions. Too many people are more concerned with how they present themselves to the public than their actual behavior. The thought process for many people is as follows: go to church on Sunday and present as aContinue reading “Keeping up Appearances”