The movie Cuties is not about what the religious right is preaching.

I decided to sit down and watch the movie Cuties on Netflix without interruption. It’s a good movie. I think it went over the heads of the religious right. They don’t understand the movie. It does show the sexualization of girls. That was the point. It doesn’t show the sexualization of girls in a positiveContinue reading “The movie Cuties is not about what the religious right is preaching.”

Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.

Divided countries fall while united countries stand or erupt into civil war. The problem with uniting Americans is the belief that this is a fight of good versus evil. Good cannot compromise and unite with evil and remain good. It isn’t possible. People are preaching unity. We cannot have unity without compromising our basic coreContinue reading “Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.”

Anti Everything

2020 has been a horrible year. If we can have a cancel culture, here is my anti everything wish list: Racism Coronavirus Explosions Murder Looting Vandalism Far left Democrats Far right Republicans Communism Socialism Murder Hornets Hurricanes Tornados Fire Marxism Hate Karen Fleas Tics Excessively hot weather Poverty A handful of wealthy individuals controlling theContinue reading “Anti Everything”

Americans need to start being that one cow…

Every farmer or rancher who raises cattle has that one cow. From the day she is born, she will not stay in the pen or pasture. She will not conform to your fences and your rules. Everyday when you go to check the cattle and feed or water them, she will be in the penContinue reading “Americans need to start being that one cow…”

Police should replace tear gas with pot bombs in riot areas.

Police should consider changing their tactic against the deluge of riots, looting, and shootings in liberal cities. Several areas have all but banned police from doing anything except being killed. They are adamant that no more tear gas be used. Fine. Make a canister that sets off the biggest cloud of pot smoke the worldContinue reading “Police should replace tear gas with pot bombs in riot areas.”

“Karen” should not be employed in our public schools.

Panic and fear are not what we should be teaching inside our schools. Karen is working overtime. Karen is having a meltdown of epic proportions over the opening of public schools this fall. Karen is convinced she is going to die as are all of the school kids. Karen is twisted because she has toContinue reading ““Karen” should not be employed in our public schools.”

What is the plan for snow this winter?

Winter and snow are two of my favorite things in life. Snow is white. It’s primarily in northern countries from which white people have descended. I’m wondering if it’s going to be declared racist. I think it could happen considering the ever growing list of racist claims in the US. Isn’t skiing mainly a whiteContinue reading “What is the plan for snow this winter?”

The reopening of public schools fiasco….

Why are we even bothering to open our schools this fall before the November elections? The first child who sneezes or coughs will closedown the school. I am on the fence about where and how to enroll my son. Everyday we hear more and more incidents of false positive CoVid-19 tests. Yesterday I read aContinue reading “The reopening of public schools fiasco….”

Dear President Trump, We need another bigger stimulus check in order to buy guns and ammo….

Gun and ammo buying in the US has reached astronomical proportions. In many areas, guns and ammo are hard to find. Prices have increased substantially. 2.1 million NICS background checks were completed for gun purchases in the month of June, 2020. Production of ammunition has been ramped up throughout the US and is barelyContinue reading “Dear President Trump, We need another bigger stimulus check in order to buy guns and ammo….”

The world wants to talk about skin color. OK. Genetics and lineage in America.

America has been a melting pot since it’s birth. Very few Americans who have been here for generations can trace their lineage back to only two or three countries. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Most Oklahoma Natives have Native American blood. When Elizabeth Warren, being from Oklahoma, claimed Native American blood without everContinue reading “The world wants to talk about skin color. OK. Genetics and lineage in America.”