Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.

Ronaviravich was feeling pleased with the complete chaos in America both herself and her dog Wackadoo had achieved so early in 2021. Wackadoo (aka Q) was, however, angry that she had been censored on so many internet platforms. Wackadoo wanted to go to DC and bite Pelosi and Mitch. Rona had a better idea. Rona decided they had both earned a vacation. She also thought Wackadoo deserved a reward for her hard work and chaos creation. Rona packed up their bags and teleported them directly to Dubai.

The Telegram office was not what Wackadoo expected. She was ecstatic. Wackadoo and Rona’s contact in middle eastern affairs quickly got Wackadoo set up to send encrypted messages to the world. Wackadoo is considering world terrorism as a viable hobby. When their evil plans were cemented, Rona teleported Wackadoo and herself onto a five star cruise ship on de Nile river.

Rona and Wackadoo are currently enjoying drinks and relaxation while sending spells into the night air. The spells are making their way through the jet stream and spreading throughout the US. They are, of course, de Nile spells. We are only beginning to feel their effects.

By April, every Trump supporter will believe there were no white people at the Trump Rally in DC on January 6th. There weren’t even any Trump supporters of any kind in DC. They will believe that DC was filled with ANTIFA dressed as Trump supporters who during an insurrection, broke into the capital building. They will believe Trump is still their president.

By April, every Biden supporter will believe every Trump supporter in the land conspired to murder every politician, hang Pence, and install Trump as our everlasting God on Earth to rule over our lands until Christ’s return.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo are having the best time ever. They are considering extending their vacation…

The lies being spread by the media regarding the attack on the capital building are ridiculous.

As I’ve previously posted, I do not condone violence. I do not condone racism. I do not condone what happened at our capital. I do believe, however, that there are things in life worth fighting for. Our constitution and our country are worth fighting for. I believe up until this point we were able to fight against communism within the bounds of ethical and legal constraints. I’m not sure that ship didn’t sail when the capital was infiltrated and the media and far left began their onslaught of vengeance against all Trump supporters. Most of us denounce the attack on the capital. Most of us denounce violence. Most of us would like a peaceful country going forward.

I watched several live video feeds on the ground in the crowd that day. I watched a frontline video feed of the fencing being taken down. The person doing the live video was right there by the fence talking to the people taking the fencing down. Those were self professed Proud Boy Members. The police weren’t really trying that hard to stop them. Frankly, they looked confused about what they were supposed to do. The group removing the fencing did not fight with the police or anyone else. A Proud Boys member gave the police a thorough ass chewing at one point for not defending our country and constitution. They were on a mission to gain entry not to vandalize and fight. That video feed ended before they reached to door.

I then watched the video feed made by the ANTIFA member inside the capital. He was completely perplexed as to what was happening. At one point, he said, “I’m really stressed out” and went outside to smoke a cigarette before returning to video some more. There were ANTIFA members inside the capital and they were outnumbered by Trump supporters. There was no fighting between the two groups at all on the videos that I watched. ANTIFA looked scared they were going to be attacked and stayed in their own groups. They were never attacked. The kid shooting the video said there were cops with guns pulled at the top of the staircase so they couldn’t go up there. He said the room with the politicians was locked and there had been shooting inside of it. He also said there was no phone signal once you get past a certain point inside the building. This was the kid whose face has been shown on the media as an ANTIFA member being inside the capital. He was, but he was scared to even be there. I don’t know what he did after his live feed ended, but he didn’t do anything but video for quite a while and ask other people what was going on. He was streaming live when they wheeled the woman who was shot in the throat out of the building. Everyone moved back and made room for her to be taken to an ambulance. Shortly after that the video ended.

The attack on the capital building had nothing to do with race. It was either about getting to the computers and laptops, or simply getting in front of the politicians to protest and ask for their resignations. Probably both. The attack was about our corrupt politicians who do not represent any of the American people. It was not about race.

I think the fear from the politicians and the media is that the two groups were on the same side during that entire event. Both were mad at the politicians. ANTIFA was shocked the Trump supporters had the veracity to gain entrance to the building. I saw fear on the faces of ANTIFA. I also watched videos of Trump supporters telling ANTIFA as well as other Trump supporters not to vandalize anything. Obviously, at some point it all went off the rails and the vandalism began. I have seen pictures and videos supporting both. I have also seen a video of a side entrance where armed guards held the doors open for Trump Supporters and let them inside the building. A couple of the people going inside were saying it’s a trap and they’re going to lock us in. I have watched and seen numerous theories etc. I doubt we will ever know the truth.

I do know one thing it wasn’t about. That was race. Zero evidence it was about race. That’s the media and politicians trying to ensure that ANTIFA and Trump supporters fight and blame the other group. ANTIFA is a Marxist group whereas Trump supporters believe in our republic. They don’t want the same outcome but they did have the same grievances about the same people on that day. ANTIFA wasn’t even trying to protest racism. The whole thing was pretty surreal. Nothing about that event had anything to do with racism whatsoever.

The Far Left has shown it’s Communist face to the entire world.

Don’t believe what you hear from the Jake Tappers and Don Lemons of the virtual reality world. Trump supporters are getting angrier by the second. The Doxing of Parler accounts, the onslaught of retribution for daring to not agree with communism, censorship, the overseas shell companies used by politicians and wealthy elitists, and the continuing move of all wealth and power into a few people’s hands has pushed Trump supporters to the point of a civil war. No, Jake Tapper, Trump supporters are not scared. Certainly not of the likes of you. Trump supporters are military members both active duty and retired. Trump supporters are police officers. Trump supporters are working class people who know how to fight and defend themselves. Trump supporters aren’t cowering behind their bodyguards while sitting in their glass tower. When leaders of other countries are calling out our liberal left and our media, you might consider you’ve lost touch with reality outside of your own biased echo chamber. Even the FBI is warning the far left to stand down. If the left persists, we are going to have a civil war. If the left continues to attack Trump supporters, we are going to have a civil war. 74 million Americans are not intimidated by Jake Tapper and the leftist doxing crew that has spent years attacking Republican politicians in restaurants, their homes, and anyplace else they can corner them. Enough already. Stand down before we have reached the point of no return. Although, I’m not sure that hasn’t already happened. Trump supporters believe in our constitution and our republic. We don’t believe in communism but we do believe in fighting wars to prevent communism, regardless of the the geographical location of the war. Stand down before it’s too late. Trump supporters as a group believe in doing things peacefully and the right way. However, they also understand that our 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and self defense. It is to protect ourselves from our own government if or when it has grown too powerful and becomes tyrannical. Our founding forefathers foresaw what our government could become and gave us a means to prevent it from happening. It isn’t insurrection if the government has turned to tyranny. It is in fact our duty as American citizens to stop tyranny. There is a large segment of Trump supporters who believe we have reached the point of tyranny. They aren’t scared. They will do what they believe is their duty as American Citizens. They will defend our constitution and our country from all threats both foreign and domestic.

I don’t condone violence when a peaceful resolution is at all possible. Is it? Because I am not sure the way the US media and politicians are acting that peace is possible. It looks to me like it’s just more of the last 12 years of the far left doing whatever they can to silence the right and to enact vengeance upon anyone who doesn’t agree with their communist goal. 74 million Americans are not going to cower down, hide, and shut up. It’s beyond stupid to believe that they would even consider doing so.

Doxing is the very definition of inciting violence.

Since Obama was in office, the Democrats have used doxing as a form of intimidation and inciting violence against Republicans including politicians and their families. The only purpose of doxing is to tell people where someone lives and works in order to go to their home and harass or murder them. We need to prosecute anyone who doxes someone to the fullest extent of the law for inciting violence as well as other possible charges if harm results. I think the person who doxed someone is accountable for any resulting harm. How are they not responsible?

Why is the Sherman Antitrust Act not applicable to Google, FB, Twitter and Amazon?

The Sherman Antitrust Act makes it illegal to monopolize interstate trade. A monopoly exists when one firm controls the market for a product or service by suppressing competition with anti competitive conduct.

There is no part of the cancel culture, censorship and removal of websites that disagree with your political or cultural point of view that does not violate this act. When you are taking down opposing views in order to eliminate the competition be it political or something like another news or media company, you are violating this act. The exchange of ideas is a service. It is interstate commerce. It does affect businesses and website owners who are targeted.

Why are conservatives not filing massive lawsuits using this act to end the censorship of opposing views and sites for political and financial gain? Repealing 203 will add to censorship. Using this act will break up the monopolies. Our country was founded on freedom of speech and the ability to have opposing viewpoints. This encourages open dialogue and democracy. It provides growth for country as well as culture. Diversity has always been what has made our country stronger. Censorship results in communism, stagnation, and hate.

I believe in a fair market and free exchange of ideas and opinions. We have neither in the US when considering the internet.

Religious extremism in the US replaces the 7 Deadly Sins with Abortion

The 7 deadly sins are wrath, gluttony (which includes drinking in excess), greed, pride, sloth, envy, and lust. These sins are believed to be the root of evil leading to other sins.

I’ve been pretty verbal about my complete abhorrent reaction to the extremists on the religious right using vote for Trump and against abortion or you’re going to hell as one of their foremost campaign platforms. Catholics teach the 7 deadly sins whereas Protestants usually do not. Protestants teach that all sin is sin. They don’t distinguish any difference in any type of sin. It’s all sin and all is forgiven through Christ. Rejecting Christ is the only unforgivable sin.

Catholics are correct. The 7 deadly sins absolutely lead to every other sin most people can think to commit. Without addressing the root of any problem, we can never eliminate or change the result. People commit adultery due to lust and coveting someone else’s husband or wife. People steal due to envy. People lie from pride. People drive drunk because of gluttony.

I am not here to argue pro choice or pro life. I am here to end the useless pursuit of blaming the fall from God in America on abortion and lying all blame on women. It’s ridiculous and not what the Bible teaches. Abortion has existed since babies have existed. The only difference is that it is now a medically safe practice. It’s also expensive and takes both an emotional and physical toll on the body. It’s not something most women would go out and seek as an outcome. Are the number of abortions performed in the US astronomical? I think so. Will making them illegal stop them from happening? No, it won’t. It might reduce the number but I don’t even believe it would be a substantial reduction. Why? Because the religious right is not willing to recognize the 7 deadly sins or put in their terms, the actual sins that resulted in abortion. It is much easier to manipulate religion to get votes by selling the idea that it is abortion that has caused the US to fall away from God. It’s not. It’s the sins that lead to the circumstances surrounding the decision for an abortion. To look at the root cause, we can’t simply blame women. That’s a problem for religious extremists using religion to keep men in power. Nowhere, even in Protestant teachings, does the Bible hold abortion to be worse than any other sin. To say that women have single handedly driven God from the US is absurd. Look at what caused the pregnancy and why individual women and girl’s are choosing or in some circumstances forced to choose abortion. Yes, if you really want to decrease abortion, you have to be willing to discuss actual facts that involve men. Women don’t get pregnant without men. And “WE” aren’t pregnant as a couple anymore than WE have prostate cancer as a couple. She was changed to we during the politically correct and inclusive culture. Yes, “WE” are pregnant stemmed from that nonsense. Abortion, even if you believe it to be a sin, usually is an outcome of another sin. Sometimes it’s to save the mother’s life or for other reasons such as birth control is not 100 percent unless it’s a hysterectomy or a vasectomy. Sometimes the women is older and becoming pregnant is a serious health issue for both the mother and the baby. The list is long, but the majority of abortions stem directly from the 7 deadly sins. We have to get men to step up to the table and take some responsibility and acknowledge that their behavior is a contributing factor. Religious right extremists are unwilling to take that step. Forget about eliminating or reducing abortions until you’re ready to take that step. It’s not going to happen.

To take this even further into many women’s circumstances, the religious right is unwilling to provide effective laws to protect women and children in instances of rape and incest. Women in many states are not even guaranteed to not have to share custody and visitation with the rapist. 1 in 4 children are raised by single parents most of whom are women. 75 percent of those single parents receive no child support or alimony. The religious right is unwilling to provide medical or financial assistance or enforce child support payments. The religious right is unwilling to make affordable child care available. Their mentality is very much we want to prevent the abortion and then you’re on your own. It’s not our problem. We did our moral duty. Let the child starve and die with no healthcare. Let the mother die or suffer permanent life altering physical injury during child birth. The religious right does not want to fund rape and crises centers or help for women and children in domestic abuse situations. The religious right in most states has a longer jail sentence for the theft of a big screen tv than it does for rape and domestic abuse. From a moral perspective, I don’t believe the religious right have any morals whatsoever in the majority of situations ending in the decision to have an abortion. What they want is a tool to manipulate the religious right voters that won’t cost them a dime. What some of them want is to keep women at home and control them by keeping them pregnant.

Vote for Republicans or go to hell? No, I don’t think Republicans get to decide who is going to heaven and who is not. I have been hearing stories of churches that are splitting due to this insane political platform. Who is destroying religion again? The Democrats? Republicans, you have to stop using this platform before you completely breakdown churches across our country. YOU are causing the destruction of our churches. Do I need to say that again??? I am not telling you to stop trying to end abortions. I am telling you to stop destroying our churches and women and children’s lives over politics. Look honestly at how to reduce and eliminate abortions in a manner that will benefit our society without destroying the lives of pregnant women and girls.

Echo chambers of darkness

Censoring speech creates echo chambers. Echo chambers are nothing but a place for thinking, innovation, and progress to die. Echo chambers are thought and mind control regardless of whom controls the chamber.

We saw the emergence of the echo chamber in the US during Obama’s presidency. Censorship of thought and speech directed at anyone disagreeing with Obama was grounds for being attacked. The news media and internet platforms jumped onto the band wagon. The result was the conservatives formed their own groups and reinforced their thoughts that Obama was the antichrist. The reality is somewhere in between. He did some good things and he did some bad things. Some people did disagree with everything he said or did because he is black. Some people did the opposite because he is black and could do no wrong. Both sides were incorrect. Extremism between the two parties grew exponentially.

During Trump’s presidency, the extremes continued to grow at an even higher rate. The House spent four years doing nothing but trying to attack and impeach Trump. From day one, they never gave him a chance. The Rinos in the Republican Party were no better. Media stopped trying to pretend they weren’t completely biased against Trump and all conservatives. The far right went so extreme that part of their political platform was literally vote for Trump and against abortion or you’re going to hell. Trump supporters rewrote the Bible with only one sin that men can’t even commit. Take control of women and God will return to our country and our savior Trump will bring back God. Insanity everywhere. The echo chambers were complete.

Now we have both extreme sides only listening to their own reinforcements. The answer is dialogue between the two, listening to another person’s perspective and sometimes just saying we have to agree to disagree. Why hate someone because you disagree with their perspective on life? Live and let live. We don’t have to agree, but it’s important to have an understanding and respect of those with differing views. The interesting thing is that I have friends on both ends of the extremist spectrum. Both extremes believe the other extreme is hate filled and wants to remove all of their rights. It’s actually the same rhetoric with different back stories. We are losing all of our rights if the other side wins. And why all of a sudden have we become a country to remove anyone’s rights? We have always been about ensuring and bestowing rights. All of this is nothing more than the elitists yanking everyone’s chains and fighting for their own power and wealth. The American people have been unknowing but very willing pawns.

The media outlets and Democrats launching an ever increasing level of censorship to any idea to which they don’t agree, is going to make this worse. It’s going to backfire very quickly. Who will pay the price? Everyone except the wealthy elite who keep their money overseas and who are running this country.

Stop poking the bear.

74 million Americans voted for Trump. I am one of them. Most of us voted for Trump in 2016 because we were tired of politically correct speech (censorship), being told by the far left that anyone who disagreed with Obama on any policy was racist, being told if we didn’t vote for Hillary that we were uneducated, misogynist, racists, our government representing only the highly populated democratic held cities, hatred of religion, and our belief in 2A, the electoral college, and the US Constitution. We were fed up with the growing government control and censorship of our everyday lives. We were fed up with a few wealthy elitists controlling everything including the politicians in their pockets. Trump did some very good things during his presidency. The unemployment in black communities was the lowest in US history. He negotiated better trade deals for our country. He permanently funded black universities. Women were employed at a higher rate than men. Those are all good things. Most of the people demonstrating in DC were there for a peaceful demonstration and believe Trump was making progress in many areas in a positive way. What happened at the capital building was disgraceful. There is no excuse.

Now the Democrats are coming after 74 million Trump supporters with their full force of fury and hate. Censor everything. Silence them. Fire them. Clean them out at all costs. Yes, that’s the message and the mission. Why did Trump win in 2016? Why did Trump have 74 million votes in 2020? Because of that in part. Stop poking the bear. It’s only going to make it angrier. We are unfortunately, headed for civil unrest or an all out war if this persists. It’s ridiculous and it needs to end. Nobody wins if this continues.

After months of absolute disgust with both parties, I am changing to an independent voter.

Let me start with the Republicans. First, read my last post about Republicans having a rude awakening. Second, if you read that short post, the obvious conclusion is that the Republican Party is in fact the party of white male supremacy. As a group, they don’t believe racism exists. They believe the only sin that has driven God from our country is that of abortion and that Democrats or anyone who didn’t vote for Trump is going to hell. Abortion, the only sin men cannot commit. Very convenient. What about all of the sins committed by men that lead women to the decision of abortion?

Here is a list of a few of the sins that the religious right does not believe are relevant to the fall of Americans from God:

  • Rape
  • Pornography including sex trafficking
  • Fornication
  • Pedophilia
  • Incest
  • Domestic abuse including rape in order to control their wife or girlfriend
  • Prostitution
  • Adultery
  • Men not providing or supporting their children
  • Men having sex with multiple women and not even knowing or caring how many children they have

They don’t believe murder in the name of self defense is murder. From a Biblical perspective, taking a life is taking a life. It is murder.

To summarize: White men can do whatever they want whenever they want, and their sins are not only forgiven but completely irrelevant to the moral decay of our country. In fact, I’m not even sure they believe they are sins. For the most part, they blame all of the above on women and minorities. Nope, it’s just minorities using their skin color as an excuse and women. I don’t even know what Bible these fools read. I don’t know care. It certainly wasn’t one that I have ever seen. And I am beside myself with trying to contain my anger at their obnoxious and arrogant behavior that only Republicans are going to heaven. You’re not. Not acting like that. The Bible does not give men a free pass, only the religious right engages in that behavior. I am just done. I am not interested. I don’t believe what you believe.

Democrats. Your policies have levelled our cities with high rent and poverty. I believe in police. I believe in our constitution. I believe in our republic and the electoral college. I don’t have faith in the integrity of your vote counting or ballots. I don’t believe anyone who is not a US citizen should vote in our country. I don’t believe in letting anyone over run our cities with looting and rioting. Not even Trump supporters. I believe in the 2nd amendment. I believe in the freedom of speech even if you don’t like or agree with what the other person is saying. I don’t believe in censorship.

I am done with both of you. You have both moved to ridiculous extremism.