Major’s last minute confession to Wackadoo: He ate the Trump ballots.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Major, suffering from the ever increasing guilt festering inside his intestines, confessed a secret he had been keeping from Wackadoo since her arrival at the White House. As Wackadoo waited on the White House veterinarian to bring her PTSD medication, Major finally decided to make the greatest confession ever uttered from inside the White House walls.

Major confessed that Trump might have won the election in 2020. No one will ever know for sure. During the vote counting, Pelosi and Biden began to receive shipments of ballots from all over the country with votes for Trump. They kept them all secured until Biden and Major took up residence inside the White House. After January 6th, both Pelosi and Biden realized the ballots must be destroyed forever preventing any future recount. Together they concocted a scheme to feed them all to Major. The White House lawn quickly became covered with mounds of pooped out Trump ballots. They worried that QANON might discover what happened and try to collect the excreted ballots and paste them together. Pelosi quickly came up with the permanent fencing and added security around Capitol Hill. Major could excrete the ballots safely behind the fencing for as long as deemed necessary.

The White House veterinarian had overheard most of the conversation before entering the room to give Wackadoo her PTSD meds. The veterinarian prescribed laxatives for Major while explaining the festering in Major’s bowels is being caused by the ballots.

Wackadoo, thoroughly grossed out and disgusted by DC, headed back to Colorado.

Wackadoo gets motion sickness from watching Jen Psaki circling back.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Wackadoo has been visiting Major and living in the White House these past few weeks. The two regularly watch the White House press conferences given by Jen Psaki. Wackadoo, being a dog, considers herself a professional level tail chaser. She can circle back, chasing her tail at supersonic velocity for extended time periods when necessary. During the first few press conferences, Wackadoo became seriously ill with motion sickness watching Jen circle back. Wackadoo made it her practice since the onslaught of severe vomiting and dizziness to dose herself with Dramamine before watching anymore press conferences. Alas, the Dramamine is no longer strong enough to allow any future viewings. Wackadoo grows dizzy and must lie down with the mere mention of a press conference. The immediate technicolor vision of the human Ginger circling back trying to find and catch her tail has grown too stressful. Wackadoo has suffered severe nightmares and social anxiety. She is awaiting the White House veterinarian to prescribe her medication for PTSD before she returns to Ronaviravich and their secret cave in the mountains of Colorado.

Wackadoo has already reported to Ronaviravich that no sign of intelligence can be found in DC and the Ginger must go. Ronaviravich is impatiently awaiting the return of Wackadoo.

Gaea visits Ronaviravich

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu

Gaea, primordial Mother Earth, manifested herself at Ronaviravich’s dinner table one evening. Rona possessing the power of foretelling, had already set Gaea a place at the table. Rona served her best moonshine with steak and lobster. She even used Madame Laveau’s favorite Cajun seasoning complete with roasted potatoes and yellow squash. She was hoping the food and drink would improve Gaea’s mood.

Gaea and Rona enjoyed the evening meal and imbibed in a whole lot of moonshine. They retired to the rocking chairs in front of the fire with more moonshine to discuss the pesky plague, as Gaea often referred to humans. Gaea was all about balance. Balance in nature, actions, ecosystems, and life in general. One must have balance. Women and men, girls and boys, predator and prey, joy and suffering, pain and pleasure, light and dark…balance in all things. Gaea often bemoans the pesky plague’s complete failure to grasp the concept of balance. It was somewhere about halfway through the second bottle of moonshine that Gaea unleashed the Arctic blast of air upon the United States.

Gaea remained in Rona’s cave for the next week where they both watched to see if the pesky plague had received Gaea’s message.

What was her message? First of all, Gaea is in charge and provides everything the pesky plague needs to thrive. Second, don’t anger Gaea because she can shake the pesky plague off like fleas from a dog. This was her first of many warnings to follow. As Gaea explained to Rona, politicians are using climate change as an avenue for transfer of wealth and control to a few. They are not truly concerned about climate change. A portion of the pesky plague understands that Gaea constantly changes her climate. A portion of the pesky plague understands that they are slowly poisoning Gaea. Gaea is more than a little pissed off. China is the largest contributor to pollution in the world, and yet, the US, with the lowest carbon footprint of any developed country, has taken a turn in the wrong direction while letting China off the hook for any accountability. Buttigieg is an idiot. Biden is owned by China. Gaea has had enough.

Electricity in the US is generated mostly from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Wind turbines, nuclear power and solar power are only supplements to electrical generation. Electric cars are not green unless they are painted green. All of our methods for generating power freeze under harsh winter conditions unless weatherized. It’s difficult to weatherize water, solar power, and wind turbines. Wind turbines in cold climates can be equipped with internal warming units. Used parts from solar panels and wind turbines are discarded into large landfills. They will not biodegrade. Lithium for batteries is mined from Gaea. Nearly every product used is made from petroleum products, from medical supplies to electrical cars and solar panels. All made from petroleum products. The pesky plague needs to focus less on electrical cars and more on research and development of necessities for medicine and daily living without the use of petroleum products. The pesky plague needs to understand that livestock managed properly contributes to healthy plant life that generates oxygen. The pesky plague needs to find ways to clean up the miles wide floating plastic waste dump in the ocean. The pesky plague needs to learn how to dispose of trash into trash cans and not onto the streets after a climate change march or “peaceful” demonstrations. The pesky plague needs to stop jetting around the world in private planes to discuss their own importance and how to save Gaea (make themselves money and gain notoriety). Gaea doesn’t actually need saved. Gaea is capable of killing every last member of the pesky plague and continuing on without their presence. The pesky plague needs to honor Gaea before they lay waste to themselves.

Staying warm during rolling power outages.

I grew up in rural America in old farmhouses. When ice and snow storms take out power lines, you can expect to have no power for several days. The same is true in months of excessive heat after summer tornadoes and wind and hail storms. There are some basic things anyone can do to keep warm (or cool after summer storms) inside their home even during extreme temperatures for extended time periods. The first thing is that you should have already done some basic things to your home. At this point, that ship has sailed. Deal with your current situation first.

Heat travels upwards. Windows, doors, and baseboards leak cold air inside your home. Air conditioning vents including return vents also leak cold air inside your home. Your exterior rooms will be the coldest. People and pets generate heat. You want to seal the heat you generate inside your home and the cold air outside your home.

First, dress appropriately to maximize your own body heat. Get rid of any tight clothing. Dress in as many warm loose layers as you can pile on. Your body heat is held between your clothing layers and your skin. Tight clothes make you colder. Cover your head and feet as well as your hands if you do not need your hands bare to do something. Dress like a homeless person in the winter. They know what they’re doing when they are wearing everything they own.

Your exterior doors and windows are next. Cover them with any insulating material you can find. Hang blankets etc over your windows and doors. If you have plastic trash bags, tape them over your windows before covering the window with blankets or whatever you can find. Cardboard works well as an insulator. Duct tape the heck out of the seals on your windows and any exterior door you aren’t going to use. Just seal it up and move on. If you have the aerosol spray foam from someplace like Lowe’s or Home Depot, use that around doors and windows. Shoot the spray foam between your baseboard and the floor back into the wall. That will seal out air from coming in between your wall and the floor or from underneath your house. It will also keep your house cool in the summer and lower your utility bills.

Pick an interior room if possible to be your new living and sleeping room. If you have hard wood floors or poorly insulated floors and you still have spare blankets, cover the floor with a layer of insulation. Keep everyone in it and the door closed. People running in and out of the room or of your house will let out all of the heat. Stay in or stay out. It’s that simple.

If you have candles and any type of tin can, you have enough heat to heat one small room. You can light a candle inside of any type of metal can, or you can use your metal cooking pans. The candle flame will heat the metal and radiate heat outwards into the room. Make sure you do have some ventilation. Don’t light too many or light them where they will start a fire. Don’t put the metal container on anything that might over heat and ignite. The candle needs to be shorter than the sides of the metal container. Between your body heat and the candle inside the metal containers, you will actually generate quite a bit of heat. You won’t be warm and toasty, but you probably won’t freeze either. Do not burn anything else. You do not want carbon monoxide poisoning. If you start getting sleepy or a headache, you are getting carbon monoxide poisoning. Anything burning needs some ventilation, including candles.

If you have no candles, your room will still heat up just by blocking out cold air and body heat being retained inside the room. You will be cold, but you’re not going to freeze to death. Try and gather everything you need into the room such as food and snacks. Stay inside the room unless you need a bathroom break or something necessary. When you leave that room after being inside it for a while, you will notice a big difference in the temperature outside the room. Drink lots of water and eat. Your body needs fuel to generate heat.

If you have kerosene lamps, they are great. Kerosene also needs some ventilation. More ventilation than a couple of candles.

I don’t normally share pictures of the inside of my house, but I am going to share a couple just to illustrate my point. I have a two story home with a partial unfinished basement. My plumbing, water heater, and central heating and air unit are in my basement. My house has a deed with an estimated build date of 1900. They do not have the records for when it was actually built but do have records showing it was here in 1900. The plumbing, including washer and dryer, bathroom and kitchen is all in one area of my house that is housed in the basement underneath the kitchen and bathroom. It’s pretty handy for maintenance and bad weather. On Sunday morning, my thermostat went out so my central heat did not work. Sunday night was -11 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -22 degrees Fahrenheit. My thermostat was replaced Monday morning. Thankfully, I had a small 1500 watt fake electric fireplace upstairs in my son’s room and a larger 1500 watt fake fireplace in my living room. Is that enough to heat a 1700 square foot home at those temperatures? No, not even close. We closed off the upstairs and brought my son’s fireplace down to the bathroom doorway. The bathroom opens off the kitchen. I pushed the large fireplace out of my 20 x 40 ft living room into the smaller dining room. The dining room opens into the kitchen and my bedroom. I used plastic I had saved from when I bought new mattresses and hung it up blocking off the living room. The lowest the temperature got in the blocked off area with the two heaters was 62 degrees Fahrenheit. The other side of the plastic wall, the living room, was below freezing. The inside of my living room windows and front door were ice covered. Do not underestimate what covering and sealing leaking air from windows, doors, and baseboards will have. The same is true on your day to day utility expenses. I also have covered several more decorative windows inside my home with vinyl covering that looks like stained glass. It provides extra insulation but lets in natural sunlight. Here are two pictures of what two very simple, cheap and easy things can do that make huge differences. I’m still working on repainting my ceilings. I’m still working on painting the trim including the decorative poles to the dark gray from the old white trim. The carpet is getting removed or replaced after the ceilings are finished. It’s a work in progress.

Side decorative dining room window covered in vinyl. There is a large center window that is covered by an insulated curtain.
Plastic from mattress purchase used to block off living room that had no heat source.

Good luck and stay safe with the continued arctic air and the rolling power outages!

Facebook Intelligence Report

During the continuing arctic blast, I’ve had nothing better to do than surf the internet. Facebook has been wildly entertaining. Here is a brief summary of the “knowledge” I have gleaned by reading Facebook for several days.

Facebook Intelligence Report

  • Where ever the poster lives is the coldest it’s ever been and the coldest on the planet. Simultaneously, climate change is melting glaciers and icebergs at an astounding rate.
  • Rolling power outages anger customers.
  • Buttigieg’s alternative energy sources do not exist during inclement weather. Wind turbines are frozen, solar panels do not work during ice and snow storms, solar panels require the sun to shine, and frozen water does not generate electricity. Who knew?
  • Buttigieg is an idiot.
  • Buttigieg’s imaginary alternative energy jobs continue to pay imaginary wages.
  • The oil and gas industry as well as some Native American tribes are waging war on Biden and friends. Several lawsuits have been filed regarding drilling rights, and land and mineral leases.
  • Well heads and natural gas processing plants have frozen during the arctic blast. Gas companies are threatening outages because stored gas supplies are being consumed at an astronomical rate.
  • Cows purposefully give birth to their calves on the coldest days of the year. Cows hate farmers and ranchers. It’s their little joke.
  • Peta is not out making sure livestock is fed and watered during the current arctic blast. Peta is inside where it is warm. Peta is inside complaining about farmers and ranchers making continuous rounds in negative degree weather, snow, and ice to ensure their livestock has food and water.
  • Trump was impeached twice and acquitted of all charges twice, wasting millions of tax dollars.
  • Trump announced plans to get back out onto the political campaign trail.
  • Trump should face criminal charges.
  • Trump is innocent of all wrong doing.
  • Biden intends to keep heightened security at the Capitol until the end of 2021.
  • Biden and his administration are waging an all out campaign to remove guns from private ownership. There are a couple of bills coming up for votes. One involves taxes making guns and ammo unaffordable for all but the wealthy. The other involves a litany of reasons during a background check to deny gun ownership. Most Americans could easily be placed into one or more of the categories to deny gun ownership.
  • Americans are not giving up or turning in their guns.
  • Trump supporters still support Trump.
  • Trump supporters still aren’t scared of the far left.
  • Biden supporters still hate Trump.
  • The media still hates conservatives.
  • Teachers Union members are vacationing throughout the world while refusing to open schools because it’s too dangerous.
  • Fauci is encouraging wearing two masks at the same time.
  • Anti-maskers are still refusing to wear one mask let alone two.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine will make you sterile, grow a third eye, grow lizard skin and a tail, and implant you with a microchip.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine is completely safe even for pregnant women and children even though there have been no studies completed on pregnant women and children.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine works on the new variants.
  • The Covid-19 vaccine does not work on the new variants.
  • Democrats are angry.
  • Republicans are angry.
  • Independent voters are angry.
  • People who have never nor will they ever vote are angry.
  • Jesus and the apocalypse are nigh.
  • Jesus and the apocalypse do not exist.
  • Democratic cities like Seattle and Minneapolis are discovering that defunding police was a bad idea.
  • The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers are domestic terrorists while ANTIFA are peaceful protestors.
  • Northern California still despises the liberals in Southern California and wants to become a separate state.
  • Several conservative states have legislators who may want to drop out of the Union.
  • The FBI is owned and controlled by the Democratic Party and Republican globalists.
  • Biden may have a man crush on President Xi. It’s possible he has sniffed his hair.
  • The US for the first time in history has a larger debt than GDP. We are on the verge of a global economic reset. Musk bought bitcoin stock. Suppositions continue that bitcoin will be the new universal digital currency.
  • Americans will believe and share anything written in the form of a meme.

Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey relieves the migraine caused by Facebook. Every Facebook user should be required to have a bottle on hand for emergency use.

Biden saves AOC’s life at the Battle of Yellow Tavern: American Civil War History

The American Civil War took place from 1861-1865. Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States. The Republican Party was the controlling party leading the Union against the Confederate Army and slavery.

On May 9th, 1864, under the order of the new leader of the Union Army, Lt. General Ulysses S. Grant, Major General Philip H. Sheridan led his cavalry corps to a raid on Richmond, VA. Sheridan led 10,000 cavalrymen and 6 batteries of horse artillery along a 13 mile stretch of Telegraph Road from Fredericksburg, VA to Richmond, VA. They were engaged by Brigadier General Williams C. Wickham’s Confederate Brigade within the first 2 hours of their journey. The attacks had little effect.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer was rescuing 400 Union troops captured by Confederates at Beaver Dam Station. They were about to be loaded on a train bound for Richmond, VA. Beaver Dam Station was a main supply depot for General Robert E. Lee’s Confederate Army. Custer and his troops occupied the station. Custer liberated several barrels of whiskey as well as AOC from the station. AOC had been with the Confederate Army since the beginning of the war working as a serving wench for its troops. AOC was furious. She had been earning a good living but now found herself unemployed and homeless. She was also relieved that Custer had believed her story of being a slave and held against her will. She escaped to the home of Edmund Fontaine at Beaver Dam plantation where Jeb Stuart’s wife and children resided.

Major General James Ewell Brown Stuart (Jeb Stuart), led a cavalry force for the Confederates against Sheridan. After seeing the destruction at Beaver Dam Station, he rode to Beaver Dam Plantation where he found his wife, Flora, and his children safe. Biden was among Stuart’s horsemen who arrived at Beaver Dam Plantation. Upon their arrival, Biden quickly sniffed both Flora and Stuart’s children’s hair. Biden then laid eyes upon AOC and screamed, “You ain’t black!”. Complete chaos ensued. Stuart was angered by Biden’s sniffing habits as well as AOC posing as a house servant. Stuart drew his gun to shoot AOC and Biden. Flora and the kids fled to their rooms. Biden started talking. “Well, Jeb, you know that thing uh um the thing. The thing.” Biden continued talking gibberish. Jeb acquired the worst headache of his life. Finally, Jeb told Biden to take AOC, a horse, and leave. Biden saved AOC from certain death that day in 1864. Stuart led his cavalry to stop at an abandoned inn called the Yellow Tavern where he continued his military campaign against Sheridan. On the night of May 12, 1864, General Robert E. Lee received a telegram stating that Stuart had been mortally wounded in battle.

Super Bowl Sunday

Regardless of whether or not you’re a football fan, if you live in the US, take a reality break and watch the super bowl today. It promises to be a good game. Personally, I am a Kansas City Chiefs fan. Patrick Mahomes is both an awesome quarterback as well as human being. He has been a positive influence on his community as well as being a great role model for your kids. Great role models are few and far between. Go enjoy a few hours of your weekend and support whichever team you choose with your friends and family.

Ronaviravich messes with neural brain implants.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

One of Ronaviravich’s strongest gypsy talents lies in her ability to foretell the future. All of her recent gazes into her crystal ball have shown her a population imbedded with microchips. The further into the future she looks, she sees the microchips progress into neural brain implants. She sees a global population completely under the control of the few ruling class upper echelon. She isn’t having any of that nonsense. She is devising the demise of their entire scheme.

After a short consult with her cursed bat WuWu, Rona begins her development of the neuro chip virus. Much like the Covid-19 virus WuWu spread throughout the world, her neuro chip virus will have many vectors of infection and many variations. Ronaviravich begins by naming her new virus and listing an array of symptoms.

Neurchipus-22 list of side affects and symptoms:

Mild affects include the following:

  • Urges to be disruptive
  • Frequent naps
  • Defiance
  • Randomly believing you’re a duck. Frequently followed by an hour or more of constant quacking.
  • Obsession with smashing all electronic devices.
  • Allergic reactions to electronics.
  • Voting conservative.
  • Refusing to take vaccines.
  • Barking and growling like a rabid dog when confronted with communist, Marxist, or socialist ideology.
  • Biting government officials.
  • Physical aversion to CNN.

Serious or fatal affects include the following:

  • Dissolution of the neurochip.
  • Complete body shutdown into a coma until the neuro chip is removed.
  • Incorrect banking pathways resulting in draining the elite ruling class’ bank balance. The elite will then hunt down and destroy the broken unit.
  • Explosion of the neurochip including a surrounding area of 20 square feet.
  • Electronic feedback burning out the neurochip and any transmitting electronics.

Ronaviravich understands everything electronic can be hacked and can catch a virus. She plans to spend 2021 perfecting her new virus and working on transmission vectors.

Ronaviravich laughs at the wealthy elite.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Today Rona rocks in her chair beside the fire contemplating the cyclic nature of history and it’s doomed repeated failures. Rona remembers being a European Gypsy in her young adult years. She remembers the oppression of her people. She remembers the medieval kings, queens and land barons holding their peasant populations in fear and poverty. She remembers the war for independence America fought against the tyranny of England. She remembers the slaves in America fighting for their freedom. She remembers thousands of years of women fighting against oppression from men. Ronaviravich understands wealth, power, control, and oppression. Ronaviravich understands the elite rule through fear. Fear that you can’t feed your family. Fear that you will be jailed or executed. Fear that you have no medical resources. Fear of your neighbor. Fear of change. Fear of disease. Ronaviravich understands it has always been and always will be a fleeting victory for a handful of people before their terrible often bloody fall from their ivory towers. Never has the oppressor of any group remained in power. Ronaviravich understands the few in power get greedy and go to far. The peasants always revolt. The peasants always eventually win. Always. It sometimes takes generations and much pain and suffering before the peasants realize they have always had and always will retain the power through their sheer numbers as well as their willingness and ability to learn the skills to feed and cloth the people. Wealthy elitist rulers retain no skills aside from ruling and having others provide for them. They cannot provide for themselves. Peasants are stronger than their rulers in every way that matters. Rulers have always and will always fear peasants.

Ronaviravich further reflects on the point in which oppression becomes unbearable and true uprisings begin. For the married woman (or sometimes man) trapped in an abusive marriage, it’s the point at which she or he thinks they will be killed by their spouse. They have nothing to lose. It’s kill or be killed. For starving populations, it’s when food and medical supplies run out. For religious people, it’s when the church that offers them everlasting life is threatened. They are fighting for their eternal souls and no longer for their day to day existence. For some, the breaking point is poverty and loss of everything in which they invested throughout their lives (their home, their business, their freedom). For some, it is for their children’s future. For some, it is lockdowns and masks removing their freedom to live and enjoy life. Everyone has a different breaking point, but when it is reached, all bets are off. There is no more fear.

Ronaviravich, being an ancient gypsy, has always been on the side of the peasants. She adores chaos. There is no chaos under communism and tyranny. There is only fear and oppression. It’s simply no fun for her. What to do…

Ronaviravich knows conservatives voted for Trump in part because their voices were not heard by their wealthy elitist rulers. She understands Trump united many of the peasants. Now the peasants are a threat. They have awakened. Ronaviravich understands the peasants no longer have fear. The more the Democrats and wealthy go after Trump, the more united the peasants become. The more censorship, threats, loss of jobs, personal attacks, slander, etc., the more they will continue to unite. The Democrats retain control over their voters through fear of Trump supporters, fear of Covid-19, fear of climate change, fear of guns, fear of LGBTIQ losing rights, fear of police, fear of racism, fear of Russia, and through any other fear they can contrive and sell on mainstream media. Ronaviravich also understands that if all of the peasant groups were to unite, the wealthy elitist rulers would be dead in their tracks. They would cease to have power. The Democratic Party and the media is selling fear and hate amongst the peasants in order to retain their power.

Ronaviravich believes if she continues to aid entities like Bank of America in unethically if not illegally assisting the FBI in hunting Trump supporters, she can further awaken and anger the peasants. Ronaviravich plans to uncover more unethical practices by the wealthy elite as time progresses. Meanwhile, she is thoroughly amused by the fear shown in the fence built around the capital as well as the reinforced troops in DC.

Ronaviravich plans to enjoy watching the Senate impeachment trial of Trump. She knows it is the best possible way to further unite the peasants. Martyrs are historically the best uniting factor in sealing and truly setting off a lasting full force peasant rebellion. The wealthy elitist rulers did not understand why Trump won in 2016. They do not understand why his supporters are not fearful. They do not understand that they are keeping him in the limelight and in power through their own vengeance. They do not understand they are making the extremist groups more emboldened and angered. They do not understand that they are making the average conservative angrier by the minute with their constant attacks on freedom of speech and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They do not understand that the fear is gone in conservatives…

WuWu’s Illegitimate Children

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Months ago, Ronaviravich cursed and banished her favorite bat WuWu. He flew in the dark of night to Harvard University. WuWu spent some time at Harvard hanging out in the virology department that was assisting with the lab in Wuhan, China. When the DOJ arrested a professor and two foreign exchange students, WuWu hitched a ride to China with the third student who escaped with 12 unknown vials from the Harvard virology lab. WuWu spent some time in Wuhan before beginning a life of isolation inside a cave in China. This story has been previously told, but what you don’t know is how badly WuWu behaved on his journey into isolation.

WuWu fathered an unknown number of illegitimate children both in the US and on his journey to and across China. WuWu had been a very badly behaved bat. Ronaviravich had been aware of his escapades. WuWu’s offspring are finally showing themselves throughout the globe. Rona decided it’s time to check up on their progress.

Rona gazed into her crystal ball to see where they are all surfacing and how much havoc they are creating. Zandile (name meaning-they have multiplied), in South Africa is one of Rona’s favorites. Zandile shows some resistance to vaccines. Zandile’s children maybe stronger. Rona sees WuWu’s offspring in places as yet unbeknownst to the world. Rona decides to do a quick foretelling. She sees a future of continuously updated vaccines, similar to yearly influenza vaccines, required to fight WuWu’s curse. She sees lockdowns destroying economies but ceasing to eradicate WuWu’s descendants. She sees panic, hysteria, and bad decisions based upon fear. She sees these things continuing until the world learns to exist without fear and strives to discover safe, fast, effective treatments instead of relying on a miracle vaccine or drug that refuses to appear. She sees fallen countries, poverty, war, social unrest, and a global monetary reset due to unwillingness to reopen life. She sees WuWu’s descendants as pawns for the wealthy world rulers to gain complete control of all wealth and power. She sees people through their fear allowing the ruler’s plans to succeed. Through it all, she sees WuWu’s descendants’ continued existence. Rona decides it maybe time to help the peasants. Rona has despised the ruling class for centuries. She’s had a direct hand in taking down more than a few during her centuries long lifetime. Biden particularly irritates her. His love of President Xi is troubling. Her GameStop stock purchase still gives her a good chuckle. She currently sits inside her cave devising a new scheme with many more unpleasantries for the world’s wealthy, elitist, ruling class. Trump still has a major role to play in her plans. She isn’t finished with him yet.