SRSWBS-Sexually Repressed Southern Whiteboy Syndrome

Yes, it’s a thing, but you probably won’t find it on google. You can learn about it from MANY southern women who have dated or been married to men who suffer from SRSWBS. What is SRSWBS? It’s the complete inability to have decent sex with their wife or significant other (bring them to orgasm), but they have the ability to have decent sex with a hooker, a one night stand, or another woman with whom they are cheating. It’s usually caused by a traditional upbringing usually involving religion and results in many nights sleeping on the sofa and/or no sex from the spouse or significant other at all. Sometimes it takes literally years (or never) for them to discover that their wife or significant other has faked orgasms for years to make them go away so she can pleasure herself. It’s not happening with him in the room.

Here’s our working theory as to how it happens and how to deal with it. Our being my female friends and I who have been in long term relationships with men suffering from SRSWBS or who have dated a male suffering from SRSWBS.

How it happens. Men learn in church and in traditional upbringings that women are supposed to be innocent and pure etc. Men learn to marry the innocent one after they’ve spent sometimes years in bars and strip clubs with women they’re told not to marry but provide them with sexually satisfying encounters. Then they’re all of a sudden middle aged and single because they can’t reconcile the women they’re attracted to and the women they are supposed to marry. They see their married friends sleeping on the sofa and either cheating or being cheated on.

Here is how to recognize the symptoms: They cheat. They make comments to other men about how “she” is difficult to bring to orgasm. They make comments that “she” doesn’t like sex. They have serious relationships or are married but frequent bars and strip clubs with their male friends. They sleep on the sofa a lot. If they don’t cheat, they often don’t get sex for weeks or months.

Here is how to deal with them: That guy is a fling, a one night stand, or someone you make a fuck buddy. He isn’t somebody you date seriously or marry if you ever expect or want a healthy sex life and an intimate relationship. God help you if you try to have a serious relationship and actually talk about sex. Nice innocent women don’t do that. You’ve just scared him. Yes, I’m talking about the guy who had sex with a stripper before he went out with you. You did scare him. He is scared he might divulge enjoying sex while having the light turned on or something stupid with you because he cares about you and he can’t. Tradition and religion killed his ability to even have that conversation.

Here is what he doesn’t understand: Would any man have sex on a regular basis without having an orgasm? No. Why would a woman? I guarantee you that she can bring herself to orgasm as quickly as you can bring yourself to orgasm. Just maybe not with you in the room. Seriously, this isn’t healthy, but it’s extremely common.

Those married couples you see who don’t cheat and still have sex on a regular basis, they figured out how. They talked about it. Those men don’t sleep on the sofa. Those men and women don’t cheat.

I am aware that there are females who suffer from this same affliction but I don’t date them so I don’t really care.

Gender Neutral Restrooms and Locker Rooms in Schools

The above article concerns the UK but our schools in the US are facing the same insanity. This article concerns girls not coming to school during their periods and not using the restroom at all at school or drinking liquids at school.

Let’s be honest. Even grown men are often complete assholes when it comes to the subject of periods. Let’s start with gender neutral bathrooms in public places in general. I don’t even let the men know when I’m having my period at work. Why? Anything that I don’t agree with or that pisses me off and would on any day of the year, is immediately discounted with a condescending is it that time of the month? It’s the chickenshit, insecure man’s way of trying to feel superior over a woman and discount his own bad behavior. It’s his excuse to not listen and continue acting poorly. On top of that, it’s not their business. Period. The other group of men just turn red and run away.

Now let’s talk about boys and girls given that grown men can’t even stop themselves from acting stupid. Boys randomly get erections. They learn the untucked tshirt and carry the book or whatever they can find in front of them tricks. They compare penis size. Sorry guys, even girls know you do this. Both boys and girls are going through puberty and are learning to be comfortable with their own body changes. Girls are trying to get the bra strap adjusted to the right length (which is easier with help), ask friends what to do about cramps and discuss periods and how to use and adjust feminine products. Most girls require instructions on how to use tampons. Most girls and women for that matter start their periods at inopportune times often not when they have feminine products with them. No women’s restroom on the planet is ever short of having a woman in it borrowing products from another woman. Complete strangers help each other out with no questions asked. It’s not hard to figure out why girls aren’t comfortable with boys in a restroom or locker room. It shouldn’t be happening. At all. Ever. Boys don’t really need to be present when a girl is explaining to another girl how to insert and use a tampon comfortably. This is ridiculous. The transgender girl does not have periods. The transgender girl usually has a penis. WTF is wrong with people that they can’t understand basic biology?

If you give a boy a chance to look at a girl naked, he will. Most men will too. And so will women and girls…..

I understand why transgender people don’t wish to share a restroom with the biological sex they are transgendering away from. The last thing a boy transitioning to a girl needs is a boob job and then being in the boys locker room or restroom. I get that. But, they still have a penis and don’t belong in the girl’s either. I don’t think it’s appropriate for girls to be looking at penises in the locker room and restrooms at school. They need their own restrooms and locker rooms or changing/shower areas.

The argument that they are being single out if they have their own restroom/locker room is ridiculous. They already singled themselves out when they made the decision to transgender.

Gender Identity from a 10 year old’s perspective.

My son turns 10 in a few days. He’s in fourth grade. He came bouncing downstairs last night and plopped his butt into the recliner next to mine. Invariably, this means he has something he wants to talk about. Last night it was gender identity. He started with “Mom, why do people think they can change what gender they are? They can’t. If you’re born a boy, don’t you have a different t-cell or something? You can add boobs but you can’t change your cells. That’s just stupid.” I explained the x and y chromosomes to him. Then he said “Isn’t your skeleton different too? I watched a youtube video about skeletons scientists dug up and they can tell if they’re male or female.” So I told him the differences in the hip bones, ribs, etc. That led to a discussion on testosterone, estrogen, pro-estrogen, muscle development and puberty. His next question was “When am I going to hit puberty because the other boys are telling me it’s bad?” I informed him that his voice is already lower and starting to crack, he stinks like a teenager when he sweats, and his face is breaking out. Game on dude.

Usually at this point he is done talking and wanders off. Last night he sat there and watched tv with me for a little while. I know he’s not done talking. He’s processing internally. It’s what he does. The tv show I was watching had people practicing a play and a kid who is transgender. First question, “Do the actors practicing the play doing the kiss love each other in real life?” “No, they’re just acting.” He then informs me that he will never be in a play involving kissing because he isn’t going to kiss someone he doesn’t love. And by the way, there are several girls who have crushes on him but he isn’t interested in a girlfriend yet. He would rather PLAY ON THE XBOX. His last question “Why does anyone think that transgender girl on the tv show is a boy? She’s not.” Then he went back to the xbox.

A child can understand that people can’t really change from one sex to the other. They can only change their outward appearance. Why is this so difficult for the liberals to comprehend?

Keeping up Appearances

Beware of the public persona people present on social media sites, in church, at work, and at school functions. Too many people are more concerned with how they present themselves to the public than their actual behavior. The thought process for many people is as follows: go to church on Sunday and present as a solid religious person, go to work on Monday and tell everyone exactly what they want to hear, post media posts with the latest socially acceptable pictures and posts, take their kids to school events, and end their week with a sports events. Sounds and looks like a great upstanding person right?

Here’s what really happened. Joined a church to get people to trust them and easily manipulate them. Now they have a church supporting their character enabling them to abuse their family, embezzle from their job, and be a drunk or drug user in the evenings and on weekends. They now have an entire church who is willing to testify that this person is a fine upstanding church member. The church will go to the matt to defend this person because their first priority is their church’s image and the persona their members present to the world. Churches will address behavior on social media or controversial public behavior because it makes them look bad. At the end of the day, most churches first priority is to keep up appearances. If push comes to shove, the church will defend it’s member as innocent regardless of their behavior if it’s in their own best interest.

The reality is that we are all sinners. The reality is that we are forgiven for our sins if we repent. Oh yes, that’s right, we actually have to repent and try to do better. In the end, God is the one who judges our own individual actions. We aren’t deflecting anything when it comes to his judgement. We don’t get to point at someone else and say but look what they did in order to make ourselves look better. That’s not going to work. Yes, image is important as we are supposed to be role models and example setters. The church is doing neither by refusing to minister to it’s members when they don’t act as they should but instead hide or cover those actions up.

What I don’t understand is why the churches don’t understand why their memberships are down. Read the above.

God’s Word is THE Truth

I’m not arguing that God’s word is the truth. However, this phrase is now used to end any argument when the religious right has run out of talking points. Here is the problem. To which church does the speaker of this phrase belong? Every separate religion interprets the Word of God (The Bible) differently. Hence, the many different protestant religions and the rift in the Roman Catholic Church. If you dare to ask which translation or church the speaker belongs, be prepared for a venomous speech either on it doesn’t matter or their church is correct and everyone else is on the short bus to the underworld. It does matter. We all believe and interpret the Bible, or anything else we read for that matter, through our own personal filter. That’s why some of us go to the Lutheran Church, some to the Methodist Church, or the First Baptist Church to name a few.

Next follows the argument that God’s Word has not changed. Again, I’m not arguing that it has. However, every religion has changed how the Bible is interpreted and put into practice in our daily lives throughout history. This in itself proves that my previous point of the Bible is read, understood, and interpreted differently depending on our personal filters and the personal filters of church leaders. We only have to go back to the 1960s to see churches forbidding inter-racial marriages between black and white people. God’s Word.

Politicians and world leaders have known for centuries that the best way to control any population is to influence or control whatever religion is the most populous or wealthy in the region. Our right wing republicans are guilty of using and twisting God’s Word right now in our country. Beware of bible verses being quoted out of context or political leaders using religion as an emotional influence for your vote.