Compassion and Empathy Are Why We Should Close the US Mexican Border

According to the US Customs Border Protection website, 977,509 people have been apprehended in the past calendar year illegally crossing the southwest border. Those are just the ones we apprehended. This also does not include people who cross legally, overstay their visas, and disappear. To say that we don’t have a crises is sheer insanity.

The Polaris Project ranked the United States as “one of the world’s worst places for human trafficking in 2018”. According to the Women’s Center, the estimate for trafficked victims into the US is 18-20,000/year. The Mexican state of Tlaxcala has been identified as the biggest source of sex slaves to the US. In 2015, five out of 10 of Homeland Security’s “most wanted” sex traffickers were from Tenancingo, in Tlaxcala. There were estimates that one in 10 people from Tenancingo were involved in trafficking. These are all direct quotes from the following link:

We have drugs, human trafficking, and gang members crossing our border from Mexico. We have tent cities across the US housing emigrants with plans of building more. We have diseases cropping up that have previously been all but eradicated in the US. Whom are we protecting and helping? No one. How bad does it have to be for people to pay a coyote to smuggle them across the border? Based on my conversations with our local population of emigrants, both legal and those in the process of becoming legal, the drug cartels have taken over most areas in Mexico and much of the country is no longer safe to inhabit or even visit. By not fully protecting our border we are failing the US, Mexico, and any other country such as Guatemala who has illegal immigrants crossing into the US. We are failing our own country by allowing drugs, cartels, gang members, trafficked people, and convicted criminals to enter the US. The human traffickers and cartels are making loads of money in the US and are coming and going pretty freely. We don’t even have any accurate figures or estimates on the amount of income made from drugs, sex slaves, and other types of human trafficking. Nor do we have any reliable estimates as to the total number of victims. Most people can understand how we are failing our own country.

Here is how we are failing the countries our immigrants are fleeing. By not fully protecting our border, we are financially fueling all of their crimes. We are the buyers. Without the US, the cartels and human traffickers would not have their current income. At the end of the day, everything is always about money and power. We are their biggest source of income. Financially crippling these people is the quickest way to end this. We do that by protecting our border. We don’t know at this point if a semi full of women and children crossing the border is a semi full of people coming here for a better life or a semi full of sex trafficked women and children. If the border is fully protected, we would have the ability to better vet immigrants and put them into a legal process to become citizens, have jobs, and an actual place to live. We would know who is moving here and we do have assistance programs to help them.

I think you can bank on the cartels and traffickers attacking the border if it’s actually secured. The Mexican government is essentially held hostage to them right now. We might actually have to send the military into Mexico to resolve the mess before it’s all said and done, but it is in our own best interests and those of the honest people living there who just want a chance for a better life. Why is it that we will send our military to the other side of the world for oil and human rights violations but we won’t address what is in our own backyard? Build the wall already with our military manning it and stop this before our cities turn into Mexican cities. The cartels are already here. The drug routes and trafficking routes are marked. What possible reason do they have to not extend their territory? None at all. We are on our way to becoming the country these people are trying to flee. We are helping no one by doing nothing.

The big question of the day is who is profiting in the US by keeping the border unsecured? That’s what you need to ask yourself when you hear politicians resisting a secured border. What’s the financial benefit to them? They’re selling their stance as compassion but it’s not. They’re using an emotional argument to line their own pockets. They’re using it to get reelected and aren’t doing anything to get rid of tent cities in their own backyards. I find it hard to believe that people flying a Mexican flag in our country want to live in a tent city. Have you asked yourself if the help they need isn’t actually in their own country and not ours. Most of our local emigrants where I live own land and businesses in Mexico. They didn’t want to leave it. They don’t want to live here. They will and they are but they want to go home. It’s not hard to verify that human and drug trafficking into the US is big business. We have dirty politicians on both sides of the aisle. We are literally financing the cartels and traffickers. We need to help ourselves and the people south of our border. We start with a secured border wall.

Simple Request From a Resident of a Flyover State: PLEASE KEEP FLYING OVER

I have visited or worked in 33 states and have lived in three. I am a resident of a flyover state. When I say please keep flying over, I mean it sincerely. Do not stop. Do not visit. Do not drive through. Fly right on over. If you wish to flee your city or state and live someplace where people are a little less extreme and a little more concerned with raising their children and enjoying their lives in peace, then take a drive on Route 66 or any other highway crossing the US, find a spot you like, and just stay. People do it all the time. Really they do. It always amazes me when people show up in an old beat up, barely running vehicle with their kids and say we need a job and a place to live. It happens. If you look up the crime statistics for the County in which I live, murder, forcible rape, and robbery are zero. Yes, zero. Let that sink in. This is farm and ranch country. Everyone owns and carries multiple guns. Everyone knows how to use them. We grew up around and with guns in our hands. We respect them, and understand how to use and take care of them. You can bet your ass, we will shoot a home invader. We will shoot to kill and we won’t miss. It’s always some kind of hunting season. If it’s not anything we want to hunt, there’s a coyote in the calving pen needing shot or a rattlesnake on the porch. We won’t feel bad about it either. Anyone living here knows there are consequences to your actions. Too dumb to live. That’s the saying around here. We all know you don’t play with or point a gun at a person (empty or loaded) unless you intend to kill them. We don’t believe in killing someone unless it’s in self defense or defense of our family or our country. We support, believe in and will defend the 2nd Amendment. It was written to protect us from tyranny not to enable us to hunt. A well regulated militia means well trained. That’s the terminology of the time period in which it was written. We have many military families. We won’t give up our guns. That’s non negotiable. The state of Oklahoma now has open carry. It just took effect. The US Government doesn’t even know how many guns are individually owned in our country. They know we have more guns than we do people. Any figure other than that is just a guess. How do you think you’re going to take all of those unregistered guns when you don’t know who has them or where they are? You register one gun to shoot a home invader or to protect your family. If asked in a doctors office “Do you own a gun?”, the answer is no. I think most people in rural areas know this. Most people in flyover cities understand and live by those rules too. Most of us do believe in capital punishment. Consequences to your actions! We don’t want your gang members, your drugs, your sex trafficking and your crimes. Men open doors for women and change flat tires. They know we are capable of doing it ourselves. They do it for us to be nice. We say thank you. Most of us go to church on Saturday or Sunday. No, we aren’t all white, straight, or even English speaking. We believe in closed borders. We don’t want your criminals. We do want your legal immigrants who want to move here, work, and contribute to society. We have families from Mexico who have lived here for several generations. They are a part of our community and we appreciate them. We have numerous German Mennonites from Mexico immigrating here currently. They gain their citizenship and are wonderful friends and neighbors. They speak German and Spanish as their primary languages. They move here to have a better life and escape the drug cartels and gangs in Mexico. Why would they want the border open so that the drug cartels and gangs can follow them here? They don’t. The Mexicans who came here and are now Americans by gaining their citizenship do not want open borders either. It completely defeats the purpose of leaving Mexico. Common sense should tell you this. If a battered wife wants to leave her husband, do you invite them both to sleep on your sofa? No, because that would be stupid. An open border is the same concept. So please, keep flying over. It improves our lives greatly. We actually still love our country and our neighbors regardless of religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, or race. Most of us will vote for Trump again in 2020.

What I Learned When I Purchased My 2019 Ram Rebel…..Why Middle Aged Men Drive Sports Cars.

When my son had just turned 3, I decided to move us from the metropolitan area with a population of around 1.4 million back to the rural area in which I was raised. For a variety of reasons, it was the best choice for my son and I. I was driving a two door Chevrolet Cavalier at the time. Good gas mileage and easy to maneuver in traffic etc. It was a good car. The oil boom was on in full force when we moved back to rural America where my family lives. Farm equipment, semis, oil trucks, pick ups etc. were everywhere on the dirt roads and highways. It took me about five minutes to figure out that the car had to go. Plus my son got car sick and threw up all over the back seat of that car from the day he was born until the day it was sold. I held out for a year because the car was paid for and ran well. Then I went to the nearest good sized town to look at a couple of SUVs. There was a 2012 Ram 1500, short bed, Hemi engine, 20 inch rim, single cab pickup parked at the front of the dealer’s lot. The salesman came out of the office and asked what I was needing. I’m staring at the pickup while telling him that I was there to drive two of the SUVs. He said ok, you go ahead and drive them while I pull that Ram out of the display so you can buy it. You won’t want an SUV after you drive the Ram. I drove and bought the Ram on the spot. Done. And the beauty of it was that my son had to ride in the front seat because there was no backseat. No more car sickness. Perfect! It was a great truck.

A little over a year ago, I decided it was time to buy a vehicle with a backseat to haul my son and his growing list of sport’s buddies around. Again, I tried really hard to convince myself to be a soccer mom and buy an SUV. Meanwhile, I kept looking at the 2019 Ram Rebel with its ridiculous amount of leg room, off road 4×4 package, leather trimmed seats, and an even more powerful Hemi engine than the one I had. I’ve liked the traditional red and black Rebel trim since the Rebel first came out. I only had a couple of payments left on the Ram I was driving. I was being frugal, holding off, trying to be sensible. Then God came down from the heavens and spoke to me. Ok, maybe it wasn’t God. It was the dead 2000lb black cow lying in the middle of my lane at night on K42. A car had come over the hill on the highway a little before me, hit and killed the cow, lost a tire complete with rim, spun around and landed on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic with it’s lights on bright. I hit my brakes because I couldn’t see due to oncoming traffic. I ran over the tire and rim with my right front tire then back on the pavement and immediately over the dead cow. My son and his dad were both with me. I kept my left tires on the pavement, didn’t cross over the lane, and my 20 inch rims gave me the clearance to go right on over that tire and rim on the highway. The pickup behind me high centered on the tire, hit the cow, broadsided the car and went into the pasture. Two other cars also hit that cow and tore their cars up. We drove home. I had about $3000 worth of damage on the front end and steering which the dealer fixed. I got that pickup back looking and driving really well. January 31st, I drove by the dealer and saw the 2019 Granite clear coated Ram Rebel sitting out front. It had the traditional red and black rebel leather trim package on the inside. I drove it home. I won’t give up the Ram steering, power, comfort, and looks for any SUV or car. It’ll never happen. You may keep your piece of crap Prius and your electric vehicle until you can give it the power, comfort, and options that I currently have. You aren’t even close right now.

But this is how it works…… It’s a sporty off road 4×4 pickup with a ton of power. Since January 31st, I have met more single men than I have the entire rest of my life. I totally get why middle aged men buy sports cars. It’s the fun of the actual driving experience plus it’s a magnet for meeting people. It does not matter if I have my son with me or if I’m alone. It does not matter if I go to the grocery store, the lumber yard, Walmart, gas station…..whatever…..I meet at least one guy. It’s crazy. There’s something about driving an off road pickup that completely breaks through barriers for men. They want to see the truck, they want to see what woman is driving that truck, and there’s an easy conversation right there. I’ve actually met some really great men of all ages since buying the Rebel. It’s been loads of fun. The best thing is that when a man approaches to talk to you about your truck, it’s a completely different conversation than if he’s meeting you in a traditional place to pick up women such as a bar. There is an actual conversation. It’s a spontaneous conversation. Some of them just want to see the truck. Some of them just want to see who is driving the truck. Most of them want both. If you’re a single woman wanting to meet some great men, go buy a new truck. I recommend the Ram Rebel. Best midlife crises I’ve ever had.

Having and Voicing an Opinion Does Not Mean You Are Angry. It Will Not Begin the Apocalypse.

Rural communities are great in that most people go to church, have fairly high morals and ethics, and are generally peaceful people. They’re rich with tradition and are all about appearances and what is considered proper. God help you if you’re one of us who has an opinion about, well, everything. I am the person who looks at an event, for example, that has been done at 5:00pm since the dawn of time and asks “Why is this at 5pm when people work? Why can’t we do this at 6pm? 5:00pm was great for farmers wives before farmers wives got jobs off the farms.  Maybe 6:00pm would be better.”

The crowd panics looking around in fear of being trampled by the horsemen. Trumpets can be heard blasting from the heavens. People are chopping wood for the fire to burn me for being the angry, dissenting demon-spawn from hell. The apocalypse has begun. 

Next comes, “Why are you so angry and argumentative?” At this point, I’m usually thinking,  good lord everyone is crazy. I’m the only one present who isn’t mad and throwing a fit. I’ve found the best tactic is to let them all throw down about tradition etc.  Then I point out that the trumpets were just the train whistle. The horses got out of the neighbors pasture. The wood is for the bonfire.  See ya at 5pm! 

A Lack of Christian Fathers and Role Models Has Failed Our Daughters and Young Women. Porn and the Media.

There was no internet porn and nude or mostly nude calendars when the Bible was written. However, if you actually read the Bible, it’s pretty clear that porn isn’t something God approves for men or women. Neither are calendars of mostly nude or nude 18 year old GIRLS. Strip clubs, prostitutes, hook-ups etc are all sins for men as much as women. You don’t get to indulge in all of this and splash it everywhere, hit on girls your daughter’s, niece’s, or grandkid’s age and then blame the media for young women and girls not acting like you think they should. You just showed them how they should be acting. Christian religions teach girls to let the man be the leader, role model, and provider and to follow where he leads. Girls learn in church their primary goal is to serve God. They learn that serving God usually includes getting married and raising children. Little girls play with dolls and learn to nurture and meet other’s expectations and needs. To be blunt, women and girls naturally follow boys and men and compete for their attention in order to find a husband and eventually have children. I know I just pissed off every feminist on the planet. The reality is that you can do all of these things, still have a career, and other interests. The reality is that most men want a wife and kids too.

So what are we telling our girls and millennial women that men want? What are men showing them that they want on a daily basis? Hookers and porn stars. That’s the short and most accurate answer. You cannot look anywhere without seeing a picture of an extremely young mostly naked or completely naked girl. Who is buying and looking at the young girls and porn? Men. That’s the role models you are. Girls look to men to see how they treat their mother and women. Girls marry their fathers and boys marry their mothers. It’s an old but true saying. Don’t flirt with and drool on teenage girls if you’re a grown man. Generally the teenager will be nice because she has no idea how to respond to a 30+ year old man hitting on her. Yes, she knows you’re flirting. She’s not interested and you’re totally a gross old man to her unless she’s a hooker or a stripper and you’re paying her. She’s still not interested in you. Only your money. I am more than a little tired of hearing how the media has ruined women and girls. The media only sells and produces what the consumers want and buy.

Porn is made for men. Any woman who has ever watched porn, will tell you that if she’s even a little bit honest and not simply trying to tell you what you want to hear. Usually porn has the ugliest man they can find and a bunch of pretty very young women. If you want to see good looking men, you have to watch gay porn. Yes, I’ve watched plenty of porn in my lifetime. It doesn’t offend me and in fact, it often makes me laugh. Not the goal most men have in mind. Straight women are not turned on by or want to have sex with other women. Giving a man a blowjob is not foreplay. I could go on but you get the point. Straight porn is made for men and is nothing more than men’s fantasies etc. Why be offended? The problem is that we have a whole bunch of men who have learned how to have sex and how women should behave and respond to sex by watching porn. Or they’ve developed every sexually repressed hang up you can imagine when it comes to having sex with a woman they care about. At least lesbian porn throws out there a couple of things women like. Women like sex too if the man actually learned how and that it’s not just his fantasy and what he likes. Sorry men but it’s not all about you. Our culture is not teaching men or women that anything about women is valuable to them except pleasing a man in bed. Men expect women to look and act like the 18 year old porn star forever. Our culture is teaching men their behavior is ok because they are men. It’s ok for them to go to the strip club, pay for a prostitute, watch porn, and go to the bar to hit on women even when they are married and leave their wife at home to raise their kids. Because they’re just being men, it’s ok for them. No, it isn’t. It’s no different than women behaving that way. The media has only shown women and girls how men act and what they are showing they want by their behavior. Women and girls are responding by giving them what they want. Men are unhappy because they’re busted on their own behaviors. Men want to behave like they’re single forever and have their wife stay home and raise their kids. Well, sorry but that’s not working out so well is it? If your girlfriend or wife is no more important to you than a prostitute, she’s probably not going to be loyal to you. Why would she?

Boys and men watch porn and spend time on the internet looking at girls. Their expectations of their girlfriends and wives are that of a porn star and not a woman. Men and boys are dating the one who is the hottest and will give them sex. They cheat and leave their wives or girlfriends when someone hotter and younger comes along. Women and girls are responding in kind. Girls and women hear and read boys and men’s comments all day everyday. What are these comments? At least republican women are hot, I’m not dating her if she doesn’t put out, send me naked pictures etc. Rarely does anyone read or hear comments after a debate about what a woman says or her intelligence if she is pretty. It’s not just online. It’s in your conversations with each other in front of women and girls. We expect it and we tolerate it when we should be calling you out on it. Those are the first things our daughters hear and read from male role models. Women should be calling you out. We aren’t. Women absolutely need to expect more, behave better, and demand better. Women are responsible for their own actions and have definitely failed in this too.

As a result, we have single women everywhere raising children. These single women are learning in church and from society that they need a husband or they cannot survive and raise their kids. Women are marrying the first available man instead of the right man to provide for them because of religious expectations and financial needs. It invariably blows up and on to yet another man. The children in these homes are learning their mom is a “throw away” girlfriend/woman and that they come second to whatever man just walked through their front door. Single men do the same thing when raising kids. Find the nearest woman to do it for them. The millenials on down in age have no idea what an actual marriage should be or how to treat one another. They’re in it for themselves. Women and men alike. These adults and kids have zero self esteem and are angry. It’s not discipline they are lacking. It’s role models who care about them and about themselves.

Yes, the media is a problem in that it has made lack of morals and values mainstream. It has made porn and nude photos available to people who are not equipped to understand or process what it actually is. Sometimes it’s sex trafficking. The base problem though is the media is only providing what our society is consuming. Media is merely reflecting who and what we are. Honestly, I have no issue with porn or nude calendars etc when they are viewed by adults who see them for what they are. Does the 40 year old man looking at the 18 year old honestly believe she’s attracted to him? Only if he is an idiot. I would rather see a married man, with an 8 month pregnant wife not wanting to have sex, watch porn than cheat. I would rather date or have a relationship with a man who will watch porn with me if we get bored with sex with each other than cheat. Let’s face it. Sex with the same person for years can get boring. A little porn can be conducive to conversations about things you both might like etc. Everyone is a little different when it comes to sex and how they get turned on or like to be touched and treated. I am not against porn at all if you’re not an idiot. I am against porn as a replacement for sex education. I am against porn as being the role model for our behavior. I am against porn being easily accessible to kids especially with no adult conversations about what they are seeing.

Christian men need to step up and be leaders and role models. You might be surprised at the women who will follow. They’re following your lead right now with the media and their behavior. Should they be? No.

There are men and women out there including millenials who are great role models in their marriages and relationships. They’re just few and far between.

“Come and Take IT”: The New Social Media Pinup Girl Wannabe

The Republican Party has once again proven itself to be the leader in objectifying women, selling sex, and further proving the hypocrisy of the religious right. They’re definatily pulling ahead in the race to completely stamp out any self esteem or self worth the millenial woman might have accidentally found. Our second amendment right to bear arms is at stake. Their answer is millennial women posing online with AR-15s trying to get laid. The only thing these women’s come and take it memes and t-shirts are talking about is sex. Everyone understands these are nothing but pick-up photos.

We all like to look at hot men or women. That’s human nature. Sex sells. That’s a fact. Unfortunately, this online photo campaign has nothing to do with selling the second amendment. It’s purely men looking at pics of hot women that are accessible to friend, email, stalk etc. It’s just more men online looking for sex. That’s it.

It’s dangerous for women posting these pics online that are obviously just to attract men. They’re being told they’re empowered and tough when they’re shown with a pic of an AR-15. They’re believing that because they fired an AR-15 a couple of times with a guy and took a pic that they’re tough and can take care of themselves. They’re wrong. They’re putting themselves in danger. They aren’t going to have the AR-15 on them when they meet their online stalker. If they even know how to use the gun in the first place. If you wanted to empower women, you would teach them how to use a handgun they can carry with them, teach them how to use a rifle and hunt, and teach them not to believe their only value is in looking and acting like a hooker. There is no good message coming from these pics. I understand the AR-15 is the gun the Democrats have focused on to remove from the general public first. I get that but this is not the answer. Online sex and sex fantasies for men are not going to protect our second amendment right. The republican men and women better grow up and start taking this seriously before our right to bear arms is gone. This is the religious right. Good job.

Since my original posting, Beto has announced that he is dropping out of the presidential race. Do not be foolish enough to believe that our second amendment right is safe. Every Democrat in the running has a plan to eventually eliminate gun ownership from the general population. Socialism works best with only the government and elites owning guns. Elizabeth Warren’s plan is to tax gun purchases 30 percent and add higher taxes on ammunition. Yes, social programs need the tax dollars so it is in part about funding but that isn’t the endgame. Beto was nothing more than a litmus test for the DNC to see how quickly gun ownership can be eliminated. It’s a pretty brilliant plan in some respects. While people are out celebrating how they’ve defeated this nonsense, the other candidates are free to raise taxes, make gun ownership more difficult, and erode the 2nd amendment all while the right celebrates. Do not believe the fight is over. It’s just moved towards a different field of play.

Katie Hill

I am a fan of Ben Shapiro and The Daily Mail for the most part and not a big fan of Aljazeera. However, I think Aljazeera presented an unbiased story. Here is the link for reference. If you have only read The Daily Mail and Ben Shapiro, I suggest you take a look at it.

Shocking photos of Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill revealed

First of all, the husband is not a victim in this story. This was a three way affair that went on since 2017. The girlfriend is not a victim in this affair. She knew very well what she was doing. There are no victims in this story. It was all engaged in of their own free will.

This is a case of stupidity and immaturity at its finest. Lack of morals and character? Yes. Was the marijuana legal? Probably not.

As a general rule, I could not care less what couples or threesomes, foursomes, etc do in their own personal lives when there really aren’t any victims and everyone is a willing participant. Unless you are an elected public servant representing the American people. Then I care. As a public servant, I believe you have a level of accountability to the American people whom you represent. I believe there is an expectation that you represent the American people in a moral and honest manner. I believe you are accountable for your representation of our country to the rest of the world. I don’t believe Katie Hill has done any of these things. Neither have many of our other elected officials. Drain the swamp.

“Dad, what is the bull doing on that cow?”

As a five year old child, I used to practice my balance beam skills barefoot on the top board of the cattle pen fence. I felt sympathy for children living in cities who did not share my advantage of honing their skills as professional gymnasts in their own backyards while facing the danger of being trampled by cows in manure. I had motivation they couldn’t possibly grasp. My dad would repeatedly yell, “Get off the fence and go put some shoes on before you fall in.” I never listened. I was way too talented to fall in.

One day my dad introduced a big black Brahma Bull was into the pen with the cows in rut. Of course, dad started with his regular yell that day. I jumped off the fence. My dad was thrilled I finally listened and ran over to him. His face was lit up with joy. I was a pretty precocious child. “Dad, what is that bull doing on that cow?” My dad was not prepared for the barrage of questions he was about to receive. He was trying to get the cows bred. He was happy I was off the fence for once. He gave me his short curt answer of he is breeding the cows for baby calves. Most children would be pleased with this answer and possibly have things to think about. Not me. I already knew in theory where baby calves came from. I was a farm kid. Breeding animals was a large part of the family business. I hadn’t witnessed the process a few feet from me. We had farm cats. I heard them howling in heat etc and witnessed the arrival of kittens, but I was not prepared to see the big bull in action. I had questions. I wanted answers. There was no comparison between a bull and cats. Not for a five year old future gymnast. I was prepared for greatness and I wanted to know about that big red penis that came out of that sheath, dangled in the air, and entered the cow. My dad sent me to the house to “go find your mother”.

I was not happy. I marched into the house and said something like dad won’t tell me what I want to know. He said to come and find you. I proceeded to grill my mom. My mother enjoyed photography and art. She was a high school English and history teacher for years. She had photography books with pictures on how to take nudes that she produced out of thin air. Being a teacher, she knew I was a visual learner. Just show me a picture or a graph and I’ve got it. She knew I was not going to stop asking if men’s penises were hidden in sheaths until they were erect. And by the way, are they bright red like that too when they’re breeding? The proper term, I learned very quickly, is breeding when referring to animals and making love or having sex if you are human. I am not convinced to this day that she was correct about the terminology. I wanted to know if men’s penises grew that much before they had sex. I wanted specifics. It was during that conversation with my mother that I learned about circumcision. My mother was pretty good at answering any and all questions honestly and factually. Several days later, I discovered her hiding place for the photography books. Eventually, there were additional books that appeared from thin air on pregnancy, childbirth, and menstruation. My mother was sneaky.

My mother suffered from migraines while we were kids. No doctor could ever really discover the cause, but I knew. My dad never really took me out to the cattle pens and pastures for several years except to be the gate opener to feed and water them. My older brothers were bent completely out of shape for years as to why I didn’t have to be out with the cattle working like they did. It wasn’t long after this that I asked my mother why my brother’s bedding was wet some mornings and their sheets needed changed so often. They were older than me.

As for the Brahma bull, it got out of the pen a few days after the cows were bred and chased me through the yard. I made it to the garage and into the car. It stood stomping outside the car until my dad got it back into the pen and a few days later into a different pasture with more rutting cows. I wasn’t sure what it wanted when it chased me, but I was pretty sure I wasn’t interested.

Living in a Dark Comedy

In 1983 a play premiered written by Christopher Durang called “Baby with the Bathwater”. I saw this play performed in the mid 1990s. It is a dark comedy about a young couple who has a baby and are totally unprepared. The first few years they call the baby, Baby. The baby is finally given the name Daisy as a toddler. Daisy is suicidal, depressed and in therapy until Daisy reaches adulthood. Daisy is never really seen throughout the play. Daisy runs into the street as a child in front of fast moving buses etc but is always rescued in the nick of time. Towards the end of the play Daisy enters the stage dressed as a girl but is clearly a boy. He changes his name and spends five years in college trying to complete his freshman essay. The play ends with him and his new wife and their baby. They are determined not to make their parent’s mistakes. Extremely funny play!

Here we are in 2019 seeing this play unfold in real life throughout the country. Only this time not as a dark comedy. I cannot help but think that some of these parents who are pushing gender fluidity and reassignment onto children are really only refusing to deal with their own issues. I cannot help but question whether the recent court case ruling in Dallas, TX preventing the father of a 7 year old boy from stopping the chemical castration of his own son isn’t a case in point. This 7 year old boy reportedly dresses as a girl when with his mother and acts like a girl but dresses and acts as a boy when with his father. Clearly, this child is being influenced in opposite directions by both parents. 7 year old children being split between two parents often act differently in the two households. The child is trying to please the parent they are with. It’s normal. A 7 year old has no concept of the consequences long term of hormone therapy. Medically, we really don’t know either. Women can’t even stay on birth control hormones indefinitely due to health risks such as strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. But we are fine with starting a 7 year old on hormones when they aren’t medically necessary? These are medical experiments at best. A 7 year old might decide he or she wants to be an elephant next week. No matter how this ends, this child will have lasting issues emotionally and in all likelihood physically. What are we doing? As a nation, this isn’t going to end well. What is really disturbing is the push across the nation from the Democrats to enable child welfare and school counselors to become involved in these cases and be able to over-ride parent’s wishes with the assistance of a medical expert. How much money are these medical experts making off of these cases? How much money is big pharma going to make? Oh look….a new patient. Well, sure they meet the DSM V criteria for gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria has recently been redefined in the DSM V due to lobbying from the LGBT community. It now has a broader definition with a goal of being covered by more insurance companies. You can google DSM V and read the previous and updated versions online. To me, the new definition is very disturbing and broad.

Gay Marriage and the Church

I support gay marriage. I do not support the left’s ideology of forcing churches to perform these marriages.

Healthy societies are promoted by long term monogamous relationships and rearing children in stable homes. I don’t believe you can change a gay person into being attracted to or intimate with a person of the opposite sex and being happy anymore than you can change a straight person into being gay. Usually it’s simply not a choice. I have several gay friends who were married and had children and were miserable the entire time as were their spouses. They were trying to be something society told them to be and not who they truly are. Most of them have great relationships with their exes and are great parents with kids who have turned out well. Most of them are now in long-term relationships with a partner of their own sex. They’re happy, their kids are happy, they aren’t out having sex with multiple partners. They have good jobs, stable homes, and great kids. So yes, I support gay marriage as a legal and spiritual union.

The Bible is specific that marriage comes from God and is between a man and a woman and is permanent. Religion is not an inclusive and tolerant thing. You follow the teachings of the church you attend, find another church or religion more in line with your personal interpretation of the bible (by this I mean change from Baptist to Methodist for example), or you aren’t saved. God’s Word is followed. A believer believes their eternal soul is at stake. They will not rewrite God’s Word for current societal and cultural movements. Having said that, there are churches in the US who will perform gay marriages. They would rather bring people into the church and lead them to God than turn them away. People are willing to die for their religion and their eternal soul throughout the world. No amount of political pressure or taxes or anything else will sway a truly religious person to perform a gay marriage if it is against their belief. The government does not have the right or ability to govern churches. Churches do not have to and most will not perform a gay marriage. It’s your choice whether or not to be a member of a church and follow it’s teachings. Churches in the US cannot require people to attend and become members. Non members cannot dictate what a church teaches and believes or force them to perform gay marriages. Some churches won’t even perform interfaith marriages.

If the democrats keep pushing churches, the result will be a bunch of religious people changing the laws and no longer legally recognizing gay marriages. The latest statistics I read are that over 70 percent of the US identifies as some form of Protestant or Catholic. These are the people who voted to legalize gay marriages in the US. Think about that before you act the fool and try to pass laws governing religious beliefs. It’s not going to end well.

Historically, churches have changed their interpretation of the Bible over time. For example, inter-racial marriages. However, a recurrent theme of the Bible involves marriage, procreation, and children. There are very specific verses teaching homosexuality is a sin. I wouldn’t hold my breath that most churches are going to change their interpretation of whether or not gay marriages are acceptable anytime soon if ever. It’s pretty black and white.