Wackadoo presents Ronaviravich with the dirty child’s face mask/shield challenge.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Ronaviravich finished reading tarot cards, consulting her tea leaves, and casting bones trying to foretell anything in the world’s future besides millions of grade school kids sporting dirty facemasks and face shields. She advised Wackadoo to stay away from the dirty children as they have layers of germs attached directly on their mouths and noses. Wackadoo, being a dog, loves children and couldn’t care less about dirt. Wackadoo, being a dog, is immune to nearly every human child virus and germ. Wackadoo presented Ronaviravich with a challenge. Find a child wearing a face shield/mask so dirty and gross that even Wackadoo will not lick both the child’s face and the shield/mask stuck to the child’s filthy face. If Ronaviravich can find even one child anywhere on the earth so disgusting, Wackadoo will clean their cave for one week without complaint. If Rona fails, then Wackadoo gets to sleep on the bed for one month.

Rona accepted the challenge. She scoured the Earth for the world’s filthiest face shield wearing child. She found the following in every country in the world:

  • Children and toddlers who threw their masks on public transportation floors, the backseats of dirty cars, the ground, the bathroom floor, the bathroom toilet, and everyplace imaginable. Their worn out parent or teacher usually placed the filthy mask back onto the child’s face. Unless the child picked up the mask first and put it back on themselves.
  • Children who wore the same unwashed mask for a week or longer at a time. At home the masks were thrown wherever it was convenient for the child upon removal of the mask.
  • Toddlers who are not yet potty-trained placing their hands into their dirty pullup or diaper and wiping their hand on their mask.
  • Masks filled with snot and saliva from sneezing and coughing.
  • Masks exchanged by friends throughout the day at school.
  • Masks dripping with sweat and dirt.
  • Masks stored inside of a dirty backpack or purse and then placed onto their face.

Rona didn’t give anything remotely related to this list any attention. It appears to be the norm and nothing that would give Wackadoo pause. Rona saw sick children everywhere she looked. None or few of them had covid-19 but were sick from every other viruses, germs or bacteria. She saw virtually no covid-19 spread inside of schools. She continued her quest for little Miss or Mister Filthy Mask. Finally, she found a child in a homeless encampment in an urban area. The child’s mask was required when on public streets. She only had the one and had worn it literally for months. It had been used to clean the syringe of a drug user in the next tent. It had been dropped in human feces. Thankfully, it had been rained and snowed upon at some point in time. Ronaviravich collected and presented the 6 year old girl and her mask to Wackadoo. Ronaviravich felt smug that she had met the challenge admirably. Wackadoo, immediately loved the homeless orphaned girl. After Wackadoo licked her face, she pushed her into a tub of soapy water. Wackadoo and Miss Filthy Mask intend to enjoy sleeping on Ronaviravich’s bed for a month.

Shenanigans…Ronaviravich, Wackadoo and WuWu…the Ever Given

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Even Ronaviravich, Wackadoo, and WuWu need an occasional vacation from the drudgery of running the world. Ronaviravich retrieved WuWu from Brazil and the three set off on a quick vacation to Egypt. Their only purpose was to engage in shenanigans. The Ever Given was quite possibly the best shenanigan Ronaviravich, Wackadoo, and WuWu have ever cooked up. The three had stowed away inside one of the cargo containers. As the Ever Given chugged along enjoying a peaceful journey through the Suez Canal, the three exited the container. Ronaviravich remained on deck conjuring a windstorm. WuWu and Wackadoo went straight to the ship’s navigator. WuWu repeatedly and viciously dive bombed the navigator. Wackadoo started talking. As you well know, Wackadoo is a dog. Wackadoo told the navigator to run for his life. Wackadoo told the navigator that WuWu is the ancient gypsy Ronaviravich’s cursed bat and the source of the coronavirus. Wackadoo just kept talking. The navigator immediately thought he was losing his mind or the mushrooms in his lunch were bad. Endless scenarios danced through his head. Maybe someone had poisoned him? Does he have Covid-19 already? Does Covid-19 cause hallucinations? He rammed the Ever Given onto land, jumped ship and ran for his life.

Laughing hysterically, the three exited the Ever Given right behind the navigator. Ronaviravich dropped WuWu off at the refugee processing camps on the US and Mexican border. Wackadoo returned with Ronaviravich to their cave in the Colorado mountains where she is now working on new QAnon posts. Ronaviravich is consulting her tarot cards and foretelling the world’s future.

Shelly West sends Ronaviravich a message.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Ronaviravich received a message today via courier pigeon from Shelly West.

Dear Rona,

Can you do something about Joe? He has an insatiable thirst for Jose Cuervo. He believes Jose is a friend of his. He carries a bottle inside his suit pocket at all times. Today, after emptying the bottle, he tripped on his way up the stairs of Air Force One. Upon his embarrassing entrance, he almost fell on Major. Major had been impatiently worrying about his arrival while reclining on the sofa. Thankfully, Major jumped out of his way on time. Joe then proceeded to reach for his empty bottle, realized it was empty, and called both me and the US Border Patrol. Joe asked me if I knew if Jose Cuervo was still stuck in Mexico or being detained by ICE. I tried to explain that Jose Cuervo is a brand of tequila and not a Mexican refugee. Joe grew angry, accused me of lying, hung up, and called the US Border Patrol. He now has every agent searching our processing centers looking for his lost and detained friend Jose. I am changing my number to prevent Joe’s phone calls. Please assist the US Border Patrol as Joe’s affection for Jose Cuervo is causing a border crises. Thank you.

Shelly West

PS Joe is also out of salt and limes.

Ronaviravich Disperses Implausible Deniability

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Ronaviravich ponders the subject of plausible deniability by politicians throughout history. Delegating authority while retaining control of the lead delegate and the true objective, has been the out for many politicians in the US as well as the world. Their employees and delegates go to prison or at the least are fired, while the true person of authority walks free. Plausible deniability has been the bedrock of politics for decades or possibly centuries. Gradually plausible deniability spilled over to large corporations, then smaller corporations, religious organizations and finally has become common practice for many Americans. Deny, deny, deny. It’s the American way of life. Ronaviravich understands deniability and chaos are married. Rona worships the God of Chaos. Rona decides to take this one step further. Rona decides to disperse implausible deniability upon the Earth.

What is implausible deniability? An outright blatant lie denying your own actions or directions. It’s shooting at a police officer and then claiming victimhood when you get shot by that officer. It’s claiming Trump supporters were not involved in the insurrection of the capitol building when numerous live videos show that to be a falsehood. It’s abusing your spouse and children and then claiming to be a victim when your spouse leaves you and gets custody of the children. It’s blatantly behaving badly with witnesses then claiming you did not. Rona wants to know how far people with take implausible deniability. Rona wants to know how many people will believe and follow the implausible denial even when shown direct proof that it’s a blatant falsehood. Rona wants to know how far people will push her implausible deniability experiment.

Rona devises an enchantment spell of implausible deniability. She is packaging the fine spell powder into containers to be sent to the US military to be dispersed in chemtrails. Rona is notifying the military that they are receiving a new traceable and nontoxic powder to study how possible contagions are spread by the wind in our atmosphere. Her directions are to begin the study immediately upon arrival of the powder.

Major agrees to return to the White House

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

After great and continuous groveling by the Biden family, Major conditionally agreed to return with Champ to The White House.

Major demanded Jill to ensure a list of demands, draw up a formal contract, and sign the contract in front of a notary public before agreeing to return. The contract reads as follows:

I, Jill Biden, First Lady of these United States of America, do solemnly swear under penalty of serious dog bite to ensure Major’s list of demands, appearing in this contract. Only Major can amend the list of demands appearing in this contract via a legally drawn amendment signed by Major and witnessed by a notary public who is not a member of the US Secret Service, or any of the alphabet government agencies of the US government. No foreign government shall have any influence in this contract. Joe Biden, under no circumstances is allowed to amend or nullify this contract. Nancy Pelosi, under no circumstances is allowed to amend, nullify, or influence the administration of this contract. Major’s demands which I, Jill Biden commit to uphold are as follows:

  • Steve is fired or sent overseas on assignment for the duration of Major’s living in The White House
  • Major will no longer be fed Trump ballots
  • Major has full access to all areas of The White House
  • Major will be fed only gourmet human food
  • Major will be groomed by a professional groomer once per week
  • Major will sit and sleep on any furniture he chooses whenever he chooses
  • Major will be allowed to growl at Pelosi
  • Major will be allowed to lead Joe around when Joe is lost
  • Major will be allowed and encouraged to bark loudly whenever Joe speaks nonsense
  • Major will be allowed to visit Wackadoo anytime he chooses
  • Major will be allowed to invite Wackadoo to The White House whenever he chooses for the time duration he chooses
  • Joe is no longer allowed to wander The White House grounds lost and unattended

Jill Biden, of course, immediately signed the contract, witnessed and notarized by a notary public.

Teaching factual American history in our schools

Well, this post is probably going to anger a few people. I don’t care. Hear me out.

I grew up in white rural America. I did not live in white rural America for most of my adult life. I’ve been back here for a few years. There are days that I love it and days that I think my head is going to explode. The divide within America increases daily. Rural America and urban America are almost two different countries. They do not understand each other at all. Of course, there are people who are exceptions and are able to move back and forth between the two. There are not many and I am reaching the point where I almost can’t either. I miss living in the city with diversity and differing views and outlooks on life. As the divide increases, those of us with mixed race children are going to be forced to choose a side. That in itself makes me angry. We are all Americans and should all be on the same side.

Here is a piece of what I see. American history, we do not teach a factual picture of our own history. I don’t think that we ever have. If we would choose to teach factual history, it would decrease the divide within our country.

I am tired of hearing white people complain about when is white history month and when do we teach white history. One school in my area was open on Martin Luther King Day and did not even think it was necessary to do anything for or about our national holiday. That in and of itself speaks volumes.

I read posts online from people all over this country talking about how in 1776 we all gained our freedom and were endowed with God given rights listed in our constitution. No, we did NOT. White men did. We all gained our independence from England and became a country. Women and anyone of any ethnicity other than white could not vote or own property among other things. Do you really believe it mattered to black slaves in America whether or not the white man holding the whip and their ownership papers was from England or a newly created American citizen? How do you think their day to day life changed? Probably not much, if at all.

The bulk of our country’s entire history is taught from the perspective of white men. To be fair, most of our country’s history was about and from the white male perspective because they were the ones who held all of the power and authority. So yes, much of our history is about white men’s accomplishments, failures and decisions. Other people didn’t have rights, education or opportunities that white men had. In 1776, if you look at that in an historical context, all men are created equal literally meant all white men. It did not include anyone else. Throughout our history, many white men fought and died for others to gain rights. Many fought against losing the white male power and control base. The same is happening now with the far right extremist Trump supporters. They want a return to white male power and control. We are not far from a second civil war. Now and then, white men aren’t and weren’t the only ones fighting.

We need to teach the entire story when we teach history. Stop lying and saying we all gained personal rights and freedoms in 1776 when we did not. We all gained our independence from England and created our own country. Stop lying and sweeping underneath the carpet all of the unpleasantness our history contains. We have grown as a country over the years. We have continuously bestowed rights upon people. Our constitution allows us to do that. It tells us to do that in favor of bestowing power and rights onto our government. We the people have all of the rights. We should all have the same rights. Most of us agree on this idea regardless of our political party. The extremists on both sides of the political aisle do not. I don’t believe the majority of our country is racist as much as I believe they haven’t been educated or experienced life outside of their own small geographical area. They are viewing our country through their own life experiences. We all have our own personal filters that affect our views. We need to start teaching complete factual history. Our country’s history is not just that of white men. Our history includes, Chinese, Asians, Black people, women, the LGBTQ community, Mexicans, Germans, Native Americans, etc. Our diversity is our strength. We would not have won WWII had it not been for the Navajo Tribe. Wind talkers saved us. I live in an area where white farmers pass down family land gained by their families in the land runs. Do black people have the opportunity to pass down land run farms? No, they do not. It was 100 years ago that white people burned down black businesses in Tulsa, OK. It was 101 years ago that women gained the right to vote. It was in the 1960s that the Civil Rights Movement truly began. How can you pretend you are teaching factual American history when you only teach what pertains to white men? How can you pretend you aren’t racist when you believe Martin Luther King Day is too irrelevant to teach inside your school ON MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY? Pretending only white male history is important is mind numbing to me.

We need to start teaching history honestly. We need to remember and learn from our history. That is how we grow and become stronger. We need to start teaching people that yes, for centuries most big accomplishments were made by white men. But, we also need to teach why that was. Why? Because that is an important aspect of our history. Women and black people, as well as other races, were not allowed the same education, employment or opportunity as white men in most cases. It’s truly remarkable how many women and black people, as well as other races, throughout our history overcame the obstacles they faced relevant to their historical time. We need to teach history in it’s context. Some of the literature being removed from school reading due to racism or sexism should not be removed. It should be read in order to teach people what those time periods were actually like. Literature tells us the mindset of the people and culture from when it was written. We still have white men and women who are in complete denial about our history, or it’s unpleasant and they don’t want to face facts.

I agree with people who say that we all share the same history of our country. I do not agree that we are accurately teaching that history. History includes everyone. Our history includes everyone. It certainly includes Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, and Rosa Parks. It certainly includes when large groups of people gained the right to freedom, own property, and vote. That was not, in fact, 1776.

Are living people today responsible or accountable for the actions of our ancestors? No, I don’t believe that we are. I don’t care your ethnicity or the color of your skin. I don’t believe in white guilt, male guilt, white male guilt etc. We should all be proud of who and what we are regardless of race or gender. I do believe we are accountable for learning about our past mistakes and how not to repeat them. I do believe we are accountable for learning how our history affects our present. We have to teach honest and factual history. It’s not negotiable if we want to end the divide within our country.

It was Steve

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

By now most people have heard the Bidens sent their German Shephard dogs back to their family home in Delaware. What you may not know is that it was the secret service agent, Steve, whom Major bit. Steve, the secret service agent who visited Ronaviravich’s cave in Colorado. Steve, who Ronaviravich drugged, cast a forgetting spell on and pushed down the mountain. Steve, who escorted Wackadoo to DC. Yes, that Steve.

Pelosi and Biden had enlisted Steve to be in charge of feeding the Trump voter ballots to Major. They did not wish to be caught red handed. Plausible deniability. Major finally had enough and bit him. Being aggressive was not sufficient. Major is now happy back in Delaware and is as done with DC as most of the rest of America. Major no longer needs laxatives to poop out the Trump ballots all over the lawn. Major is composing a list of humans to bite in the future.

Biden fights the Neanderthal Armies

Our ever unifying president is now battling the Neanderthal armies of both Texas and Mississippi. The Neanderthals have thrown off their masks and are reopening their states. They have donned animal skin clothing and shoes (leather boots, belts, purses, wallets, coats and hats). They are carrying weapons (guns and knives). They are hunting wild animals and cooking them on open fires outside their caves (grilling steaks on their backyard grill). There is the sound of gatherings and strange chanting in the air (church worship). There are females swinging from tree vines (strippers pole dancing in strip clubs). They are playing native music that reverberates across the battlefield (country music, blues, and jazz live concerts). Did I just hear a banjo straight out of Deliverance? Are more southern states planning on joining the Neanderthal army? The apocalypse is nigh. Or it isn’t.

Mavra seeks Ronaviravich’s counsel

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Mavra is a proud male White Siberian Tiger. He lives on the mountain range of Sikhote-Alin in eastern Russia. He is one of the last of his kind thriving on the harsh but beautiful mountain range. Mavra’s name means dark individual. His father had named him understanding he would need the strength, pride and resilience of his lineage in order to survive. Mavra’s father understood that tigers, especially white tigers, need a darkness within in order to do what is necessary to survive. Mavra’s father taught him to dislike and avoid humans, Ronaviravich being the only exception. Mavra had been introduced to Rona as a young cub. Rona immediately loved Mavra and placed him under a stealth and protection spell. Rona has kept a watchful eye over Mavra throughout his lifetime.

A few days ago, the Coca-Cola polar bears were fired for being too white. They headed straight to Mother Russia and Mavra’s den in the mountains. Mavra had already heard of their plight and knew they were on their way. Mavra’s first inclination was to tell them to head straight back to Coca-Cola headquarters and eat all of the executives they could find. Rona’s stealth protection spell kicked in and the knowledge of horrible retaliation and repercussion appeared inside of his head. File a discrimination lawsuit? Mavra has no patience for frivolous human lawsuits and attorneys. The one attorney he had eaten was full of fat and bitter to the taste. Mavra never did discover what an American attorney headed to see Snowden was doing on his mountaintop. It didn’t really matter at the time. Mavra had been hungry. Mavra had eaten him. But still, this didn’t seem like a good solution for the bears. Mavra thought long and hard about the situation while waiting on the bears to arrive. He came up with nothing viable that would not put the white bears in danger. He telepathically called out to Ronaviravich for her counsel.

Ronaviravich, having the knowledge of foretelling, was prepared for Mavra’s call. Wackadoo, sitting by her side, joined the conversation. Wackadoo updated Mavra on Major’s declining digestive state and health caused by Biden and Pelosi forcing him to eat all of the hidden Trump ballots. By the time Wackadoo was done with her story, Mavra was convinced eating everything is not always a good solution. Mavra felt better already about discarding his idea of eating the Coca-Cola executives. Ronaviravich counseled Mavra to tell the bears of her cursed bat WuWu’s arrival back into the US. Rona advised Mavra she would wait until he spoke with the bears before sending WuWu to exact revenge on Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, both herself and Wackadoo had already produced and dispersed memes and anti Coca-Cola rhetoric throughout the internet. She had always found the best way to make a corporation suffer was to hit their pocket book. Ronaviravich also counseled Mavra to remain hidden on his mountain range. Anything white and male is currently being hunted, destroyed, killed or cancelled. Possibly even eaten. Mavra, not wanting to leave his home in Russia, readily agreed.

Upon the bears arrival, Mavra told them of his conversation with Rona and Wackadoo. The bears are concerned over Major’s health. The bears are happy to be out of the US now that WuWu has returned. Even Mavra and the bears know of WuWu’s evil disposition, curse and banishment. The bears are heading to the icy shores of Russia. They are done with humanity. WuWu can do whatever he wants with their blessing. Mavra delightedly reported back to Ronaviravich.

Ronaviravich quickly contacted WuWu.

WuWu is in flight…

President Xi orders an assassination attempt on Ronaviravich’s cursed bat WuWu

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

China is well known for it’s ability to infiltrate the US government, universities, businesses, and hack into military and government computer data bases. Evidence of WuWu’s existence and time spent at both Harvard and the Wuhan laboratories, continues to surface. Both China and the US have tried to wipe the mere whisper of WuWu from the internet to no avail. At his whit’s end, President Xi ordered an assassination attempt on WuWu. Find WuWu and terminate him at all costs.

Coincidentally, this was the week preceding the Artic blast of cold air across the US. Not so coincidentally, WuWu employed numerous bat spies charged with bringing him news of President Xi’s plans. WuWu set out for the US immediately upon receiving the intel. WuWu hid aboard a Chinese ship carrying trade on the South China Sea. He then flew onto a US military ship where he was unknowingly transported to San Diego, via a long and circuitous route. From San Diego, California, he made his way to Austin, TX. He nearly froze his little bat wings off in the arctic temperatures but he was thankful for the frozen wind turbines. Wind Turbines usually emit a hum that confuses wildlife directional abilities. He flew straight through without getting lost or chopped up by a blade. The solar panels were all covered in snow and did not cook his poor little bat body. He also discovered that he could sleep inside the wind turbine during the day while it’s blades were frozen. WuWu made it safely to Austin, TX, where he is now living and migrating with thousands of other bats. President Xi’s assassination attempt was a complete failure.