How do we get approval to wipe our own ass in the US?

I believe the US may be having a contest between the Biden Administration and the Republican Party as to whom can pass the most legislation limiting American freedoms. Our government keeps piling law upon law upon regulation upon mandate upon bullying tactics. We haven’t been a free country for decades. One thing in which I fully agreed with Trump, was his belief in eliminating two laws for every one we pass. The power struggle between the Democrats and Republicans to legislate their own ideologies is completely ridiculous. Both sides are passing more and more restrictive laws in order to stop the impending apocalypse they believe the other is bringing. Our country becomes less livable for everyone by the second.

So, can we still wipe our own ass or not? Do we need to get a city, state, and federal permit? What color and material can the toilet paper be? How many ply? Do we need a witness? I’m not even sure at this point which restroom I am allowed to use. What if I choose the wrong one? Is that now a hate crime? I am pretty sure, but not positive, that I can use my own toilet inside my own house. Is white toilet paper racist? I don’t think dyed toilet paper is climate change approved. What if I read an article supporting black rights while sitting on the toilet (after all permits have been obtained and the toilet paper has been approved)? Will that be considered race baiting? Can I talk about racism at all without being accused of race baiting? Is this topic covered in Critical Race Theory? Can I read CRT while I am on the toilet, or did states like Oklahoma make that illegal as well? Can I drink a coke while on the toilet? What about watching a sporting event on my phone? I need to know which teams I am still allowed to watch as well as the players. I’ve already ruled out watching cartoons because most of them have been cancelled by the politically correct police. I am unsure about a few of the cartoons that are still on the internet. Is it ok to watch them? Can I still call Planned Parenthood to make an appointment for contraceptives while sitting on the toilet? Am I going to hell for doing that too?

I think the entire process may be giving me irritable bowel syndrome. At the very least it’s caused me to have gas. At least when it’s over, I feel emotionally confident enough to flush my low flow environmentally friendly toilet. Now I have to tackle the drama of washing my hands. Which soap? Do I use soap or should I use hand sanitizer? …

Crap, I forgot to wear my mask while I was alone in my own house in my own bathroom with the door closed. I think the mask police are outside.


Wackadoo designs a shock collar program for politicians.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Wackadoo decided to take matters of the US Government into her own paws since the rest of the country seemed unable to reel in their elitist and “we know best for you” attitudes. Politicians are public servants who are supposed to represent the people. Wackadoo, being a dog and having dealt with the fence at the US Capitol, decided a shock collar program for elected US government officials is the obvious solution.

Wackadoo outlined the following plan to Ronaviravich. Ronaviravich perfected and wrote it for her on official US Presidential paper to be bound into an executive order in one of their fancy blue books. They both understand Biden signs anything placed in front of him during a news conference. He has no idea what any of it is. This won’t be any different. Steve can deliver it and place it in the next stack. Biden will be seen as a hero, or be committed to a nursing home for mental deficiency and self endangerment. Either way.

By order of executive action, every elected official will be required to wear a shock collar while in session at both the state and federal levels. Every registered voter shall receive an activation device for their own elected officials from their districts and states. All state and federal sessions will be televised on free public television and the internet. At anytime the voter feels their representative is not representing them, they can activate the device sending a shock to their elected representative. If an elected official receives 10,000 or more shocks within 1 minute, the collar will deliver a shock equal to a stun gun. Voting as well as any other proceedings will continue while the representative is incapacitated. They may rejoin upon regaining consciousness and control over their body. If a representative is incapacitated more than 10 times during one session, they are not allowed to speak or vote for the remainder of that session. If 50 or more representatives remain conscious and able to continue their duties, the session may continue and all votes count and are final. If fewer than 50 remain conscious, the session is over for the day. Their pay is docked. In addition, they will be shocked if they are not within the fence during session. They will continue to be shocked until they get inside the fence. There will be no more not showing up for work. The rest of the country has to show up for work. So do elected officials. A medical emergency will be the only exemption. Like the rest of the workers in the US, they will have to show medical documentation detailing why they were unable to work. If American citizen’s employers can violate HIPPA laws, so can yours.

Finally, American citizens will be able to track where their representatives are every minute of every day. Their activation device will include the tracking program. The screen will show the number and ages of people within a 25 foot proximity. Minors will immediately be shown on the FBI screens. This will eliminate any future misconduct involving minors in the future. Again, if the US Government is allowed to track US citizen’s, then citizens have the right to track their employees (otherwise referred to as politicians).

The shock collars include the GPS tracking device as well as a government database link enabling the ages of minors to be shown on the screen. Collars are to be worn for the duration of the term or until the replacement neural implant can be installed in their brain.

Wackadoo and Rovaviravich are currently testing the collars on wildlife in the Colorado mountains near their cave. Human trials will begin by the end of 2021.

The US needs to divorce itself.

I haven’t written much the last two weeks because I have been completely irritated with the US. Everyone is angry, including myself. Our government is completely out of control. Both sides are intent on mandating a multitude of laws to further their own interests, power, wealth, and beliefs. Neither side cares if the country is livable for anyone who doesn’t agree with their view.

The Republicans are only concerned that our laws mandate the Bible’s teachings. They think they are God, but the truth is that God gives people a choice and free will. The Republican Party does not. They are so far off the rails, that they genuinely want to persecute anyone who doesn’t agree with their religious beliefs. History shows us how this ends. At least one of the legislators in Oklahoma, while passing a complete ban on all abortion with no exceptions for anything and a ban on teaching critical race theory, stated there is no racism in America. None at all from any white people. Someone should send this asshat some information about where to join the local KKK groups and other white supremacy groups across our country. Or maybe he just needs to admit he is a racist because no one can possibly be that stupid. Oklahoma also has the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in the US, they don’t require sex education in their schools, and their public schools rank in the lowest five in the nation. Oklahoma has declared itself a 2A sanctuary state. Abortion is immoral because killing is a sin. Killing someone with a gun is not really killing if it’s self defense or to protect against a tyrannical government. Because you know, the Bible specifically does NOT say any such thing. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill”…. and nothing more. You know, there are no exceptions. This argument makes Republicans immediately meltdown and start screaming about how they hate liberals. There isn’t a valid argument where one is ok and the other is not from a strictly Biblical standpoint. Killing is killing. It’s pretty black and white. Personally, I believe in freedom. Americans have religious freedom. We have personal rights over our own lives, bodies, health, religion, and choices. I believe 2A is a necessary evil. I believe in pro choice. I believe in self defense. I am not perfect nor is anyone else. I will never willingly give up any of my freedoms nor will I give up my guns or register them. I will never willingly follow a government mandated religion. I will follow my own faith in God not yours. I thoroughly suck at being a sheep for the far right white male supremacist extremists. You know, the Republican politicians.

Biden is our new dictator sitting in DC mandating through executive order the running of our country. Neither Biden nor his administration believe American citizens should have any say in their own lives or in government.

The Democrats are pushing for socialism or Marxism or communism. I am not even sure which at this point. I don’t think they do either. The Republicans are pushing for a return of complete straight white male supremacy. I am to the point that I don’t care if they all kill each other. Have at it, but can you leave the rest of us alone? Oh wait, you need your plebian workers whenever you figure out which small group owns and controls the world. The last man standing. There can be only one. Blah, blah, blah.

Is the fence around the Capitol to keep our government locked inside or to keep the people out? I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t be focusing on that fence instead of the one on our southern border. Our government, both Republican and Democrat, is completely off the rails out of control. None of them are serving the people. They’re all serving their own self interest and financial backers. They’re all trying to force their own personal beliefs onto everyone in our country. They all suck. We the people would like to file for divorce from our government. We the people would like custody of our country and all of our people of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

Women’s and Men’s brains are not wired the same. It can be frustrating at work.

If you have ever worked side by side with a person of the opposite sex in a job, then you know we aren’t wired the same. Very few people can completely and consistently effectively bridge the communication and work style gap effectively. From my personal experience, they both think the other one isn’t working or is oblivious to what is around them. The truth is that both accomplish the same job effectively, but it’s accomplished differently. Neither will accomplish anything if they waste their time trying to rewire the brain of the opposite sex.

Here are some typical differences between the two sexes at an office job.

Men tend to laser focus on whatever task is at hand. Their entire brain is engaged on that task. If they’re on the computer, phone, paperwork, or whatever that task is, the world could burn around them and they do not notice. They don’t want to be interrupted and nothing else is important until that one task is done. Even if it takes the entire day and everything else including clients are stacking up to the moon. It’s one task until it’s completed after another. They are very effective at completing tasks one after another. Usually they take what most people consider a brain break according to that one task or when it’s done. Men are not verbal. They do not speak as many words a day as a woman. For women, that is extremely frustrating. It’s maddening and we want to smack you in the head that you can only do one thing at a time and cannot be interrupted even when your pantleg is on fire. My goodness, is it really that difficult for you to accomplish that one task? That’s her frustration. No, it may not be that difficult. It’s simply how their brain is wired to work.

Women multitask continuously, from watching ALL of their kids run in different directions while stirring the gravy, doing the laundry, and talking on the phone. It’s difficult to shut off using all of your brain and only use a part of it for one task. Women will look like they aren’t focusing or getting anything done because they are on the phone while doing something else on the computer or looking at the paperwork. Women will ask questions or make comments about any of the numerous things they are doing at the same time. Women are verbal. Often talking is a constructive means of thinking your way through a task or problem. Even if we aren’t talking about the task or problem, the other part of our brain is still working on it. At the end of the day, multiple tasks are completed or partially completed and can be continued the next day. Their brain breaks seem random to men, but they aren’t. Their comments seem random and out of context to men but not to other women. Women can be extremely overwhelming and distracting to men at work who aren’t wired to work or think that way. Sorry ladies, but men don’t know what the hell you’re talking about and think you’re an idiot because they were laser focused on their task at hand. Stop talking or doing the other things and focus on the task at hand. That’s what men are thinking. They don’t understand that you were.

Yes, there are exceptions in both sexes who can laser focus or multitask. But, biology is biology. We aren’t made to think or behave in the same way. Some things do come more naturally to one sex than the other. It doesn’t mean we both can’t do most anything. It simply means that we do it differently and we need to learn to respect each other’s differences and work together. Fact is, depending on the situation, either one can have an advantage over the other.

Dear world, Please demand the US export vaccines and the materials needed to produce vaccines.

I understand why the US initially put the brakes on exporting materials used in making Covid-19 vaccines. The US wanted to produce as many as possible as quickly as possible. We thought we could do it faster. We have the money and the resources. We also wanted to ensure we had enough vaccines for our own people.

The US is quickly hitting a wall of those who wanted the vaccine have already gotten the vaccine. The people who don’t want it and/or don’t want it administered to their children are looking at forced vaccinations in order to go to work or school. We literally have vaccines sitting on shelves not being administered. A large portion of the US would dearly love to ship you as many vaccines as you want. Right now. Today. I am not an anti vaxer. However, long term side effects will not be known for several years or possibly decades. We already know several short term and potentially deadly side effects. They are relatively low percentage wise. A few people in my area have gotten sicker from the second dose than a lot of people in my area did from the actual virus. I certainly encouraged my parents who are in their 80s to take the vaccine. For some, it’s worth the risk but for others it is not. A lot of people in the area in which I live have already had Covid-19. Most of them weren’t terribly sick. A few were and were hospitalized. We lost a few older people who were in poor health. At one point, the county right next to me had the highest infection rate in the country. Our schools are all open and have been all year. They were wearing masks but I believe all of the surrounding schools have stopped that nonsense. Covid-19 was NOT spread in any of the schools. It was spread in social gatherings at people’s houses. No, we never stopped doing that. Some of our schools even had Proms last year. They just had them off school property. There are very few cases in this area now. I am not sure what percentage have taken the vaccines, but I do know it’s less than 40 percent. Our area has been turning down vaccine shipments except for a few select pharmacies and hospitals for the most part. I don’t know of anyone in this area who cannot go get a shot if they want one. The people left don’t want one. There are other areas of the country who are the same.

I don’t believe the US should start trying to force vaccines onto children when they have not been spreading the virus. I don’t believe untested vaccines should be forced onto anyone anywhere. There are areas of the world who do not have our hospital capacity and resources for people who do need hospitalized. There are countries who have yet to receive any vaccines and have virtually no medical care for their people. It’s time for the US to start shipping out vaccines in quantity to other countries in need. If we don’t, I still have to question whether or not the virus was manufactured or at least cultured in a lab. My own personal opinion is that it did come from a lab. That’s just my opinion and you are free to have your own. I have to question if population control isn’t in play. We have no business holding vaccines in the US and discussing forcing adults and children to take them when there are countries who have no or not enough vaccines and medical resources. The US should be shipping out Covid-19 vaccines right now. Today!

Ronaviravich summons Joseph Goebbels.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo have reached the conclusion that a larger media and cultural influence than QAnon is now needed. Whoever controls the media, controls the country. Who better to consult with than Goebbels himself? Goebbels was largely responsible for both Hitler’s and the National Socialist German Worker’s Party’s (NSDAP) rise to power. This was what became known as the Nazi Party. Goebbels was appointed by Hitler as the propaganda director for NSDAP. Nothing was published, printed or officially spoken under Hitler’s reign without going through Goebbels. Without Goebbels, there would have been no Fuhrer and no Nazism. Rona and Wackadoo both despise Nazis, but Goebbels was a master propaganda artist.

Rona cast her summoning spell.

Rona and Wackadoo gazed impatiently into the smoky cave air as it slowly formed into the shape of Goebbels. Wackadoo had to squelch the urge to growl and bite at Goebbels’ spirit. It wreaked of death and torture. Rona had to squelch the urge to send him straight back to the fiery pits of hades. However, she needed his expertise. As for Goebbels, he was not happy to be back on earth. He had been enjoying his current post as Lucifer’s Director of Propaganda both on Earth and in Hades. His own suicide had resulted in the biggest promotion he had ever received or hope to receive for all of eternity. Goebbels was affronted that Rona and Wackadoo hadn’t realized he has been guiding the path of big tech and media in the US as well as globally. Goebbels considered the past few decades as his best work ever. It had been too gradual and insidious for people to see or understand. It had been executed perfectly. Freedom of speech and the press are in their final death throes throughout the world. Diversity of thought and opinion is almost illegal. There can be only one view. There can be only one political party. Goebbels ranted relentlessly about his accomplishments. Wackadoo finally bit him. Ronaviravich dispersed his spirit into oblivion. Lucifer will have to find a replacement for Goebbels.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo took a walk through the mountains while Goebbels’ stench dispersed from their cave. They needed fresh air and time to devise a new strategy for the future.

Uncle Sam surprises Ronaviravich.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Rona was sipping her tea in her rocker in front of the fire after enjoying a supper of rabbit stew. Wackadoo lay snoozing on the carpet by her feet. It was a peaceful, uneventful evening.

At least it was, until the trapdoor underneath the carpet flew open throwing Wackadoo across the cave. Rona’s first thought was, “Biden is wandering lost through the tunnels again!” Rona always got a chuckle when thinking about all the memes people created unknowingly showing Biden popping up from the tunnels through her living room floor. Biden has never been in his own basement. He can’t find it. He keeps ending up inside of her cave at all hours of the day and night. Biden caused Rona nightmares for months. Her very own nightmares travelled out into the ether carrying visions of Biden emerging from the trap door in her floor. People assumed Biden was hiding from Covid-19 in his basement. Memes were created. Rona was about to send for Steve to come and fetch Biden again when she saw the star spangled top hat emerging through the floor. Her next thought, “Biden has been out with his friend Jose Cuervo and stolen his brother’s suit again.” Uncle Joe and Uncle Sam have played merciless pranks on each other for decades. Rona cannot even count the number of times Joe has stolen and worn Sam’s favorite star spangled suit and top hat. It always thoroughly irritated Sam. Then she realized, it was indeed Uncle Sam.

She sat and watched a dust covered, bruised and battered, sickly Uncle Sam emerge from her floor. Uncle Sam collapsed into the other chair. Rona brought him tea and warmed up rabbit stew while watching him slowly recover. Finally, Uncle Sam was ready to tell her why he was there. Uncle Sam had refused to take any of the Covid-19 vaccines. WuWu had visited him and made him sick. People were demonstrating all over his country, looting, and destroying businesses. People were broke and starving or obscenely wealthy and growing wealthier on the backs of the poor. Extremists were running roughshod everywhere. He was sick and tired. He was angry. He wanted to talk about Steve, the Secret Service Agent Rona keeps summoning to do her bidding. Uncle Sam told Rona that Steve has been a loyal agent and should not be repeatedly pushed down the mountainside, drugged, and false memories implanted inside his head by her spells. Uncle Sam told Rona that Steve should be allowed to use the tunnels and retain his knowledge of her existence and the location of her cave. Ronaviravich told Uncle Sam he was delusional from fever. Ronaviravich told Uncle Sam that he will recover as always. He has faced worse threats. Ronaviravich would never stop pushing Steve down the mountainside. Steve would never be allowed to remember her or her location upon penalty of death. Ronaviravich flatly told Uncle Sam no. Uncle Sam merely said that he had been told no more and more frequently of late. Then he fell fast asleep for many hours in her chair.

Whatever happened to Miss Filthy Mask?

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

After defeating Ronaviravich in the child’s dirty face mask challenge, Wackadoo kept Miss Filthy Mask as her guest for one month. The two enjoyed sleeping on Rona’s bed while Rona spent her nights searching for the girl’s true identity. Clearly, Wackadoo would not have become enamored so quickly with just any filthy orphan girl residing in a tent city.

Rona searched using every skrying method she knew to no avail. She searched every religion’s and myth’s history in every culture all the way back to the beginning of time. Every lead she followed ended up in the same place. The Christian, First Horseman, Pestilence was the only possible choice. But a girl? Where is her crown, bow, and white horse? Rona was truly perplexed. Does Miss Filthy Mask know she is destined to grow into the First Horseman? Does Miss Filthy Mask know she is transgender? Did the men translating the Bible from it’s original language presume Pestilence to be a man when in fact Pestilence will be a woman or have no gender at all? Will she morph into more of a spiritual being instead of one with a gender and human form as she reaches adulthood? How old is she really and how long will it take her to reach maturity? Is Miss Filthy Mask’s destiny a matter of choice? Is she truly just Miss Filthy Mask if that is who she decides to be? Too many theological questions with no definitive answers. Rona does not believe one’s path to be preordained. Rona has grown fond of the girl and is undecided as to what path she should set her feet upon. Finally, Rona concludes sending her to the Russian mountains to live with Mavra, her White Siberian Tiger ally, to be her best option. Mavra will keep her safe until the world is ready for her arrival. Rona has no intention of telling Miss Filthy Mask who she believes her to be. Rona intends to watch and wait to see how this all plays out. Rona also intends to search for the other three horsemen. It appears as if the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Ronaviravich, Joe, and the state of Georgia’s new voter law.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Joe is plenty upset about the new voter law passed in Georgia. He said he is considering sanctions against Georgia. Ronaviravich has been observing Joe through her crystal ball in her cave. Finally, she decides to suggest a list of sanctions to impose upon Georgia. Ronaviravich quickly composed the following document to be picked up and delivered by Steve immediately.

Dear Joe,

Russia has continued to interfere in elections on a global scale. Their continued occupation of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali coupled with their disruption in the Black Sea region, can no longer be tolerated. Both Delta Airlines public denouncement of the new voter law in Georgia and Major League Baseball’s refusal to play any games in Georgia are merely the tip of the iceberg as to the retribution Georgia should receive. The US Federal Government should enact the following sanctions upon Georgia in order to encourage them to ensure democracy and fairness and faith in elections.

  • The US Government shall suspend all international trade with Georgia.
  • The US Government shall suspend all international flights originating or including Georgia as their final destination.
  • The US Government shall suspend Georgia and it’s residents Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook accounts.
  • The US Government shall fine any sporting events held inside Georgia involving teams living outside the region.
  • The US Government will forbid any use of the Russian language inside the US either in written or spoken form.

I recommend advising all sanctions shall be imposed until SB202 is repealed by Georgia. As it stands, Georgia is not behaving in a manner acceptable by the UN, NWO, WHO, EU, or any other alphabet entity. I further recommend the consideration of sanctions against Russia if they continue to interfere in foreign elections and occupy foreign countries. You must ensure the sovereignty of all nations and states throughout the world to decide their own voting as well as other laws.

On a side note, I saw where one of the dogs pooped in an unauthorized pooping zone. I warned you not to continue feeding Trump ballots to Major. I’ll be speaking with Jill about which dog and what caused the incident.

Lastly, after the Border Patrol found and returned Jose to the White House, I was advised you sent him to the orchards in Florida to pick limes. You may want to reconsider this decision.


Your trusted Ancient Gypsy Advisor

Ronaviravich is currently sitting outside her cave laughing at Joe while awaiting Steve’s arrival.

The following is a link to a Savannah, Georgia news article that includes a link to SB202. It is a 98 page bill. I suggest reading it for yourself before believing anything on the internet or news.

Georgia voting bill details: What to know about controversial SB 202 (

Easter in white America

The Bible does not give a clear physical description of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, God, or the apostles. Why? Well, if you read the Bible, it’s clear skin color, ethnicity and gender are not relevant to gaining entrance into heaven. Heaven can only be gained through Jesus Christ. It cannot be gained through your church, even though that is what many churches teach. Churches and humans do not decide who goes to heaven. God decides. The Bible is unwaveringly clear that the only path is through Jesus Christ. The Bible is also unwaveringly clear that Jesus and the Apostles came from the area known as Bethlehem. Jesus and Mary returned to the Jewish city of Bethlehem when Jesus was born because they were Jews and it was time for the Jewish census to be taken. They were Jews. The Apostles were Jews. None of these people would have been blond haired and blue eyed white people. They simply were not. It’s ridiculous to even entertain such an idea.

Why are all of the paintings, statues, drawings, and now memes depicting Angels, the Apostles, God and Jesus only as white people destructive and damaging? When we are surrounded by constant images from the time we are born of everything holy and good only being depicted by white people, we are conditioned to equate white skin with goodness and holiness, and dark skin with evil. This is not difficult to understand. For millennia, Catholics and Protestants have depicted everyone and everything good in the Bible as white people. Egyptians, of course are depicted as black people. Moses and the Israelites are depicted as white people. White supremacy has been ingrained for centuries through imagery inside of our churches. It continues today in white America inside many of our churches. We should know better by now. Why would any church at this point in our history depict Jesus as anything other than a Jew? Why would any church at this point in our history depict the apostles as Nordic white people? Why would any church depict angels and God as usually blond haired white men? Find an image of an angel that isn’t a light skinned and light haired white man? Angels are described in the Bible as having a multitude of appearances.

You can use the argument that if your church is predominantly or all white, you want your children and members to self identify with the imagery surrounding them. That’s a fallacy and it isn’t one supported or taught in the Bible itself. We are not supposed to identify with skin color. We are supposed to identify ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ to whom gender, ethnicity, and skin color are irrelevant. The only relevancy in the Bible is that Jews were and are God’s chosen people. They did not accept Jesus as the son of God and our savior and were scattered throughout the world. At end times, the Jews will have all returned to Israel according to the teachings of the New Testament.

Jesus Christ was not a blond haired blue eyed white man.

The apostles were not blond haired blue eyed white men.

Angels are described in the Bible with a multitude of appearances.

What image do most white people in white churches have inside their head when they think of angels, God, Jesus Christ, Joseph and Mary, and the Apostles? White people, one and all. Think of good and you automatically draw an image of a white person. Yes, we are teaching racial discrimination inside of our religious institutions. We have been for centuries.