Patriots in America lit the sky on fire last night at our Independence Day celebrations

The media along with ANTIFA and the BLM has non stop pushed hatred of our country. We heard and saw news story after news story about how awful celebrating the Fourth of July and our country’s birth and independence from England is simply horrible. Well, if you don’t live in a liberal left, economically dying cesspit, you probably didn’t listen to that load of nonsense. You were probably out watching or setting off your own fireworks. Our Independence Day celebrations were larger and lasted longer than any I can remember in years.

My son and I live in an area where all of the surrounding towns had some if not all of the following: parades, barbecues, events with food and games at town parks, evening swims at local public pools, and massive fireworks displays. We went to an evening 9pm-midnight swim at our local public pool on Friday night. It was so ridiculously hot outside on Saturday afternoon we didn’t do much. We skipped the local parades and parks during the afternoon in favor of cooking at home and enjoying some air conditioning. The parades and parks were full of people who decided they didn’t care about the heat. Last night, I took my son to buy a ridiculous amount of fireworks from our local fireworks stand. The stand was run by a local church youth group and all proceeds are being used for their youth group to serve others. The stand was open a few days inside their church building. They posted pictures online when it first opened showing what they had and exactly where the money was going to go. When my son and I got there last night, they had sold through most of what initially looked to be an impossible amount of fireworks. They did still have some nice fireworks left. I bought my son the last $75 Hometown Hero package as well as a few miscellaneous additions he wanted. Our favorite was the 300 shot super Saturn missiles.

My plan was to shoot off our fireworks and then go to a free local fireworks show in a nearby town which always has a nice display. We started shooting off fireworks around 9pm in our yard for the smaller ones and in the street for the larger ones. By 9:30 our little town had so many people setting off fireworks in their yards and in the streets the air was full of smoke. By 10:30pm, my house was full of smoke from fireworks and there was ash falling out of the air. We went inside to cool off and get out of the worst of the smoke. Needless to say, we never made it to the official fireworks display. It wasn’t necessary. Our local town had fireworks being set off until almost midnight. People from surrounding towns said it was the same in those towns as well. People who didn’t have fireworks and didn’t go to a local display, sat outside in their yards and watched surrounding areas and neighbors light up the sky. People went all out this year. It was awesome. Fireworks could be seen for miles.

Interestingly, I didn’t see a single person wearing a mask. Don’t believe what you see on the media. America isn’t going down without a fight. Patriotism, love of our country, love of God and family, and the love of freedom is not dead. It’s not even wounded if you get out of the liberal run dying cesspools. You won’t see the media cover anything other than their own manufactured agenda. It’s unfortunate the world isn’t allowed to see the rest of America. It’s still pretty great.

Number of active covid-19 cases in my county or the next: zero. Weird isn’t it? We all went out and celebrated Memorial Weekend as well. A lot of us did not stay within our own communities. People have been vacationing all over the country and returning covid-19 free.

Americans should be quarantined from Europe, but not for the reason MSM is reporting.

I just read on mainstream media that Europe as well as other countries are discussing quarantining Americans due to our high and increasing CoVid-19 cases. I agree. Americans should be fenced in and kept in America under quarantine until at least November, 3rd, 2020. Election Day. I don’t even care about the coronavirus. We should be quarantined because we have collectively lost our minds, we are armed, and we are angry and aggressive. I wouldn’t let an American into my country right now for love or money. I am not joking.

There are parts of the US that cannot and will not be quarantined. We are sparsely populated and we have little or no cases. There are no active cases where I live. We have never really done what we were supposed to do. We also don’t have many people per square mile. We spend a lot of time outdoors. It’s not the same as city populations. South Dakota has never locked down and they don’t have high case numbers either. They’ve never had a real outbreak. Personally, I don’t believe lockdowns and masks are effective in the healthy population for controlling a pandemic. I also think you’re a fool if you’re in a big group of people in close quarters, especially indoors. Undoubtedly, our protests and riots have spread the virus. Apparently, if you make an American mad, they no longer care about the virus, they’re a little busy letting you know the current level of their anger. I said when this started that America was a powder keg waiting to blow. Well….

It’s an election year in an extremely politically divided country. 2016 was bad too, but not this level of bad. There is more at stake in this election than in previous elections. The long-term effects will be enormous depending on which party takes control of the House, Senate and the President’s seat. The virus will be contained long before the effects of the upcoming election. In comparison, the election is more important. It’s very possibly the future of our country. This election is likely between remaining a Republic or moving directly into Marxism and communism. I think we will probably quickly skip right on over socialism. There is a very real possibility of a civil war. Most of us are not interested in a civil war. I pray it doesn’t happen. Nonetheless, it is possible. If we were to take that dive into the abyss, the deaths caused by CoVid-19 wouldn’t even be a drop in the bucket. CoVid-19 is not our first priority.

The rest of the world would be well advised to bar entry of any American into their country until after November 3rd at the earliest. American’s are not going to do an effective job of controlling this virus between now and then. There will be more protests, demonstrations, and probably riots. Look at what is happening right now and consider the amount of time left until November 3rd. People are travelling from city to city across the country in order to protest. At the very least, you should require a 14 day quarantine. Honestly, I would ban any nonessential travel.

Women’s Suffrage, 4th of July, and our nation’s monuments.

Do not take this post as an attack on white men. It isn’t. I’m trying to give people an understanding of why we don’t all feel the same about our country’s history and monuments. Read until the end.

Women gained the right to vote in 1920. 100 years ago. It took 80 years from the start of the women’s suffrage movement in 1840 to convince men to allow them to vote.

As the 4th of July approaches and we celebrate our independence, we might be well served to remember that we didn’t all get those initial freedoms written into our constitution. They were in fact only for white men. Some groups had to fight for years for basic rights to own property and vote. For freedom. Black people have a legitimate complaint as white men gather and brag about all of the freedoms we won back in the day and we all got them. It isn’t true and it is annoying. Our country gained its freedom from England. We became our own country. That’s a reason to celebrate. The rest of the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms for white men came throughout our shared history as a country to other groups. Many white men fought and died for those freedoms as well.

Have you ever considered that the constitution you and I love and respect, might not be so loved by groups who were not initially included? The constitution may not have the same meaning for everyone. It might actually be a source of irritation. It’s just another thing that was white men only initially. As white men, you celebrate your freedom and independence on the 4th of July. We are happy for you and ourselves as well, but we got ours later. We were free from England, but not from you. We weren’t free. It’s really only in the last 100 years that women have legally become anything more than property owned by men. I am sure that I do not feel the same joy about gaining our freedom that white men do on July 4th. White men celebrate gaining their freedoms while everyone else celebrates our country gaining freedom from England. Can you see the difference? To be honest, the initial constitution and Bill of Rights irritate me as well, every time I read “All men are created equal”. It really meant all white men. But, I love our constitution because it enables us to make changes to benefit our society. We need to be using our constitution to better our country instead of destroying our history. But seriously, you need to stop saying and believing everyone got the same rights and freedoms when it was written. It’s not true. It’s part of the problem with the division in our country. We need to teach history accurately. Especially the history of our country. In truth, without white men we wouldn’t have a country nor would any of us enjoy our freedoms. White men fought and died for every right any of us have. I’m thankful for white men. I’m thankful for our country. I’m thankful for our constitution and Bill of Rights.

Please start teaching accurate history. 1776 was when our country became free from England and white men gained all of their rights which came from God. For once, try being honest instead of defensive. White men should be proud of everything they have accomplished. Why not be honest about how it all happened? We all reap the benefits. It might go a long way towards healing our country.

Do our nations statues and monuments have the same meaning for everyone? No, of course they don’t. Why would they? Should we tear them down? Absolutely not. They are our history. They belong to all of us even if we dislike a few of them.

Guns and Ammo Hoarding Replace Toilet Paper Hoarding in the US

The media in the US is censoring information. The sheer amount of guns and ammo sales in the US is a good indicator that the silent majority is not buying what they are selling. The censors are also unable to keep up with the increasing number of comments on news sites and personal media sites that the current problem in the US is the attempt to establish a one world government. CoVid-19 lockdowns, crashing the economy, the push to remove law enforcement, the push to divide the country politically and financially, and the attempt to start a race war between black and white people in the US are all part of one large attack. Those are only a few of the attack methods being used on US citizens. The icing on the cake is the UN coming out in support of ANTIFA. Most Republicans have no use for the UN and don’t think we should continue to be a member and fund 22 percent of their nonsense. People either see what is actually happening, or they are being led by their emotions and do not. The November elections are already decided as far as most people are concerned. Except they are not. We know who we are going to vote for. We don’t believe with mail in ballots the election will be accurate or results ever agreed upon. It’s going to be a complete disaster assuming we even have an election. The Democrats still haven’t officially declared their nominee. Probably because it doesn’t matter. We are experiencing complete anarchy. Throughout all of this, gun and ammo sales have never been shutdown. Gun stores are essential. They can’t be closed during lockdowns. God bless the USA.

That’s my briefest and most simplistic explanation of the exploding gun and ammo sales happening in the US over the past few months. It’s not that people don’t believe there are instances of racism, CoVid-19 isn’t real, or we do not need police reform. It’s mentally stepping outside of the individual movements and understanding there is a guiding force and a purpose as to what is happening. Sunday was Father’s Day. I spent Sunday afternoon talking to my dad who remembers WWII. He talked in great depth about the newspaper stories then and now are the same. The individual movements are the same. He can see what is happening as plain as day as can most people who remember WWII. Our young people in the US have not been taught history. ANTIFA is destroying our monuments and statues so that we do not remember our history. We have to end that movement immediately. History exists for us to learn from and to prevent us from repeating past mistakes.

Gun and ammo sales are astronomical. Ammunition manufacturers are having a difficult time keeping up with demand for 9mm, .223 REM, and 5.56 NATO rounds. You are still able to order them online and have them shipped directly to your house but in limited quantities and often with a wait for them to restock. Most large or chain store gun suppliers have limits as to quantities being purchased in store as well due to limited supply. Individually owned gun stores still have supplies in bulk but are not as plentifully supplied either. Gun supplies are low on choices and prices have risen on 9mm semi automatic handguns as well as .357 magnum, .38, .40 and .45 semiautomatic handguns. Rifles and shotguns are still fairly easy to find and purchase as well as ammunition.

I have been looking for a new semi automatic to carry in my pickup. I had to special order the gun I wanted last week and then reorder after it was cancelled and rose $100 in price. I am partial to the .45. I like the heavier weight and feel as well as the recoil being entirely different than that of a 9mm. I find them easier to aim and shoot accurately. I can fire off more rounds faster with a 9mm but I just do not like the feel as well and I am not as accurate. Everyone is different in what they prefer. Some of the .45s have too big of a recoil for me to want to shoot. It depends on the gun. I cannot find the 357 magnum/.38 semiautomatic I want in stock anywhere. I am putting myself on a waiting list for it. As I have been searching for a few additions, I have talked to a lot of people about alternative models, people’s preferences, where they are finding affordable ammunition etc. I have been surprised at the number of people who have been stockpiling guns and ammo as well as saving shells and learning to repack them. I know quite a few people who have been gun owners for years and enjoy competition shooting as well as hunting. I live in a rural area where rifles and shotguns are the norm. I live in an area with many military service families as well as police officers. My own family has a long history of both military and law enforcement members. My dad was in the National Guard when he was young. My great uncle was a navigator of a bomber plane in WWII. He flew his service missions over the great hump. He flew missions over Japan. His personal journal is on-line and published through a war memorial museum on the east coast. When I was in high school, we had local people come in and speak to our classes of their time spent in Germany in the military during WWII. One of my most vivid memories is of our guest speaker who spent time in a concentration camp. Our young people today have not heard these personal accounts and stories. They have not learned our history. I see why our history is being erased. Many of us do. Many citizens of the US know that we are under a planned attack. We aren’t interested in a civil war. We aren’t interested in anarchy or a government takedown. We are interested in preserving everyone’s freedom and in preserving our constitution and republic. But we know and see what is coming.

Guns and Ammo hoarding has definitely replaced toilet paper hoarding. The hoarding is happening by everyday people with normal jobs and families. These aren’t extremists. These aren’t militia members. These are school teachers, nurses, city employees, young and old people. Do not buy into the emotional game playing the censored US media is trying to sell you. Most of us despise racism of any kind. Most of us agree we need police reform. Most of us want everyone to be educated and have an opportunity to better themselves. Most of us would like to be left alone to live our lives and raise our kids. That doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon.

Being Thankful

One of my son’s friends spent the weekend at our house today. The boys, as usual, had a lot of fun. I took them to the swimming pool here in town this afternoon. I couldn’t help but be thankful that we live in our little community in our flyover state. We haven’t ever experienced lockdowns from CoVid-19 as much of the rest of the world has. My son has never experienced racism as much of the rest of the world has. We do not live in fear of our police departments or state troopers. They’re just our friends and neighbors. Our biggest problems are minor when compared to the rest of the world.

I wasn’t going to share this with the world but, our schools had outdoor graduations and private proms involving all the kids and their parents in one local school. Most of the graduates in this area had some type of graduation and/or prom with either friends and family or groups of people. Did anyone get sick? No.

My son and I went to the dentist over a month ago when it finally got to reopen. We of course showed up not wearing masks. I thought about it as we were walking in the door. It’s a 30 mile drive to the dentist’s office so it’s not like we were going home to get them. One of the staff members said sorry but I have to take your temperature before you can stay. We were both exactly 98.6. As my teeth were being cleaned, I was talking to the person cleaning them. She lives in another area which is larger and has been on a fairly strict lockdown. She comes to my dentist’s office a couple of days a week to do teeth cleanings. As she was cleaning my teeth, she asked me how we had been doing with the lockdowns, if I was able to work etcetera. I just looked at her and she started laughing. She said I don’t even know why I asked that because you guys around here never really locked down or did what you were supposed to do. No, we really did not. We did the absolute bare minimum.

We are thankful that our communities take care of each other for the most part. We don’t have homeless people on the streets. We don’t have gangs. We don’t have shootings and murders. I am thankful for the things we do not have as much as for what we do have.

Fear and anger are too often our guide.

As I watch what is happening in the US as well as throughout the world, it is easy to be overwhelmed by fear and anger. Both of those emotions can be useful to keep us from danger or to prevent us from being victims, but they cannot guide our day to day decisions. Bad decisions will be the only result. Disgust is usually the emotion that I feel immediately after fear and anger. Disgust with the situation and the people involved. Then rational behavior and decision making return. That’s my personal process.

I’m in the disgust phase with the US right now. It’s clear CoVid-19 is being used for political purposes only. The CDC admitted the death rate in the US is .4 percent. It’s just another manageable virus for our country. We have been intentionally deceived for political gain. The riots and looting in our cities are the same. The big problem areas are all liberal run cities and haven’t even tried to stop the destruction. The politicians in those areas and our national media have actually encouraged the destruction. It’s just another political agenda. President Trump has held much restraint as they have tried to get him to send in actual military forces to end the riots. Then they can point and say dictator etc. That is a trap. I have sympathy for people who are genuinely trying to protest a wrongful death and bring about positive change. They have been over run by political agendas. But what I feel for areas like NYC and Seattle is disgust. You voted for the politicians year after year. The politicians supported the rioting and looting. Live with it or vote them out. I don’t feel any obligation to send you bail out money. As for the 7 block are of Seattle that ANTIFA and the BLM took, well that actually made me laugh. Historically, an area under siege has it’s food and supplies shutoff. In our age, also communications. Game over. This is not that hard to end. Seattle doesn’t want to end the siege. Seattle is ensuring they get supplies. Seattle is actively encouraging this mess. Seattle can deal with their own mess. The same with NYC. The same with LA and Chicago and Minneapolis. You encouraged the carnage. You can clean up your own mess. You didn’t have an outside terrorist attack or a national disaster. This was self inflicted. Trump didn’t do this. Liberal Democrats did this. There is also a group of entrenched Republicans who have encouraged all of these behaviors. They too are globalists. It’s all to take down Trump, destroy our constitution and gain more power and control for yourselves. If you wanted to stop the outside actors, you have the capability. You are choosing not to. Disgust. That’s what I feel.

What am I going to do? Vote for Trump. Refuse to comply with your ridiculous lockdowns and mask wearing orders. Refuse to be afraid. Go to work. Raise my child. Enjoy my life. Mow my lawn. Visit my friends and family. Refuse to buy into the fear the media is selling. Refuse to fight with my neighbor. Go the wrong way down the Wal Mart aisle just like everyone else where I live does. Continue to have my son’s friends over to spend the night and send him to his friend’s houses for the night. Continue my life. Vote for Trump.

Nope, we still don’t have any outbreaks up here where I live. The numbers are the same. Next to zero cases.

Stop listening to the media and the politicians. Stop being afraid and angry. Go meet your neighbor. Go visit areas outside of your comfort zone and see for yourself what is real or not real. Use your brain, your own eyes, your own conversations, your own experiences to guide your decisions. Approach things with an open mind instead of looking for reasons to reinforce your own beliefs. Look at other people’s viewpoints objectively. Are the problems you face everyday unique to your area? Are people’s daily lives in other areas completely different than yours? Are you voting for people who truly represent you or are you voting how you have been told to vote? Your opinion and viewpoint are not the only ones allowed in the US. We don’t have to agree. We do have to let others have their own ideas, values, and viewpoints. Stop letting fear and anger be your guide.

As in 2016, I am thoroughly sickened and disgusted by the far left and it’s determination to destroy our country.

The attack on America from the inside has been going on for decades. The Obamas dialed it up a notch with their continuous divisiveness. The 2016 elections showed Trump supporters the level of depravity and lies/censorship our media has been inflicting upon us all. The 2016 elections showed Trump supporters the absolute level of depravity the Deep State will go to in order to end our republic and usher in communism and the one world government. Trump supporters ignore your responses of no argument but only name calling and screaming. Trump supporters ignore your media polls. Trump supporters ignore your cries of conspiracy theory. Trump supporters ignore your shaming. Our self worth is not determined by your opinion. Trump supporters for the most part, simply ignore you altogether. We go vote for our country and preserving the constitution as well as our individual God given rights. We go on about our lives.

You have been suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome since 2016. Your level of deceit and depravity is almost incomprehensible. There is no low the far left and the media will not explore. There is no crime they will not commit or lie they will not tell. I nearly fell out with laughter when Biden said he doesn’t support defunding our police departments. He is a puppet and has not yet been declared the official nominee. It’s halfway through June and the elections, if they happen, are in November. Trump supporters have not left Trump. Why would we? You offer us nothing. We aren’t intimidated by you and we don’t believe anything you say or do. We are aware this is an attack on our freedom, religion, morality, values, constitution, history, and government.

Beginning in 2015, the meat packing industry illegally began setting inflated prices. They are being sued. Money was invested by the deep state to manufacture meat in labs with the goal of a complete monopoly over food production. Then the attack on eliminating agriculture increased. The attacks on religion have increased. The BLM and ANTIFA were formed. You have spent over three years trying to unseat President Trump. You have failed. You are desperate. You are throwing a hail Mary with the CoVid-19 lockdowns, riots, and economic shutdowns. It’s unfortunate that people living in economically devastated cities controlled by the far left continue to vote for the same people over and over expecting new results. I’ve been in 33 states for both vacations and business. The difference between republican and democrat run cities are night and day. Regardless of where you live, you need to leave your immediate community, city, and state. You need to visit areas outside of your echo chamber. There is nothing more uneducated than people residing in liberal cities judging the rest of America when many of those people have never left their own neighborhood let alone travelled to another area of the country. They’ve certainly never travelled outside the liberal zone. You need to wake up before it’s too late. You are being spoon fed lies.

Wheat Harvest Time In Oklahoma and Kansas

We had a week of over 100 degree weather. The wheat turned from green to a ripe golden color. We had a day of winds blowing in averaging from 35-45mph winds with wind gust from 60-70mph in some areas. Cool weather arrived with the wind. Farmers began cutting some varieties of wheat even in the high winds. Today was beautiful outside. Fields have been full of combines, tractors pulling grain carts and everything from 50 year old trucks to brand new semis hauling grain to local elevators. No one has time for anything else. Forget about getting down the highways and dirt roads if you’re in a hurry. Forget about anything except getting the wheat out of the fields while it’s ripe and ready for market.

As I was driving from work back to my house today, I couldn’t help but be thankful for living where I live and all of the blessings this area has received. There are no demonstrators. There are no riots and looters. There are people of various races all working together to get the wheat out of the fields. Work and connection to the earth and the cycle of life cures most evils. That and a love for God. There’s a reason why locals refer to this area as God’s country. We are truly blessed with peace even when others are not.

How do you wake up the sheep in America?

It’s very difficult to weed out the facts from the fiction in the US with the bombardment of opposing facts and views. Mind control has and is without a doubt being used in the US everyday all day.

One of my hugest complaints for years has been the growth of the politically correct (PC) or woke culture. It is a form of mind control and does not allow for differing views or opinions. Trump voters have never bought into the PC culture. We find his many slips of the tongue and outright rudeness rather refreshing. You always know what he thinks. He really doesn’t care what you think of him or his opinion. It’s truly refreshing in a PC culture. Sheep completely meltdown. They’ve been programmed not to question or disagree. They’ve been programmed their worth is based on how popular they are on social media and how many likes they receive. Whatever gene is susceptible to PC and woke culture, I do not possess. I don’t live my life based on what other people think. That’s ridiculous.

White guilt is another effective mind control game. Accusing people of white privilege became quite the sport during the Obama regime. Now, it’s back. Well, I don’t have a lot of money. I have a job. I pay my own bills. I am a single parent who is still owed $30,000 in back child support. I worked during college as well as took out student loans to pay for my Bachelor’s Degree. None of my ancestors ever owned slaves. Yes, I do know my family tree on both my mom and dad’s side all the way back to Europe. I grew up in a state that never had slavery. It wasn’t even a state until 1907. Black people settled in Oklahoma as free people during the land runs as did the white people. This was after the Native Americans were again displaced by the US government. Point of fact, Oklahoma has more towns settled and developed by black people than any other state in the nation. Now I live in Kansas which was also in part settled by free black people. They formed and grew many towns in Kansas. The only slaves Kansas ever had which was also prior to becoming a state were slaves owned by Native American tribes. Slavery was common practice among Native Americans. Many tribes enslaved other tribes they warred against, took slaves for payment, and took anyone outside of their tribe as a slave. I do have a touch of Native American blood. Still, guilty for being white? No. I am the race God made me. I feel no white guilt. White privilege is a load of crap.

Racist? Everyone is racist on some level against some other race even if by generalizing an entire race as all being the same or having the same trait. No one is entirely non racist. The most we can do is try our best not to make assumptions about other people based on their race and try our hardest not to discriminate. Sometimes we all fail. We are human. Overall, no, I don’t believe that I am racist.

CoVid-19 fear. I believe in not being stupid until enough facts are in to make an informed decision. I believe we have all been lied to as to the severity of this pandemic. I believe it is being used as a way to keep people locked inside their homes out of fear. It’s being used as a way to train people to call the police on their neighbor for not conforming to unconstitutional policies. It’s being used as a way to end religion or at the least make it difficult to practice religion. I believe it is being continued long enough to destabilize the economy and condition people to have fewer freedoms and do as the government tells them. Unless I am around elderly or people with compromised immune systems, I am going on about my life as normal. I believe those certain groups should be protected and the rest of us are being socially conditioned.

George Floyd. That was horrendous. We all agree. We all agree there should be measures taken to prevent anything ever happening like that again. The BLM I do not believe is the benevolent defender of black rights they pretend to be. They want the complete abolishment of police and law enforcement. They want to make sure everyone in the US votes for Democrats. These same Democrats who have the highest crime rates, highest poverty rates, highest homeless rates, and the police departments with the most complaints. George Floyd’s death is being used by the BLM and other groups such as ANTIFA to further destabilize the economy and harvest votes for the very political party who created the KKK and Jim Crow Laws. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King both warned against liberals and conservatives but especially against liberals. Learn your history. I support additional community services to communities in need. I support a good education for everyone. I don’t support racism. I support enabling the oversight of police departments as well as other law enforcement including the FBI, CIA, and DEA. There is corruption at every level. I don’t support burning down businesses, continuing to vote for the very people who caused the situation, or eliminating law enforcement. I don’t support anarchy and chaos.

Reparations? My ancestors nor myself ever owned slaves. How about my son’s black father continue to pay his current child support and pay the back off as well. I will go to jail before I pay reparations. It’s not going to happen. And white people died to free black people from slavery. You’re welcome.

In short, I am lacking the liberal gene. For that, I am thankful.


My point. I am not a very good sheep by nature. I question everything. I don’t care if I’m running with the herd or off taking a nap by myself under a tree. I don’t care if everyone agrees with me. I don’t care if everyone likes me. I never have and oddly I have a lot of friends for that very reason. I try to treat other people the way I want treated, but I am not going to lie to you or sugar coat something if I disagree or to prevent you from going to your safe space. Have fun melting down in your safe space. I’ll probably continue on as if it never happened. I probably won’t lose any sleep over your meltdown.

I also lack the far right conservative gene. I am pro choice and pro gay marriage as well as a variety of other Democrat beliefs.

I am not a follower or a joiner in anything in my life.

How do we wake up America while we still have a country? To me, it’s obvious what is happening and it isn’t good. If Trump does not win the election in November, we are in trouble. We are in trouble now. We can still fight the coming wave of Marxism and Communism if the Republicans hold the House and the Senate even if Trump loses. It’s going to be a long fight to curb the current flow of mind control and conditioning. It’s been happening for years. Don’t think for a second that many people don’t realize what is happening. How to stop it is another thing entirely. How do you deprogram a conditioned mind? The far right and the far left are on the same page as far as the one world government plan. They’re established politicians with too much power and too many connections. Many have been in office their entire adult lives. They are stupidly wealthy and do not want the status quo disrupted as Trump is doing. They want to retain their power and wealth. We do not want a civil war. We simply want a return of our rights and the return of our government to represent the people as it is charged to do. It is not. It hasn’t for years. Our politicians get wealthy off the backs of Americans and other countries. What the media and politicians are refusing to acknowledge but is true is that most people in America own at least one gun. Most people own several. It is a testament to how much we do not want a civil war when the world is watching riots in our streets and our cities burn and still we are not using guns with the exception of a few stray criminals. Gun owners in America understand if that door is opened, there is a civil war. There isn’t any going back. Our government understands that too and has been using a slow and proven method of conditioning and eroding rights. They have stepped up their game with the November elections. We can all hope that Trump wins and they will have to regroup. Outside of the large liberal strongholds, Americans are completely done giving up rights. We have been pushed as far as we can be. We aren’t fighting. We just aren’t complying. Our constitution charges Americans with fighting against tyranny. We have the 2nd amendment giving us the right to gun ownership in order to overthrow our government if it becomes tyrannical. That is the purpose of the 2nd amendment. That is why it was written. That is also why it is such a threat to the far left and the far right extremists, both of whom want to trash the constitution and remake our government. We aren’t giving up our guns.

Why do people vote for Trump? The list is long.

I’m also going to add that Trump voters were tired of being in the middle of wars on the other side of the world. Trump has actively tried to pull our military out of all areas he can. Yes, he will drop a bomb on your head if you test him. No, he isn’t interested in starting or being in a war. He is trying to restore our economy and level the playing field. He is a threat to the establishment. They aren’t going to stop going after him. We are going to vote for him. The alternative is a complete loss of our Republic. Biden is a puppet. Hopefully enough Americans will be awake come November to vote for Trump and buy us all a little more time.

Please do not let facts get in your way when discussing police shooting statistics in the US. Since 2015 total black deaths are 1252 and the total white deaths are 2385.

The fear mongering campaign by Democrats and the media in the US has got to stop. The following is a link to Statista where my numbers are documented.

Here is another breakdown by year since 2016 published by

The campaign of fear and racism in the US needs to end. Is there still racism? Yes, there is around the world. Is every race on the planet guilty? Yes, they are.

Does the US need to enact some policies to lower fatalities and use of unnecessary force by the police in the US? Yes, and we all agreed on this before people started rioting and looting. Are there times when police are allowed and completely justified in shooting and killing someone? Yes, absolutely.

Stop believing the fear, hate and lies you are being fed by the media and Democrats.