How to avoid deprogramming or reprogramming camps and forced therapy in the US

If approached and questioned by members of the left wing deprogramming gestapo squad, here are a few guidelines to ensure your escape.

  • When shown a picture of the BLM or ANTIFA burning, vandalizing, or otherwise destroying buildings, look glassy eyed and in love while replying “I’m so glad young people are getting outside during a pandemic. It’s so important for mental health to get fresh air and exercise.”
  • When shown a picture of any gathering of Trump supporters in numbers higher than one, start crying in panic and hide under the nearest piece of furniture. If outside, hide under the nearest car or in shrubbery.
  • When shown a picture of a straight white male, start screaming hysterically about white supremacy groups. Hide under the nearest piece of furniture. If outside, hide under the nearest car or in shrubbery.
  • When shown a picture of a cow, start crying in panic about the imminent end of our planet due to global warming.
  • When shown a picture of an orange, start crying and explain how it reminds you of Trump and you can no longer eat oranges. Your health has been compromised and you are scared to leave your house or go to the market in case you see an orange and have a panic attack. Faint.
  • If you see someone without a mask or social distancing within the gestapo, it is a test. Immediately get hysterical and physically attack them getting your face and breath as close to theirs as you can without actually French kissing them. French kissing someone against their will is considered sexual assault. Provide them with an explanation as to why you didn’t French kiss the gestapo.
  • When shown a picture of anyone but a straight white male, refer to them using pronouns that do not refer to gender. Address members of the gestapo as gestapo and then a number. Example: Gestapo 7, I am so glad you are out here making our streets safe from Trump supporters. I hate police. They are racist homicidal maniacs.
  • If stopped while driving a pickup, explain that it is not yours. You stole it from some white guy and you are planning to drive it to a safe place where you intend to light it on fire in order to save our planet. Explain you only ride a bicycle or public transportation. Your dream is to someday own an electric car.
  • If offered any type of food or drink, follow these guidelines. Steak or any type of red meat-ask if it’s lab grown as you do not eat flesh and cows are destroying the planet. Chicken or eggs- are they free range and organic? Water-you only drink filtered and bottled. Vegetables-only organic. Fish-this one can be tricky, sustainable fish from nontoxic waters are usually considered to be ok.
  • When asked what news channel you watch, of course you only watch CNN because they are always 100 percent truthful and factual in their nonbiased reporting.
  • When asked how many genders exist, reply an infinite number as we are experiencing personal growth and enlightenment everyday of our lives.
  • When asked about race, you don’t see skin color at all, except for the white male chauvinist Trump supporters and the orange man.
  • If asked your religious views, tell them you either worship Satan or you are an atheist or a Muslim. No other answer is acceptable.
  • If asked your view on abortion, explain it’s fine until age five.
  • If asked about public education, explain everyone should get a trophy and only black and women’s history should even be taught. Except maybe Native American because white men killed them and stole their land.
  • When asked about communist dictators, Marxists, and socialism, make sure your face lights up with joy and admiration. Explain how you love how governments put their people’s needs first and everyone is exactly the same.
  • If asked about guns, immediately get panicked and hide under the nearest piece of furniture while screaming hysterically “omg omg someone has a gun”. If you are outside, hiding under a car or in the shrubbery is fine as long as you are screaming hysterically.
  • If asked your opinion on censorship, start crying hysterically about how Trump supporters have personally attacked you for four years, they should be jailed, fired from their jobs, and deleted from the entire internet.

Following these simple tips should allow you to escape. If not, get hysterical and claim you have been outside too long, are being exposed to Covid-19, and you need your Xanax to calm your nerves as there are Trump supporters still running free on the streets.

Ronaviravich consults Hitler

Despite the snow and cold, Ronaviravich had sweat pouring down her face as she dug up the corpse of a Jewish girl near her cave. Rona had sweat pouring down her back as she drug the corpse back to her cave in the Mountains of Colorado. She mumbled curses under her breath as she placed the corpse inside a steel cage beside her summoning table.

After a refreshing cup of tea and a cream cheese bagel with everything, Rona set about summoning Hitler into the Jewish girl’s corpse. Hitler and Rona had a history. Rona serves Chaos and Anarchy so she did assist Hitler in many of his schemes of death and destruction. Hitler had plotted her demise in a gas chamber due to her gypsy lineage. She neglected to tell him of his impending death which she watched through her crystal ball with great joy and happiness. Hitler is still sore and holding a grudge against Rona. Hitler resisted her initial summoning spells, hence the Jewish girl’s corpse as a lure and a trap. Hitler didn’t realize it was a corpse vacated by it’s former owner. Hitler was trapped and angry. Nonetheless, Ronaviravich coerced much needed information from him.

What information could Rona possibly require from Hitler? How many train cars are needed to transport Trump voters into deprogramming camps. How many people per car? Does size of the person matter? What about total weight? How many deprogramming camps are needed for 74 million people? Hitler, of course knew every detail. Over the course of several days, Rona was satisfied she knew everything she needed to know. She opened the cage door and let Hitler, imprisoned inside the Jewish girl’s corpse, out of the cage. Hitler is destined to walk the earth for eternity as a young Jewish girl. Ronaviravich was pleased with her work.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo ensure the continuance of the QAnon cult

Rona and Wackadoo returned from their vacation to their hidden cave in the mountains of Colorado. Relaxed and invigorated, Rona sat down at her table to do a little foretelling of the future. Wackadoo snoozed on a bearskin rug by the fire. Rona became increasingly concerned over the loss of faith shown by Wackadoo’s QAnon cult followers. She read tea leaves, runic symbols, cast bones, and tarot cards only to have them all give her the same dismal future for QAnon. Throughout her centuries long gypsy life, Ronaviravich knew all about religions and cults. She had seen many arise and fall out of remembrance in the annals of history. She certainly knew how to make this one rise from the ashes of death.

When Wackadoo awoke, Rona reviewed time honored methods of indoctrination and affirmations required for any good cult or religion to withstand centuries of believers and naysayers. She briefly considered human sacrifice, but decided not yet. The following is the list she gave to Wackadoo for her focus going forward:

  • Prey on their self esteem and ego. Followers are important, educated people being given secret knowledge that no one else is receiving. How? Ensure there are key figures from the following areas: political, military, government agencies such as former CIA or FBI members and scientists. Without Q, they cannot possibly know what is really going on in the world. Because of Q, followers are now part of the enlightened. Ensure leaders have their own podcasts and websites so they make money. Lots of money. Ensure followers believe that the information received from leaders they see on podcasts and the tweets they read came from the unknown, mysterious Q.
  • Establish a God. Through QAnon they will grow in their enlightenment and get to know Q. Q is God. Enlightenment and knowledge is the religion. Further interest and following grows as followers try to discover who is Q.
  • Establish repetitive speech to enhance belief. Trust the plan. Trust the plan. Followers cannot possibly understand the plan. Only Q can see and understand the plan. Someday followers will be rewarded with total knowledge by Q. Until all knowledge is revealed, any expected event on any given date doesn’t need to be at all accurate. Followers were simply not privy to the entire plan. Followers misunderstood the signs and knowledge received because they are not Q. They are limited people needing Q to care for them.
  • Isolate and control followers. Convince your followers that unless the information comes from Q, it is deception and lies directly from Satan (or an evil force). Followers will discontinue belief in evidence contrary to Q teachings even when right before the followers’ eyes.
  • Have numerous storylines and goals all involving the greater fight of good against evil in which Q is engaged. Continuously provide a new date and event in which to anxiously await. It’s completely irrelevant if those events occur. It’s only necessary to provide constant streams of new information which keep the followers on a continuous wave of highs and lows. This engages a biological response and dependency.

Wackadoo was renewed with wonderful conspiracy theories, stories, and events well into the future after Rona’s input. Wackadoo is currently working on spreading the first of many to come across the internet. The cult of Q will live on.

Purge This

74 million plus Americans voted for Trump. Why? Economic and foreign policies. Belief in our constitution and form of government. Religious reasons. Belief in smaller government and fewer government regulations. 8 years of being attacked by liberals if we disagreed with Obama on any of his policies. Not being represented by our swamp leaders in either party. The list goes on and on and on….

Our mainstream media, wealthy handlers, and Democrat politicians are now discussing how Trump voters must be deprogrammed and purged. Good luck. That mentality is one of the many reasons Trump won in 2016. The Democrats and the media have learned nothing in 12 years. Nothing. Zero. Trump supporters aren’t like Democrats. They aren’t fearful and do not believe whatever the mainstream media tells them to believe. Had those thousands of Trump supporters at DC on January 6th wanted the politicians dead or kidnapped, it would have happened. Most of them were armed and vastly outnumbered any security forces at hand. Most of them were there to peacefully demonstrate. Although mainstream media isn’t showing the clips, there are many video feeds online showing the BLM and ANTIFA inside the capital, breaking out windows and vandalizing property. Were there Trump supporters inside the building as well? Yes, there were. Did Trump supporters take down the fencing? From what I watched, yes. Should all of these people inside the building or destroying property face charges of some type? Yes. How many thousands of people have been arrested during ANTIFA and BLM protests over the last year in the US? I am not even sure at this point. Mid summer of 2020 it was already over 10,000 with around 50 people dead. You cannot silence Americans. The harder you try, the more resistance you will face. Your deprogramming camps you are discussing are not going to happen. 74 million armed Americans? Think again. I have had about enough from the mainstream media and the Democrat Politicians to last me a lifetime. If anything, Trump supporters are angrier now than on the 6th. I think that is your goal. Biden was part of the problem for 8 years as VP on top of his previous decades in politics. That’s who you think is going to unite and heal this country. No, you know better. You’re trying to antagonize Trump supporters so that you can arrest and silence them. It’s not going to prove to be effective, but good luck.

My cat is an alt right terrorist.

Hider is a male indoor/outdoor cat weighing about 22lbs and is four years old. For the past year, he has left many clues as to his involvement with what most of us consider “fringe” activities. I had chosen to believe they were normal male cat activities. Things like refusing to let me clean the bathroom sink, chasing squirrels in the yard, chasing the neighbors dog, killing birds and mice, and prowling the neighborhood with my other male cat during the dark hours of the night. I’ve watched both of my male cats hunt birds and squirrels, and yes the neighbor’s dog, perfecting their stalking and hunting skills. Or so I thought. I didn’t realize they were actually doing military training exercises. However, after this morning’s events, I have no other choice but to acknowledge Hider is an alt right terrorist.

Hider is my bird killer extraordinaire. He brings me a couple of dead pigeons or black birds every week. Occasionally, he picks off a smaller bird. I’ve had extensive conversations with him about supporting the death of pigeons and black birds. First thing this morning, as I was leaving the house to take my son to school, Hider brought a bird to the porch. His latest kill. A red male cardinal. I used to have a male and female that lived in my yard for parts of every year. Now, there is just the female. I am not sure where she is as cardinals stay as couples and return to the same yards year after year. Hider was fascinated with the red bird he killed. He showed it to my other cats. I think Hider likes the color red. This dead cardinal is his trophy. He is now on my terrorist list. I may have to turn him in to the FBI.

Three sane people reside within the US.

Who are these three people? I have no idea. I am merely giving the US the benefit of the doubt that there are even three sane people within our borders. It’s highly likely they are here illegally and actively seeking an escape route which will avoid being picked up by ICE on their way out across one of our borders.

Our country is being influenced on both ends of the spectrum by both internal and external influences. One cannot take down a country and government without opposing forces fighting each other unless you use military force.

Since Trump took office in 2016, 19 minutes after his inauguration, the Democrats declared they were going to impeach him. The Democrats declared that he is not their president. We have had the continued growth of the Marxist groups, ANTIFA and the BLM. We have had continued censorship and one sided news coverage. Then Covid-19 arrived along with shutdowns. We then had the murder of George Floyd followed by demonstrations, looting and rioting throughout the country for months.

Through all of this, the Republicans bragged about their silence speaking volumes. They had elected Trump to single handedly save the country while they prayed and went fishing. Abortion was their only political platform in 2020. Vote for Trump against abortion, God will return, and save us all. All we need to do is pray and vote for Trump. And be prepared for Biden to get the votes. The votes won’t be real because of mail in voting. It’s ok though because God sent Trump to single handedly save our country. Never mind we have always had absentee ballots. Trump himself voted using an absentee ballot by mail. We could have told people to request absentee ballots early and sent them out to verified voters. We chose not to even discuss that option. And then there has been the loud message of who cares about the cities and states under lockdown from Covid-19. Those millions of people voted for their democrat leaders. They brought it on themselves.

We had the election with millions of mail in votes. Now, we have Trump supporters literally claiming that 70 percent of voters voted for Trump and republicans. Based on what facts? I have seen internet claims that less than 30 percent of voters in the US are even registered Democrats. You can look up the number of registered voters in each state on the internet. That is an absolute lie. How did 70 percent of voters vote for Trump and yet millions of people within democrat states and cities deserve no assistance because they voted for democrats? Which is it? Decide already because you’re arguing against yourselves. Was there voter fraud? Probably. Enough to change the election? I have my doubts. Fact is, we will never know. Fact is, the day our politicians were debating an election commission, the capital was stormed by extremists and the legal proceeding that should have taken place could not take place.

Throughout all of this, extremists on both sides of the aisle have been pushing biased news stories and often outright lies. QANON has given date after date over the past year that Trump was going to swoop in and single handedly save the world. There were going to be internet and power blackouts. 5G is a weapon. Covid-19 isn’t real. Cattle medicine is a cure for the imaginary virus. The QANON dates come and go without whatever huge event they predicted happening. There is immediately a new story as to why and a new date. The new date is always near enough to keep followers hanging on every word, but far enough out to buy them time to come up with their next excuse as to “what is really going on”. Predators on websites like Rumble, YouTube, FB, and Twitter are making a financial killing from spinning conspiracy theories. It isn’t just QANON or their followers. I don’t believe it’s just Americans. There are outside bad actors fueling the fear and conspiracies of both extremes. Extremist groups on the far right are growing in number and raging.

I believe we are at risk of a civil war. We do have Marxists trying to take over our country. We also have extremists on the right who believe our US Military is going to temporarily take over our government on or before the 20th. They will keep Trump in power and arrest loads of politicians. They believe our constitution supports the US Government Military taking over our entire government. It does not. The far right believes the election was stolen. The far left constantly pushes them intentionally to an even further extreme stance. As a country, we have to stop letting ourselves be led by emotions such as fear and anger or conspiracy theories.

It was either illegal Mexicans from Norway or black people with pure Swedish bloodlines from Italy.

From reading American news and echo chambers from both sides, I am not sure which specific group or people are responsible for January 6th, 2021. The media is adamant that ANTIFA and the BLM have never looted or rioted anywhere. They have only engaged in absolutely peaceful protests and demonstrations. The Trump supporters are adamant that any destruction or loss of life was not them. I don’t think there were any white people in DC on January 6th, 2021. Chinese people are busy spreading the China Virus as an intentional plot to destroy democracy throughout the world. That only leaves illegal Mexicans from Norway or black people with pure Swedish bloodlines from Italy. I’m not sure which of the two groups it was but everyone else has been eliminated.

Historically, when the US has had problems uniting it’s aggressive and self-professed superhero-saving-the-world-from-oppression citizens, it has picked a foreign country and bombed the living shit out of it. Usually, it’s a middle eastern country. If there are terrorists and oil, all the better. I am apologizing in advance to whichever country tops the list and acquires a target on it’s head. We will probably be on your doorstep soon to liberate your citizens or your neighbors from your government. Americans like to liberate other countries. My best guess for this one is Iran since it keeps threatening the US. The Democrats have a certain level of plausibility in blaming Trump as the instigator. But who knows who our US leaders will sell as the current world threat and oppressor of its people. Rest assured, that’s going to be the answer to lessening the divisiveness in America. It always is. And in the end, it always unifies our country when they find and agree upon a common enemy. If I were a middle eastern leader, I would be really nice to the American government during the next few months.

Followers of the Orange God battle the Borg

Reading or watching the news in the US is like viewing a new Star Trek episode where the Borg are trying to assimilate a band of people following their Orange God.

We have the media and the Democrats actively discussing how Trump supporters must assimilate to their agenda and their hive mind or be hunted down and placed in retraining programs where they will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Assimilate or be hunted down and forced to assimilate or die. Resistance is futile. Only one source of information or view is allowed to be communicated directly into your brain by the hive mind. Resistance is futile.

Did everyone see the article about the PBS lawyer who suggested placing Trump supporter’s children into retraining camps? It was one of the stories on The Drudge Report today. The Borg are not joking about assimilating with their view and mindset. The Borg are planning on coming after the Followers of the Orange God. The Borg do not believe in peace and unity. The Borg believe in assimilating with the hive mind.

Meanwhile, the Followers of the Orange God are and will continue to refuse to assimilate. They would rather die fighting. They will never be assimilated. The Borg should leave them alone and move on to the next population. Borg never learn the real lesson that individuality and freedom of speech and thought cannot be assimilated out of a population. In turn, the Borg are never really defeated but continue to exist as well.

As an aside, Hollywood is dying. No screen writer, movie producer, or artist could possibly create anything as completely impossible NOT to watch as our current real life events. We have twisting and complicated plots and character development. We have action packed adventures. We have protagonists and antagonists. We have life and death scenarios. We have spies and espionage. We have a pandemic. We have natural disasters. We even have Space Force and AI sex robots. Go ahead Hollywood, give it your best try. I don’t think you’re up to the task.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.

Ronaviravich was feeling pleased with the complete chaos in America both herself and her dog Wackadoo had achieved so early in 2021. Wackadoo (aka Q) was, however, angry that she had been censored on so many internet platforms. Wackadoo wanted to go to DC and bite Pelosi and Mitch. Rona had a better idea. Rona decided they had both earned a vacation. She also thought Wackadoo deserved a reward for her hard work and chaos creation. Rona packed up their bags and teleported them directly to Dubai.

The Telegram office was not what Wackadoo expected. She was ecstatic. Wackadoo and Rona’s contact in middle eastern affairs quickly got Wackadoo set up to send encrypted messages to the world. Wackadoo is considering world terrorism as a viable hobby. When their evil plans were cemented, Rona teleported Wackadoo and herself onto a five star cruise ship on de Nile river.

Rona and Wackadoo are currently enjoying drinks and relaxation while sending spells into the night air. The spells are making their way through the jet stream and spreading throughout the US. They are, of course, de Nile spells. We are only beginning to feel their effects.

By April, every Trump supporter will believe there were no white people at the Trump Rally in DC on January 6th. There weren’t even any Trump supporters of any kind in DC. They will believe that DC was filled with ANTIFA dressed as Trump supporters who during an insurrection, broke into the capital building. They will believe Trump is still their president.

By April, every Biden supporter will believe every Trump supporter in the land conspired to murder every politician, hang Pence, and install Trump as our everlasting God on Earth to rule over our lands until Christ’s return.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo are having the best time ever. They are considering extending their vacation…

The lies being spread by the media regarding the attack on the capital building are ridiculous.

As I’ve previously posted, I do not condone violence. I do not condone racism. I do not condone what happened at our capital. I do believe, however, that there are things in life worth fighting for. Our constitution and our country are worth fighting for. I believe up until this point we were able to fight against communism within the bounds of ethical and legal constraints. I’m not sure that ship didn’t sail when the capital was infiltrated and the media and far left began their onslaught of vengeance against all Trump supporters. Most of us denounce the attack on the capital. Most of us denounce violence. Most of us would like a peaceful country going forward.

I watched several live video feeds on the ground in the crowd that day. I watched a frontline video feed of the fencing being taken down. The person doing the live video was right there by the fence talking to the people taking the fencing down. Those were self professed Proud Boy Members. The police weren’t really trying that hard to stop them. Frankly, they looked confused about what they were supposed to do. The group removing the fencing did not fight with the police or anyone else. A Proud Boys member gave the police a thorough ass chewing at one point for not defending our country and constitution. They were on a mission to gain entry not to vandalize and fight. That video feed ended before they reached to door.

I then watched the video feed made by the ANTIFA member inside the capital. He was completely perplexed as to what was happening. At one point, he said, “I’m really stressed out” and went outside to smoke a cigarette before returning to video some more. There were ANTIFA members inside the capital and they were outnumbered by Trump supporters. There was no fighting between the two groups at all on the videos that I watched. ANTIFA looked scared they were going to be attacked and stayed in their own groups. They were never attacked. The kid shooting the video said there were cops with guns pulled at the top of the staircase so they couldn’t go up there. He said the room with the politicians was locked and there had been shooting inside of it. He also said there was no phone signal once you get past a certain point inside the building. This was the kid whose face has been shown on the media as an ANTIFA member being inside the capital. He was, but he was scared to even be there. I don’t know what he did after his live feed ended, but he didn’t do anything but video for quite a while and ask other people what was going on. He was streaming live when they wheeled the woman who was shot in the throat out of the building. Everyone moved back and made room for her to be taken to an ambulance. Shortly after that the video ended.

The attack on the capital building had nothing to do with race. It was either about getting to the computers and laptops, or simply getting in front of the politicians to protest and ask for their resignations. Probably both. The attack was about our corrupt politicians who do not represent any of the American people. It was not about race.

I think the fear from the politicians and the media is that the two groups were on the same side during that entire event. Both were mad at the politicians. ANTIFA was shocked the Trump supporters had the veracity to gain entrance to the building. I saw fear on the faces of ANTIFA. I also watched videos of Trump supporters telling ANTIFA as well as other Trump supporters not to vandalize anything. Obviously, at some point it all went off the rails and the vandalism began. I have seen pictures and videos supporting both. I have also seen a video of a side entrance where armed guards held the doors open for Trump Supporters and let them inside the building. A couple of the people going inside were saying it’s a trap and they’re going to lock us in. I have watched and seen numerous theories etc. I doubt we will ever know the truth.

I do know one thing it wasn’t about. That was race. Zero evidence it was about race. That’s the media and politicians trying to ensure that ANTIFA and Trump supporters fight and blame the other group. ANTIFA is a Marxist group whereas Trump supporters believe in our republic. They don’t want the same outcome but they did have the same grievances about the same people on that day. ANTIFA wasn’t even trying to protest racism. The whole thing was pretty surreal. Nothing about that event had anything to do with racism whatsoever.