An in depth interview with Fluffy the Dog (your write in presidential candidate) about 2A

Fluffy the Dog feels very strongly that US citizens should own and be trained to use guns safely and wisely. She recognizes the exclusion of convicted felons of violent crimes, certain mental disorders, or certain medications. Fluffy the Dog also believes that non violent offenders should be allowed to purchase registered guns after they have served their sentence. Fluffy the Dog does not believe in gun restrictions. Her main concerns are that the ammunition and guns are taxed too highly and the purchase price is rising exponentially. She is deeply concerned about availability. She believes in constitutional carry. It is a right guaranteed by our constitution. She believes state lines are irrelevant.

When shown a selection of her favorite ammunition, she first questioned why there were a few gauges missing. After some thought, she decided that the Varmint rounds are definitely the most fun for her. She enjoys barking and bouncing wildly when they hit their target. It was a tough decision and took her some time, but that is her personal choice just for fun.

Our interview concluded with her response to politicians who are threatening barring certain types of guns, ammunition, magazine capacity, buy back programs, or voluntarily surrendering guns. She showed possible signs of a Texas bloodline. Her response was, “Come and take them!” I’m fairly certain that was a challenge. Fluffy the Dog is not to be trifled with on the subject of 2A.

Fluffy the Dog’s Presidential write-in political platform.

Fluffy the Dog Write-in US Presidential candidate 2020. Unaffiliated political party.

My name is Fluffy the Dog. I am introducing myself as a write-in candidate for the US Presidential election in November, 2020. I do not have any political affiliation. Allow me to present myself and my platform.

  • I believe in the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • I believe we are created equally regardless of race, gender, religion, or income.
  • I believe we as well as the entire world do still have discrimination regarding race, gender, religion, and income.
  • I believe most Americans are against discrimination in any form.
  • I believe in balancing the budget.
  • I believe in downsizing our top heavy government institutions causing most taxpayer money to go to administrative costs due to job duplication and back room political deals.
  • I believe in term limits.
  • I believe in State’s rights.
  • I believe in separation of church and state.
  • I believe in freedom of and from all religions.
  • I believe our country has been successful due to it being a melting pot of cultures rather than a dividing of cultures.
  • I believe in fact based education.
  • I believe some welfare programs are a moral obligation we all share.
  • I believe welfare programs need changed in such a way as to promote education and job training in order to elevate people out of them rather than trapping them inside the system.
  • I believe our country’s future is better when we feed, educate, and provide healthcare to our children and their parents who need to be able to work and raise them. Children do not develop and learn enabling them to become productive members of our society without their basic needs being met. Children are our future.
  • I believe not everyone is meant to be a doctor or scientist. Equal opportunity does not necessarily mean equal outcome. We all have individual talents and all are important. The person serving your food has as much but different value than the person taking your temperature at the doctor’s office. There is value in work and providing for yourself and your family. There is value in contributing to society in a meaningful way. It is irrelevant how you contribute as far as your job description.
  • I believe it is as important for poor and middle class families to be able to have families and children as it is for the wealthy.
  • I believe we will always have poor among us and we do have a moral obligation to help them.
  • I believe your family is more important than your job. Affordable safe daycare and educational systems must be obtainable for everyone. We are a wealthy country. Parents should not have to choose between working to contribute to society and leaving their children in unsafe environments.
  • I believe that the work and value of the American housewife and mother (or father in some cases) is greatly undervalued. I work and raise a puppy. Work is the easier job. Hands down. It’s not even open for a debate.
  • I believe women should be able to have careers and expect the same pay as men when doing the exact same job. Pay should be based on job performance and job difficulty and nothing else. The same applies to the LGBTQ community, race, etc. Work performance should be a stand alone factor when it comes to salary, promotion, and raises. Anything else is irrelevant. Again, I don’t believe we are all suited for every job. It should be talent and skill based. Nothing else.
  • I believe we should be able to terminate someone from their job based on job performance regardless of their sex, race, religion, or sexual preference. Performance is the only measure that matters.
  • I believe that both the far religious right and the far left are so far off the rails that neither side is one in which I can honestly support. I believe I want a mix of both in order to cancel each other out and provide damage control.
  • I believe trade agreements should consider our own citizens first.
  • I believe at times we have a moral duty to intervene in other country’s affairs where human rights are grossly violated. I do not believe oil is a reason to disrupt the middle east. I do not believe we should interfere in other country’s affairs unless it concerns our own well being. We should not throw another country’s population under a bus in order to make financial profit.
  • I believe off shore holding accounts should not be allowed to exist.
  • I believe if you are a US citizen, your money is taxable regardless of the country in which you choose to bank with.
  • I believe in a fair market which we do not currently have. Our government needs to cease bailing out it’s personal, family and business partner’s endeavors. Bailout money should not be used for upper management’s personal benefit while laying off it’s workers. It should not be used for bonuses etc. for CEOs.
  • I believe monopolies that work to the detriment of internet services, food supply and banking should be broken up.
  • I believe we need to hold parents accountable for child support.
  • I believe there is no moral difference between the birth control pill and the morning after pill. They both work in the same way within the same time period. The birth control pill does not always prevent conception. The birth control pill does not always work at all. It has some pretty horrific side affects for many women.
  • I believe men are as accountable for birth control and the raising of their children as women.
  • I believe late term abortions should not be happening, unless it’s to prevent loss of life. However, there are instances where a baby can be safely delivered early preventing permanent physical damage to both the mother and infant. Abortion laws should not be applied to live births but they are.
  • I believe that health decisions should be left between the doctor and the patient.
  • I believe we have an obligation to our society to better our laws in protecting women and children (as well as men in some instances) from sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. We need to offer options and real assistance to victims. We need to automatically sever a rapist’s paternity rights in every state. We need to ensure women are able to gain meaningful employment and safety in order to leave.
  • I believe we as a country need to stop blaming all women, all white men, all religious people, all LGBTQ or all any group for our current situation. The only all that exists is that we are all Americans.
  • I believe we are all accountable for our own actions.
  • I believe we need well trained police.
  • I believe we need programs to assist poor and high crime communities.
  • I believe in prison reform.
  • I believe in funding Medicare and social security as well as no longer allowing that money to be spent elsewhere.
  • I believe social security payments need greatly increased.
  • I believe we need to clear rioting from the streets so actual peaceful protestors can be heard.
  • I believe Covid-19 is being used for political purposes although it is a real virus and is deadly or has lasting health consequences for many. I believe we need a common sense approach rather than an approach based in panic and fear or denial.
  • I believe in returning power and wealth to the common people.
  • I believe our government is supposed to work for the people and not dictate to the people.
  • I believe we need to regulate internet porn.

Most importantly, I believe I am the best candidate even though I am a dog.

Vote Fluffy the Dog for President 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Staying Positive in 2020

Staying positive in 2020 is extremely difficult. Regardless of where we are in the world, we are constantly bombarded with continual crises and a seeming goal of unrest and anarchy.

Give yourself permission to check out from the chaos around you and enjoy whatever it is that brings you inner peace for a little while. I am NOT saying to check out indefinitely and disregard the world around you. I am saying take a break. Go outside or look out the window if you’re stuck indoors and watch the sunrise, sunset, the moon and the stars. Watch the squirrel play in the tree. Play with your pets. Spend time with your kids playing games or just talking. Plan a vacation for an indefinite future date. Read a book. Listen to music. Take a hot bath. Shut off your phone and social media. Do something you enjoy whatever that may be. Ignore the world for a minute. It’ll still be there when you get back. Give yourself permission to tell everyone to go away or just ignore them for long enough to regain yourself.

Pitfalls of the Guy Deal. A buddy of mine…

We all know men who when they need something, their sentence starts with “A buddy of mine….” This buddy is usually a childhood or at the least a years long friend. This guy and all of his buddies are perpetually broke and filled with drama. They live off of an adrenaline rush of seeing who can make the most money or get the better deal by using their inner circle of friends. It always ends badly. Every single time. And yet five minutes later, they’re back at it. It’s endless actions and statements such as, “A buddy of mine can fix your car for you cheaper”, “A buddy of mine is helping do (insert any backroom deal here)”, or simply “A buddy of mine is going to pay me to help him…” Three years later, the car still isn’t fixed but it will be any day now. Someone is mad at someone because one still either owes the other buddy money or return/exchange of some type of property. Throughout all of the drama, the buddies get angry at each other but more often than not remain friends. No one gets anywhere as far as money, financial gain, or whatever problem it was resolved. No one ever moves out of their current financial situation. It’s a complete dead end and financial pitfall. Every friend is in the same financial situation and has been for years. If one friend does happen to get some money, the others quickly spend it all.

This is a social system and is not conducive to business, saving money, getting the best deal, or advancing economically. It maintains the status quo nothing more. If your circle is wealthy, ok. Usually, this circle isn’t wealthy but is broke. Tomorrow they will have money. After the next deal, they will have money. It’s a short term plan that lasts a lifetime for many men.

Do not place your career, livelihood, or supporting your family into this trap. Where ever you are today, is where you will be in ten, fifteen, even twenty years from now. If this is your social side deal that keeps you in contact with your friends and is separate from your real finances, carry on, but good luck. If you gain money, it won’t go to your family or your future. It will go right back into the circle of friends.

The movie Cuties is not about what the religious right is preaching.

I decided to sit down and watch the movie Cuties on Netflix without interruption. It’s a good movie. I think it went over the heads of the religious right. They don’t understand the movie. It does show the sexualization of girls. That was the point. It doesn’t show the sexualization of girls in a positive light. Not if you understood the storyline. I get why they don’t like some of the camera shots etc. I think it could have been done differently, but not with the same effect. The effect is integral to the message. The actual dance routines are the girls copying what they see on music videos and social media, much of which is performed by minors or women who are kids roles models and examples.

Here is my take on this movie. The main character has an absent father who is getting married to his second wife. She is expected to carry out the responsibilities of an adult and expect a life of servitude to her husband some day. Her mother feels tossed aside as well. They are all supposed to be celebrating his wedding to his second wife. Women and girls exist to sexually serve men, bear their children and be their servants. They are raised to believe it’s their sole purpose in life and it should bring them nothing but joy. Expect nothing more while men can literally do whatever they like. Christians, atheists, Muslims, etc., that story is the same for many women and girls throughout the world. The girl meets friends who are in a dance contest, learns to rebel a little a find herself. Throughout this she is dealing with her father choosing a second wife over his current wife and kids. She is dealing with the addition of another woman in her father’s bedroom. She has hit puberty and is dealing with becoming a woman and learning how to deal with life. She is the one who actually sexes up the dance routine. After an incident with some older girls, she posts a nude crotch shot of herself. Her friends tell her they do not want to be hookers and it’s about dancing and not winning and not sex. They admonish her behavior. The contest, of course, is at the same time as her father’s wedding to his additional second wife. During the middle of the contest, she realizes she is supposed to be at his wedding, runs off stage and goes home. Her Auntie berates her but her mother finally stands up for her and tells her that she does not have to go celebrate her father’s wedding. At the end, she is dressed as a young teenager, modern but not looking like a hooker, goes outside and ends up skipping rope with other people who were obviously at the wedding. She learned that she did not have to use sex to find her own path and her mother learned she needs to support her daughter as person not a piece of property to be owned by a man.

The objections are all about pedophilia and sexualizing children. To me, what this movie shows is dead on accurate. The marketing of this movie in the US is what is selling pedophilia. Why? That’s how you get American’s to watch the movie. That is the actual problem. This movie also points out that girls are not being taught about the hormonal changes in their body or sex. The highest teen pregnancy rates in the US are always in conservative states run by the religious right. Biology is a basic fact of life and should be taught. How to take care of and protect yourself should be taught. Both girls and boys have hormones as well as sexual urges when puberty hits. Ignoring biology in girls because of religion is absolutely ridiculous. Sexuality begins long before the age of 18. Biology. Deal with it. Girls get their periods as young as eight years old.

Divided America: Good cannot unite with evil.

Divided countries fall while united countries stand or erupt into civil war. The problem with uniting Americans is the belief that this is a fight of good versus evil. Good cannot compromise and unite with evil and remain good. It isn’t possible. People are preaching unity. We cannot have unity without compromising our basic core values, ethics and beliefs. Not in our current political and social climate. The best we can do in America is to unite good people from all walks of life to fight against the evil permeating our country. All Americans uniting as one? It isn’t going to happen without compromising good. Once you compromise your ethics and morals, there isn’t any division. Evil wins. Good loses. Americans need to understand that unity and compromise are off the table when you start discussing good versus evil.

Good people exist inside all of our political parties. Good people exist within all races, income levels, and ethnic backgrounds. Evil people exist within all groups as well.

There are basic core values and morals which promote a healthy, prosperous and long standing society. When your healthy core values erode, your society breaks down. The result begins as social unrest and ends with civil war or another country or power stepping in and taking over. The power can be gangs, dictators, or simply chaos for a period of time until a leader of some type prevails.

The so called silent majority in America has a lot to answer for in my opinion. Voting is a start but it cannot be all you do to spread your beliefs. Ignoring things like child and adult sex trafficking, domestic abuse, rape within or outside of a marriage, forced pornography, cheating on your spouse or relationship, drug abuse, gangs, allowing rapists and child abusers visitation and parental rights to name a few. The list is long. The silent majority tends to remain silent unless it affects them personally. The silent majority avoids confrontation. The silent majority wants to do their own thing and be left alone. The silent majority has not been acting like the Christians and religious people they claim to be. The silent majority was charged with going out and spreading God’s word/message and being examples. The silent majority was never supposed to be silent. The silent majority has failed this country on every level. We aren’t supposed to be silent. We were never supposed to be silent. The silence has been deafening to abused women and children for decades. The silence has been deafening to people who have experienced discrimination for decades. The silence has been deafening to our own homeless people here in the US. The silence has been deafening to people who have loved ones that have been murdered and their murderer walk free. The silence has been deafening to people who have lost rights guaranteed by our constitution. Silence is acceptance. Nothing more. The silent majority has stood for nothing except oh well, life is hard, sucks for you. The silent majority lacks empathy and compassion for their neighbors. The silent majority has been selfish and self centered. It’s time to stand up and do what you are supposed to do. It’s time to stand up and behave how you are supposed to behave. Stop being silent. Stop being selfish and start giving a crap about other people.

People vote for Democrats in large part because they believe in helping people. They believe everyone deserves food, medicine, and on occasion financial assistance. Republicans as a group don’t really care if someone has access to medical care, food, or shelter. Their mindset is that a cancer patient dying in a bed should get up off their lazy ass and work for their chemotherapy. That raped and pregnant 10 year old girl should feel blessed and thankful she has been given a baby in which she can in some cases share parental rights with her rapist for the next 18 years. She should just be so thankful she gets to be a mother as that is all any woman should want out of life. Republicans’ only responsibility towards anyone other than themselves is to make sure that 10 year old has that baby and that father retains his God given parental rights as a man. Beyond that, it’s not their problem nor do they care. Republicans love to sell the idea of adoption. The reality is that there are thousands of adoptable children in the US everyday. They are waiting sometimes for years or until they age out to be adopted. Babies conceived by rape cannot be put up for adoption unless the father’s rights are terminated. Many states do not grant or guarantee severance of a rapist’s parental rights. Rape has to be proven and is often impossible to prove. Minors don’t have legal rights over their own pregnancy or decisions about their own child after their baby is born in many instances. Republicans are either misinformed or lying about what they are selling on those topics. Republicans are amazing and not in a good way so very often. In short, people who have not had or who know people who haven’t had perfect sheltered lives, often vote for democrats. It makes sense. Republicans, as a party, lack love, compassion and empathy for others. Democrats are going so far to the left that they are more concerned about transgender rights to join girls sports teams and share locker rooms, selling pedophilia as an acceptable sexual orientation, and letting murderers and rapists free that they have put themselves into a position of endangering everyone including those that they claim to protect. At the end of the day, women and children, as usual, bear the bulk of the injury and long term responsibility. Neither party even pretends to make fathers pay child support. If you are a woman, it’s on you to protect, raise and provide for your child and yourself. Often whether you are single or married is irrelevant. There is a girl in Texas right now facing a long term prison sentence because she finally snapped and shot and killed her long term rapist and abuser. Had she left him, there is a 75 percent probability in the US that he would have murdered her. Nothing can devastate and destroy women and children’s lives as quickly and effectively as many of our country’s churches and organized religion. In the 1960s, organized religion still considered interracial marriages a sin. Organized religion overall has not been good to minorities or women. Organized religion often preaches the elevation of white men over everyone else. Organized religion often preaches and places the husband above the wife in the same manner as above the children in a paternal role. The Bible does not. Husband and wife are one. A husband is not in a paternal role over his wife. It’s been fantastic for white men for centuries. Religious people better prepare for their churches and religion to be attacked and an attempt made to eliminate them. Had organized religion not strayed from God’s word, they would not be under attack. They brought that on themselves. The Bible is clear that many churches and people within churches will fall from God during end times. Many will claim to be Christians who are not. Well, they have and they are.

I’ve posted previously on my opinions on the BLM, ANTIFA, riots, looting, discrimination, and police. I’m not rehashing that here.

Within all of this craziness of both political parties and extremists on both ends of the spectrum, are millions of good, solid American citizens. Some are religious and some are not. Yes, there are good atheists as well as good people practicing many different religions. They don’t discriminate. They help their neighbors. They are productive members of society. They obey the law. They support each other and our constitution. They don’t always agree on the best way to handle problems but they want good to come from whatever decision is made or law is passed. They are willing to sit down at the table and reach mutually agreeable solutions. They belong to all races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and income levels. These are the people who need to unite and return our country to peace. The extremists need to be reeled in on both ends of the spectrum. Peace is only going to come from loving our neighbors and enemies, from a place of compassion and empathy. Should we tolerate evil? No. Should we accept evil? No. Should we sacrifice our women and children for transgenders and pedophiles and sex traffickers? No. That is evil in it’s entirety. An adult can choose to be a transgender without sacrificing the safety of women and children or things such as girls sports. Should we allow our police to go unchecked? No. Should we allow gangs to run our neighborhoods? No. Should we continue to consider the crime of stealing a tv as a longer prison sentence than raping and abusing women and children? No. Our priorities in this country are so far off base that it’s ridiculous. And yet we say our laws are based on Christianity. Fixing our laws against crimes perpetrated on women and children would have a significant effect on low income neighborhoods and neighborhoods run by gangs. You want to end discrimination? Fix how you treat women and children. Go after child support and force men to step up. Stop using a child support payment once a year as contact with the child and a prevention of terminating parental rights. By those standards, your tag agent is your child. Start giving parents affordable daycare programs so they can work. Start looking at the benefit to society by enabling parents to work and have someone look after their child instead of having the child join a gang and sell drugs to provide income for the family. Start looking at the long term benefit to society by providing healthcare to people. Sick people can’t work and pay taxes or provide for their families. Kid’s nutrition affects brain development and long term health. Republicans need to step up and give a crap about other people and democrats need to be realistic about what problems actually are in low income neighborhoods run by gangs. Men need to be held accountable in the very least for financially providing support to their kids even if they aren’t capable of being fathers. If a parent is not capable of being a parent, then they need their rights terminated. Children have no legal rights. When it comes to custody, both parents have rights regardless of circumstances. Children need legal rights to be protected from abusive parents.

Everything begins and is a result of how children are raised, what they see and mimic, and what they learn. If we don’t take care of our children, we have no future. Fix our education system and provide good safe education within poor neighborhoods. Simply closing down planned parenthood will not raise or help the children who will be born. Some of them may not be born. They may be killed along with the mother by the father. They may just be beat out of the mother by the father or boyfriend or pimp. Oh right, that isn’t your problem. You did the moral thing and killed them both. Or you did the moral thing and provided a baby for a pedophile. Or you provided a baby to be killed at 6 months old after being tortured to death. Take off your rose colored glasses for a minute before you just close down some women’s only opportunity to even survive. Fund some programs that actually help abused women and children instead of judging them for trying to live. Stop being silent and act like the Christians you claim to be. Showing love, compassion and empathy for others instead of hate and judgement is how people are united.

Return jobs to the US. Get rid of shell companies and overseas tax shelters for the wealthy.

Anti Everything

2020 has been a horrible year. If we can have a cancel culture, here is my anti everything wish list:

  • Racism
  • Coronavirus
  • Explosions
  • Murder
  • Looting
  • Vandalism
  • Far left Democrats
  • Far right Republicans
  • Communism
  • Socialism
  • Murder Hornets
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornados
  • Fire
  • Marxism
  • Hate
  • Karen
  • Fleas
  • Tics
  • Excessively hot weather
  • Poverty
  • A handful of wealthy individuals controlling the world
  • Terrorism
  • Disease
  • Supremacists of any type
  • Censorship
  • Religious extremists
  • Floods
  • Drought
  • Bills
  • Taxes
  • Bullies
  • Cancel culture….crap…..

My son is happy to be back in school.

My son didn’t care for his spring semester homeschool teacher. She made him attend a few zoom meetings and complete his last six weeks’ worth of homework packets. She wasn’t very interested herself. OK, yes, she is me and I was completely done with school when it closed for CoVid-19. My son was more done with school than I was. He completed everything. He got one B and the rest were A’s last year.

Zoom meetings… We both agreed that my laptop would be aimed at a closed door and part of the china cabinet for the entirety of any zoom meetings. The inside of our house is our private space. You don’t get to invite yourself to our house. We invite people whom we choose into our house. However, kids get more out of school than just the classwork. The zoom meetings were more for the teacher and kids to catch up socially. I had zero problems with zoom being about social interaction. I agreed with his actual teacher on how she used the meetings. She helped the kids stay connected socially. That’s a big deal for kids who are being isolated for months. They are being isolated socially when they are supposed to be learning social skills. Lockdowns are going to have long lasting effects on kids. In the last six months, there have been two teenagers in two small towns commit suicide in this area. Isolation is not good for anyone, but can be devastating for kids. To make matters worse, the only thing on news is the crashed economy due to the virus and social unrest. What do kids have to look forward to? Nothing. Absolutely no decent foreseeable future if they are watching the news and cannot connect with their friends. Adults understand that bad times will pass. Kids do not have the emotional or intellectual ability to understand life is ever changing. If you have kids and they are not back in school and/or having social interactions, you better be an active parent or you stand a good chance of losing your child to drugs, violence, depression, or suicide. Sometimes even the most involved parent cannot save their child in times like now.

I had two schools to choose from when regular school resumed this month. My son and I both agreed to move him to the school that is in the town in which we live and a few blocks down the street. The two schools are both taking virus precautions with completely different approaches. My son’s school is wearing masks (he is wearing a face shields). He thinks it’s more comfortable and easier to breath. He is in 5th grade. I’m fine with this choice. His school is taking lots of breaks outside and having recess outdoors with no masks. They all have their own water bottle the carry at all times and can refill. They are still planning on regular sports. As of right now, there have only been 10 cases in our county and they aren’t even all active anymore. No deaths. No cases in our town. He rides his bike to school, eats breakfast, lunch and then they provide a snack at the end of the day. His favorite parts of school are the long amounts of time spent outdoors, the food, and making new friends. He likes his teacher and how she is teaching her classes. He loves the school food. He hated the food at his school last year. This school uses real beef from the local locker plant and feeds the kids high quality food which they will eat. His end of day snack yesterday was an apple, milk, orange juice, and a good quality turkey lunch meat sandwich with cheese. He ate every last bight. Kids do better at school when they are served food they like and will eat. Don’t we all feel better, have more energy, and are more alert when we eat well? Moving him was a great choice. The other school has good things to offer as well. For my son, this is the better choice. We are all hoping and praying that this virus stays out of our area so that school can stay open. I am not holding out too much hope though because the county right beside ours has had a significant increase in cases.

Here is to a happy and safe school year for kids, teachers, school administrators, employees, and parents everywhere!

Employment in the US. How schools being closed are killing jobs.

There are companies seeking employees throughout the US in areas that are not on lockdown. There are companies seeking frontline essential workers throughout the US even if you are in a locked down area.

I recently went onto the employment websites online and what I found was enlightening. If you are living in or near a populated area, there are employers desperately seeking qualified applicants. From what I have had employers tell me, the schools being closed are what is killing the job market. If you have young kids in school and your school has been closed for months, there is at least one parent who was very likely working in the household who is now sitting at home.

If you don’t have kids and you’re online or out in public being obnoxious about what do parents normally do when school is out for the summer, let me explain adult life to you when you have children. School is normally out for maybe 10 weeks during the summer depending on where you live. During those 10 weeks, you have a variety of summer camps as well as activities to keep your kids active, healthy, and busy. They are mostly closed due to Covid-19. You have vacation bible school and relatives in other towns for kids to go visit. You have local recreation centers and daycare activities. Closed in many areas. You have grandma and grandpa who can watch the kids for limited time periods. You normally schedule vacation time for family vacations during the summer. You can trade off for a few days here and there with other parents to keep everyone going and kids supervised and busy. 10 weeks and 4-5 months are completely different. It’s not rocket science. If you don’t have kids, mind your own business because you have no idea what you’re talking about. Even older kids are easier to keep out of trouble for 10 weeks than 4-5 months. Go look in the mirror. How are you as an adult handling a few weeks of lockdowns versus months? Probably not very well and you’re supposed to be an adult.