Wackadoo designs a shock collar program for politicians.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Wackadoo decided to take matters of the US Government into her own paws since the rest of the country seemed unable to reel in their elitist and “we know best for you” attitudes. Politicians are public servants who are supposed to represent the people. Wackadoo, being a dog and having dealt with the fence at the US Capitol, decided a shock collar program for elected US government officials is the obvious solution.

Wackadoo outlined the following plan to Ronaviravich. Ronaviravich perfected and wrote it for her on official US Presidential paper to be bound into an executive order in one of their fancy blue books. They both understand Biden signs anything placed in front of him during a news conference. He has no idea what any of it is. This won’t be any different. Steve can deliver it and place it in the next stack. Biden will be seen as a hero, or be committed to a nursing home for mental deficiency and self endangerment. Either way.

By order of executive action, every elected official will be required to wear a shock collar while in session at both the state and federal levels. Every registered voter shall receive an activation device for their own elected officials from their districts and states. All state and federal sessions will be televised on free public television and the internet. At anytime the voter feels their representative is not representing them, they can activate the device sending a shock to their elected representative. If an elected official receives 10,000 or more shocks within 1 minute, the collar will deliver a shock equal to a stun gun. Voting as well as any other proceedings will continue while the representative is incapacitated. They may rejoin upon regaining consciousness and control over their body. If a representative is incapacitated more than 10 times during one session, they are not allowed to speak or vote for the remainder of that session. If 50 or more representatives remain conscious and able to continue their duties, the session may continue and all votes count and are final. If fewer than 50 remain conscious, the session is over for the day. Their pay is docked. In addition, they will be shocked if they are not within the fence during session. They will continue to be shocked until they get inside the fence. There will be no more not showing up for work. The rest of the country has to show up for work. So do elected officials. A medical emergency will be the only exemption. Like the rest of the workers in the US, they will have to show medical documentation detailing why they were unable to work. If American citizen’s employers can violate HIPPA laws, so can yours.

Finally, American citizens will be able to track where their representatives are every minute of every day. Their activation device will include the tracking program. The screen will show the number and ages of people within a 25 foot proximity. Minors will immediately be shown on the FBI screens. This will eliminate any future misconduct involving minors in the future. Again, if the US Government is allowed to track US citizen’s, then citizens have the right to track their employees (otherwise referred to as politicians).

The shock collars include the GPS tracking device as well as a government database link enabling the ages of minors to be shown on the screen. Collars are to be worn for the duration of the term or until the replacement neural implant can be installed in their brain.

Wackadoo and Rovaviravich are currently testing the collars on wildlife in the Colorado mountains near their cave. Human trials will begin by the end of 2021.


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