The US needs to divorce itself.

I haven’t written much the last two weeks because I have been completely irritated with the US. Everyone is angry, including myself. Our government is completely out of control. Both sides are intent on mandating a multitude of laws to further their own interests, power, wealth, and beliefs. Neither side cares if the country is livable for anyone who doesn’t agree with their view.

The Republicans are only concerned that our laws mandate the Bible’s teachings. They think they are God, but the truth is that God gives people a choice and free will. The Republican Party does not. They are so far off the rails, that they genuinely want to persecute anyone who doesn’t agree with their religious beliefs. History shows us how this ends. At least one of the legislators in Oklahoma, while passing a complete ban on all abortion with no exceptions for anything and a ban on teaching critical race theory, stated there is no racism in America. None at all from any white people. Someone should send this asshat some information about where to join the local KKK groups and other white supremacy groups across our country. Or maybe he just needs to admit he is a racist because no one can possibly be that stupid. Oklahoma also has the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in the US, they don’t require sex education in their schools, and their public schools rank in the lowest five in the nation. Oklahoma has declared itself a 2A sanctuary state. Abortion is immoral because killing is a sin. Killing someone with a gun is not really killing if it’s self defense or to protect against a tyrannical government. Because you know, the Bible specifically does NOT say any such thing. Jesus said to turn the other cheek. The Bible says, “Thou shalt not kill”…. and nothing more. You know, there are no exceptions. This argument makes Republicans immediately meltdown and start screaming about how they hate liberals. There isn’t a valid argument where one is ok and the other is not from a strictly Biblical standpoint. Killing is killing. It’s pretty black and white. Personally, I believe in freedom. Americans have religious freedom. We have personal rights over our own lives, bodies, health, religion, and choices. I believe 2A is a necessary evil. I believe in pro choice. I believe in self defense. I am not perfect nor is anyone else. I will never willingly give up any of my freedoms nor will I give up my guns or register them. I will never willingly follow a government mandated religion. I will follow my own faith in God not yours. I thoroughly suck at being a sheep for the far right white male supremacist extremists. You know, the Republican politicians.

Biden is our new dictator sitting in DC mandating through executive order the running of our country. Neither Biden nor his administration believe American citizens should have any say in their own lives or in government.

The Democrats are pushing for socialism or Marxism or communism. I am not even sure which at this point. I don’t think they do either. The Republicans are pushing for a return of complete straight white male supremacy. I am to the point that I don’t care if they all kill each other. Have at it, but can you leave the rest of us alone? Oh wait, you need your plebian workers whenever you figure out which small group owns and controls the world. The last man standing. There can be only one. Blah, blah, blah.

Is the fence around the Capitol to keep our government locked inside or to keep the people out? I’m starting to wonder if we shouldn’t be focusing on that fence instead of the one on our southern border. Our government, both Republican and Democrat, is completely off the rails out of control. None of them are serving the people. They’re all serving their own self interest and financial backers. They’re all trying to force their own personal beliefs onto everyone in our country. They all suck. We the people would like to file for divorce from our government. We the people would like custody of our country and all of our people of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.


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