Dear world, Please demand the US export vaccines and the materials needed to produce vaccines.

I understand why the US initially put the brakes on exporting materials used in making Covid-19 vaccines. The US wanted to produce as many as possible as quickly as possible. We thought we could do it faster. We have the money and the resources. We also wanted to ensure we had enough vaccines for our own people.

The US is quickly hitting a wall of those who wanted the vaccine have already gotten the vaccine. The people who don’t want it and/or don’t want it administered to their children are looking at forced vaccinations in order to go to work or school. We literally have vaccines sitting on shelves not being administered. A large portion of the US would dearly love to ship you as many vaccines as you want. Right now. Today. I am not an anti vaxer. However, long term side effects will not be known for several years or possibly decades. We already know several short term and potentially deadly side effects. They are relatively low percentage wise. A few people in my area have gotten sicker from the second dose than a lot of people in my area did from the actual virus. I certainly encouraged my parents who are in their 80s to take the vaccine. For some, it’s worth the risk but for others it is not. A lot of people in the area in which I live have already had Covid-19. Most of them weren’t terribly sick. A few were and were hospitalized. We lost a few older people who were in poor health. At one point, the county right next to me had the highest infection rate in the country. Our schools are all open and have been all year. They were wearing masks but I believe all of the surrounding schools have stopped that nonsense. Covid-19 was NOT spread in any of the schools. It was spread in social gatherings at people’s houses. No, we never stopped doing that. Some of our schools even had Proms last year. They just had them off school property. There are very few cases in this area now. I am not sure what percentage have taken the vaccines, but I do know it’s less than 40 percent. Our area has been turning down vaccine shipments except for a few select pharmacies and hospitals for the most part. I don’t know of anyone in this area who cannot go get a shot if they want one. The people left don’t want one. There are other areas of the country who are the same.

I don’t believe the US should start trying to force vaccines onto children when they have not been spreading the virus. I don’t believe untested vaccines should be forced onto anyone anywhere. There are areas of the world who do not have our hospital capacity and resources for people who do need hospitalized. There are countries who have yet to receive any vaccines and have virtually no medical care for their people. It’s time for the US to start shipping out vaccines in quantity to other countries in need. If we don’t, I still have to question whether or not the virus was manufactured or at least cultured in a lab. My own personal opinion is that it did come from a lab. That’s just my opinion and you are free to have your own. I have to question if population control isn’t in play. We have no business holding vaccines in the US and discussing forcing adults and children to take them when there are countries who have no or not enough vaccines and medical resources. The US should be shipping out Covid-19 vaccines right now. Today!


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