Ronaviravich summons Joseph Goebbels.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo have reached the conclusion that a larger media and cultural influence than QAnon is now needed. Whoever controls the media, controls the country. Who better to consult with than Goebbels himself? Goebbels was largely responsible for both Hitler’s and the National Socialist German Worker’s Party’s (NSDAP) rise to power. This was what became known as the Nazi Party. Goebbels was appointed by Hitler as the propaganda director for NSDAP. Nothing was published, printed or officially spoken under Hitler’s reign without going through Goebbels. Without Goebbels, there would have been no Fuhrer and no Nazism. Rona and Wackadoo both despise Nazis, but Goebbels was a master propaganda artist.

Rona cast her summoning spell.

Rona and Wackadoo gazed impatiently into the smoky cave air as it slowly formed into the shape of Goebbels. Wackadoo had to squelch the urge to growl and bite at Goebbels’ spirit. It wreaked of death and torture. Rona had to squelch the urge to send him straight back to the fiery pits of hades. However, she needed his expertise. As for Goebbels, he was not happy to be back on earth. He had been enjoying his current post as Lucifer’s Director of Propaganda both on Earth and in Hades. His own suicide had resulted in the biggest promotion he had ever received or hope to receive for all of eternity. Goebbels was affronted that Rona and Wackadoo hadn’t realized he has been guiding the path of big tech and media in the US as well as globally. Goebbels considered the past few decades as his best work ever. It had been too gradual and insidious for people to see or understand. It had been executed perfectly. Freedom of speech and the press are in their final death throes throughout the world. Diversity of thought and opinion is almost illegal. There can be only one view. There can be only one political party. Goebbels ranted relentlessly about his accomplishments. Wackadoo finally bit him. Ronaviravich dispersed his spirit into oblivion. Lucifer will have to find a replacement for Goebbels.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo took a walk through the mountains while Goebbels’ stench dispersed from their cave. They needed fresh air and time to devise a new strategy for the future.


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