Uncle Sam surprises Ronaviravich.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Rona was sipping her tea in her rocker in front of the fire after enjoying a supper of rabbit stew. Wackadoo lay snoozing on the carpet by her feet. It was a peaceful, uneventful evening.

At least it was, until the trapdoor underneath the carpet flew open throwing Wackadoo across the cave. Rona’s first thought was, “Biden is wandering lost through the tunnels again!” Rona always got a chuckle when thinking about all the memes people created unknowingly showing Biden popping up from the tunnels through her living room floor. Biden has never been in his own basement. He can’t find it. He keeps ending up inside of her cave at all hours of the day and night. Biden caused Rona nightmares for months. Her very own nightmares travelled out into the ether carrying visions of Biden emerging from the trap door in her floor. People assumed Biden was hiding from Covid-19 in his basement. Memes were created. Rona was about to send for Steve to come and fetch Biden again when she saw the star spangled top hat emerging through the floor. Her next thought, “Biden has been out with his friend Jose Cuervo and stolen his brother’s suit again.” Uncle Joe and Uncle Sam have played merciless pranks on each other for decades. Rona cannot even count the number of times Joe has stolen and worn Sam’s favorite star spangled suit and top hat. It always thoroughly irritated Sam. Then she realized, it was indeed Uncle Sam.

She sat and watched a dust covered, bruised and battered, sickly Uncle Sam emerge from her floor. Uncle Sam collapsed into the other chair. Rona brought him tea and warmed up rabbit stew while watching him slowly recover. Finally, Uncle Sam was ready to tell her why he was there. Uncle Sam had refused to take any of the Covid-19 vaccines. WuWu had visited him and made him sick. People were demonstrating all over his country, looting, and destroying businesses. People were broke and starving or obscenely wealthy and growing wealthier on the backs of the poor. Extremists were running roughshod everywhere. He was sick and tired. He was angry. He wanted to talk about Steve, the Secret Service Agent Rona keeps summoning to do her bidding. Uncle Sam told Rona that Steve has been a loyal agent and should not be repeatedly pushed down the mountainside, drugged, and false memories implanted inside his head by her spells. Uncle Sam told Rona that Steve should be allowed to use the tunnels and retain his knowledge of her existence and the location of her cave. Ronaviravich told Uncle Sam he was delusional from fever. Ronaviravich told Uncle Sam that he will recover as always. He has faced worse threats. Ronaviravich would never stop pushing Steve down the mountainside. Steve would never be allowed to remember her or her location upon penalty of death. Ronaviravich flatly told Uncle Sam no. Uncle Sam merely said that he had been told no more and more frequently of late. Then he fell fast asleep for many hours in her chair.


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