Whatever happened to Miss Filthy Mask?

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

After defeating Ronaviravich in the child’s dirty face mask challenge, Wackadoo kept Miss Filthy Mask as her guest for one month. The two enjoyed sleeping on Rona’s bed while Rona spent her nights searching for the girl’s true identity. Clearly, Wackadoo would not have become enamored so quickly with just any filthy orphan girl residing in a tent city.

Rona searched using every skrying method she knew to no avail. She searched every religion’s and myth’s history in every culture all the way back to the beginning of time. Every lead she followed ended up in the same place. The Christian, First Horseman, Pestilence was the only possible choice. But a girl? Where is her crown, bow, and white horse? Rona was truly perplexed. Does Miss Filthy Mask know she is destined to grow into the First Horseman? Does Miss Filthy Mask know she is transgender? Did the men translating the Bible from it’s original language presume Pestilence to be a man when in fact Pestilence will be a woman or have no gender at all? Will she morph into more of a spiritual being instead of one with a gender and human form as she reaches adulthood? How old is she really and how long will it take her to reach maturity? Is Miss Filthy Mask’s destiny a matter of choice? Is she truly just Miss Filthy Mask if that is who she decides to be? Too many theological questions with no definitive answers. Rona does not believe one’s path to be preordained. Rona has grown fond of the girl and is undecided as to what path she should set her feet upon. Finally, Rona concludes sending her to the Russian mountains to live with Mavra, her White Siberian Tiger ally, to be her best option. Mavra will keep her safe until the world is ready for her arrival. Rona has no intention of telling Miss Filthy Mask who she believes her to be. Rona intends to watch and wait to see how this all plays out. Rona also intends to search for the other three horsemen. It appears as if the fate of the world hangs in the balance.


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