Ronaviravich, Joe, and the state of Georgia’s new voter law.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Joe is plenty upset about the new voter law passed in Georgia. He said he is considering sanctions against Georgia. Ronaviravich has been observing Joe through her crystal ball in her cave. Finally, she decides to suggest a list of sanctions to impose upon Georgia. Ronaviravich quickly composed the following document to be picked up and delivered by Steve immediately.

Dear Joe,

Russia has continued to interfere in elections on a global scale. Their continued occupation of the Georgian regions of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali coupled with their disruption in the Black Sea region, can no longer be tolerated. Both Delta Airlines public denouncement of the new voter law in Georgia and Major League Baseball’s refusal to play any games in Georgia are merely the tip of the iceberg as to the retribution Georgia should receive. The US Federal Government should enact the following sanctions upon Georgia in order to encourage them to ensure democracy and fairness and faith in elections.

  • The US Government shall suspend all international trade with Georgia.
  • The US Government shall suspend all international flights originating or including Georgia as their final destination.
  • The US Government shall suspend Georgia and it’s residents Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat and Facebook accounts.
  • The US Government shall fine any sporting events held inside Georgia involving teams living outside the region.
  • The US Government will forbid any use of the Russian language inside the US either in written or spoken form.

I recommend advising all sanctions shall be imposed until SB202 is repealed by Georgia. As it stands, Georgia is not behaving in a manner acceptable by the UN, NWO, WHO, EU, or any other alphabet entity. I further recommend the consideration of sanctions against Russia if they continue to interfere in foreign elections and occupy foreign countries. You must ensure the sovereignty of all nations and states throughout the world to decide their own voting as well as other laws.

On a side note, I saw where one of the dogs pooped in an unauthorized pooping zone. I warned you not to continue feeding Trump ballots to Major. I’ll be speaking with Jill about which dog and what caused the incident.

Lastly, after the Border Patrol found and returned Jose to the White House, I was advised you sent him to the orchards in Florida to pick limes. You may want to reconsider this decision.


Your trusted Ancient Gypsy Advisor

Ronaviravich is currently sitting outside her cave laughing at Joe while awaiting Steve’s arrival.

The following is a link to a Savannah, Georgia news article that includes a link to SB202. It is a 98 page bill. I suggest reading it for yourself before believing anything on the internet or news.

Georgia voting bill details: What to know about controversial SB 202 (


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