Shenanigans…Ronaviravich, Wackadoo and WuWu…the Ever Given

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Even Ronaviravich, Wackadoo, and WuWu need an occasional vacation from the drudgery of running the world. Ronaviravich retrieved WuWu from Brazil and the three set off on a quick vacation to Egypt. Their only purpose was to engage in shenanigans. The Ever Given was quite possibly the best shenanigan Ronaviravich, Wackadoo, and WuWu have ever cooked up. The three had stowed away inside one of the cargo containers. As the Ever Given chugged along enjoying a peaceful journey through the Suez Canal, the three exited the container. Ronaviravich remained on deck conjuring a windstorm. WuWu and Wackadoo went straight to the ship’s navigator. WuWu repeatedly and viciously dive bombed the navigator. Wackadoo started talking. As you well know, Wackadoo is a dog. Wackadoo told the navigator to run for his life. Wackadoo told the navigator that WuWu is the ancient gypsy Ronaviravich’s cursed bat and the source of the coronavirus. Wackadoo just kept talking. The navigator immediately thought he was losing his mind or the mushrooms in his lunch were bad. Endless scenarios danced through his head. Maybe someone had poisoned him? Does he have Covid-19 already? Does Covid-19 cause hallucinations? He rammed the Ever Given onto land, jumped ship and ran for his life.

Laughing hysterically, the three exited the Ever Given right behind the navigator. Ronaviravich dropped WuWu off at the refugee processing camps on the US and Mexican border. Wackadoo returned with Ronaviravich to their cave in the Colorado mountains where she is now working on new QAnon posts. Ronaviravich is consulting her tarot cards and foretelling the world’s future.

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