Mavra seeks Ronaviravich’s counsel

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Mavra is a proud male White Siberian Tiger. He lives on the mountain range of Sikhote-Alin in eastern Russia. He is one of the last of his kind thriving on the harsh but beautiful mountain range. Mavra’s name means dark individual. His father had named him understanding he would need the strength, pride and resilience of his lineage in order to survive. Mavra’s father understood that tigers, especially white tigers, need a darkness within in order to do what is necessary to survive. Mavra’s father taught him to dislike and avoid humans, Ronaviravich being the only exception. Mavra had been introduced to Rona as a young cub. Rona immediately loved Mavra and placed him under a stealth and protection spell. Rona has kept a watchful eye over Mavra throughout his lifetime.

A few days ago, the Coca-Cola polar bears were fired for being too white. They headed straight to Mother Russia and Mavra’s den in the mountains. Mavra had already heard of their plight and knew they were on their way. Mavra’s first inclination was to tell them to head straight back to Coca-Cola headquarters and eat all of the executives they could find. Rona’s stealth protection spell kicked in and the knowledge of horrible retaliation and repercussion appeared inside of his head. File a discrimination lawsuit? Mavra has no patience for frivolous human lawsuits and attorneys. The one attorney he had eaten was full of fat and bitter to the taste. Mavra never did discover what an American attorney headed to see Snowden was doing on his mountaintop. It didn’t really matter at the time. Mavra had been hungry. Mavra had eaten him. But still, this didn’t seem like a good solution for the bears. Mavra thought long and hard about the situation while waiting on the bears to arrive. He came up with nothing viable that would not put the white bears in danger. He telepathically called out to Ronaviravich for her counsel.

Ronaviravich, having the knowledge of foretelling, was prepared for Mavra’s call. Wackadoo, sitting by her side, joined the conversation. Wackadoo updated Mavra on Major’s declining digestive state and health caused by Biden and Pelosi forcing him to eat all of the hidden Trump ballots. By the time Wackadoo was done with her story, Mavra was convinced eating everything is not always a good solution. Mavra felt better already about discarding his idea of eating the Coca-Cola executives. Ronaviravich counseled Mavra to tell the bears of her cursed bat WuWu’s arrival back into the US. Rona advised Mavra she would wait until he spoke with the bears before sending WuWu to exact revenge on Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, both herself and Wackadoo had already produced and dispersed memes and anti Coca-Cola rhetoric throughout the internet. She had always found the best way to make a corporation suffer was to hit their pocket book. Ronaviravich also counseled Mavra to remain hidden on his mountain range. Anything white and male is currently being hunted, destroyed, killed or cancelled. Possibly even eaten. Mavra, not wanting to leave his home in Russia, readily agreed.

Upon the bears arrival, Mavra told them of his conversation with Rona and Wackadoo. The bears are concerned over Major’s health. The bears are happy to be out of the US now that WuWu has returned. Even Mavra and the bears know of WuWu’s evil disposition, curse and banishment. The bears are heading to the icy shores of Russia. They are done with humanity. WuWu can do whatever he wants with their blessing. Mavra delightedly reported back to Ronaviravich.

Ronaviravich quickly contacted WuWu.

WuWu is in flight…


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