Biden fights the Neanderthal Armies

Our ever unifying president is now battling the Neanderthal armies of both Texas and Mississippi. The Neanderthals have thrown off their masks and are reopening their states. They have donned animal skin clothing and shoes (leather boots, belts, purses, wallets, coats and hats). They are carrying weapons (guns and knives). They are hunting wild animals and cooking them on open fires outside their caves (grilling steaks on their backyard grill). There is the sound of gatherings and strange chanting in the air (church worship). There are females swinging from tree vines (strippers pole dancing in strip clubs). They are playing native music that reverberates across the battlefield (country music, blues, and jazz live concerts). Did I just hear a banjo straight out of Deliverance? Are more southern states planning on joining the Neanderthal army? The apocalypse is nigh. Or it isn’t.


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