Wackadoo gets motion sickness from watching Jen Psaki circling back.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Wackadoo has been visiting Major and living in the White House these past few weeks. The two regularly watch the White House press conferences given by Jen Psaki. Wackadoo, being a dog, considers herself a professional level tail chaser. She can circle back, chasing her tail at supersonic velocity for extended time periods when necessary. During the first few press conferences, Wackadoo became seriously ill with motion sickness watching Jen circle back. Wackadoo made it her practice since the onslaught of severe vomiting and dizziness to dose herself with Dramamine before watching anymore press conferences. Alas, the Dramamine is no longer strong enough to allow any future viewings. Wackadoo grows dizzy and must lie down with the mere mention of a press conference. The immediate technicolor vision of the human Ginger circling back trying to find and catch her tail has grown too stressful. Wackadoo has suffered severe nightmares and social anxiety. She is awaiting the White House veterinarian to prescribe her medication for PTSD before she returns to Ronaviravich and their secret cave in the mountains of Colorado.

Wackadoo has already reported to Ronaviravich that no sign of intelligence can be found in DC and the Ginger must go. Ronaviravich is impatiently awaiting the return of Wackadoo.


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