Major’s last minute confession to Wackadoo: He ate the Trump ballots.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Major, suffering from the ever increasing guilt festering inside his intestines, confessed a secret he had been keeping from Wackadoo since her arrival at the White House. As Wackadoo waited on the White House veterinarian to bring her PTSD medication, Major finally decided to make the greatest confession ever uttered from inside the White House walls.

Major confessed that Trump might have won the election in 2020. No one will ever know for sure. During the vote counting, Pelosi and Biden began to receive shipments of ballots from all over the country with votes for Trump. They kept them all secured until Biden and Major took up residence inside the White House. After January 6th, both Pelosi and Biden realized the ballots must be destroyed forever preventing any future recount. Together they concocted a scheme to feed them all to Major. The White House lawn quickly became covered with mounds of pooped out Trump ballots. They worried that QANON might discover what happened and try to collect the excreted ballots and paste them together. Pelosi quickly came up with the permanent fencing and added security around Capitol Hill. Major could excrete the ballots safely behind the fencing for as long as deemed necessary.

The White House veterinarian had overheard most of the conversation before entering the room to give Wackadoo her PTSD meds. The veterinarian prescribed laxatives for Major while explaining the festering in Major’s bowels is being caused by the ballots.

Wackadoo, thoroughly grossed out and disgusted by DC, headed back to Colorado.


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