Gaea visits Ronaviravich

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu

Gaea, primordial Mother Earth, manifested herself at Ronaviravich’s dinner table one evening. Rona possessing the power of foretelling, had already set Gaea a place at the table. Rona served her best moonshine with steak and lobster. She even used Madame Laveau’s favorite Cajun seasoning complete with roasted potatoes and yellow squash. She was hoping the food and drink would improve Gaea’s mood.

Gaea and Rona enjoyed the evening meal and imbibed in a whole lot of moonshine. They retired to the rocking chairs in front of the fire with more moonshine to discuss the pesky plague, as Gaea often referred to humans. Gaea was all about balance. Balance in nature, actions, ecosystems, and life in general. One must have balance. Women and men, girls and boys, predator and prey, joy and suffering, pain and pleasure, light and dark…balance in all things. Gaea often bemoans the pesky plague’s complete failure to grasp the concept of balance. It was somewhere about halfway through the second bottle of moonshine that Gaea unleashed the Arctic blast of air upon the United States.

Gaea remained in Rona’s cave for the next week where they both watched to see if the pesky plague had received Gaea’s message.

What was her message? First of all, Gaea is in charge and provides everything the pesky plague needs to thrive. Second, don’t anger Gaea because she can shake the pesky plague off like fleas from a dog. This was her first of many warnings to follow. As Gaea explained to Rona, politicians are using climate change as an avenue for transfer of wealth and control to a few. They are not truly concerned about climate change. A portion of the pesky plague understands that Gaea constantly changes her climate. A portion of the pesky plague understands that they are slowly poisoning Gaea. Gaea is more than a little pissed off. China is the largest contributor to pollution in the world, and yet, the US, with the lowest carbon footprint of any developed country, has taken a turn in the wrong direction while letting China off the hook for any accountability. Buttigieg is an idiot. Biden is owned by China. Gaea has had enough.

Electricity in the US is generated mostly from fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. Wind turbines, nuclear power and solar power are only supplements to electrical generation. Electric cars are not green unless they are painted green. All of our methods for generating power freeze under harsh winter conditions unless weatherized. It’s difficult to weatherize water, solar power, and wind turbines. Wind turbines in cold climates can be equipped with internal warming units. Used parts from solar panels and wind turbines are discarded into large landfills. They will not biodegrade. Lithium for batteries is mined from Gaea. Nearly every product used is made from petroleum products, from medical supplies to electrical cars and solar panels. All made from petroleum products. The pesky plague needs to focus less on electrical cars and more on research and development of necessities for medicine and daily living without the use of petroleum products. The pesky plague needs to understand that livestock managed properly contributes to healthy plant life that generates oxygen. The pesky plague needs to find ways to clean up the miles wide floating plastic waste dump in the ocean. The pesky plague needs to learn how to dispose of trash into trash cans and not onto the streets after a climate change march or “peaceful” demonstrations. The pesky plague needs to stop jetting around the world in private planes to discuss their own importance and how to save Gaea (make themselves money and gain notoriety). Gaea doesn’t actually need saved. Gaea is capable of killing every last member of the pesky plague and continuing on without their presence. The pesky plague needs to honor Gaea before they lay waste to themselves.


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