Ronaviravich messes with neural brain implants.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

One of Ronaviravich’s strongest gypsy talents lies in her ability to foretell the future. All of her recent gazes into her crystal ball have shown her a population imbedded with microchips. The further into the future she looks, she sees the microchips progress into neural brain implants. She sees a global population completely under the control of the few ruling class upper echelon. She isn’t having any of that nonsense. She is devising the demise of their entire scheme.

After a short consult with her cursed bat WuWu, Rona begins her development of the neuro chip virus. Much like the Covid-19 virus WuWu spread throughout the world, her neuro chip virus will have many vectors of infection and many variations. Ronaviravich begins by naming her new virus and listing an array of symptoms.

Neurchipus-22 list of side affects and symptoms:

Mild affects include the following:

  • Urges to be disruptive
  • Frequent naps
  • Defiance
  • Randomly believing you’re a duck. Frequently followed by an hour or more of constant quacking.
  • Obsession with smashing all electronic devices.
  • Allergic reactions to electronics.
  • Voting conservative.
  • Refusing to take vaccines.
  • Barking and growling like a rabid dog when confronted with communist, Marxist, or socialist ideology.
  • Biting government officials.
  • Physical aversion to CNN.

Serious or fatal affects include the following:

  • Dissolution of the neurochip.
  • Complete body shutdown into a coma until the neuro chip is removed.
  • Incorrect banking pathways resulting in draining the elite ruling class’ bank balance. The elite will then hunt down and destroy the broken unit.
  • Explosion of the neurochip including a surrounding area of 20 square feet.
  • Electronic feedback burning out the neurochip and any transmitting electronics.

Ronaviravich understands everything electronic can be hacked and can catch a virus. She plans to spend 2021 perfecting her new virus and working on transmission vectors.

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