Ronaviravich laughs at the wealthy elite.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Today Rona rocks in her chair beside the fire contemplating the cyclic nature of history and it’s doomed repeated failures. Rona remembers being a European Gypsy in her young adult years. She remembers the oppression of her people. She remembers the medieval kings, queens and land barons holding their peasant populations in fear and poverty. She remembers the war for independence America fought against the tyranny of England. She remembers the slaves in America fighting for their freedom. She remembers thousands of years of women fighting against oppression from men. Ronaviravich understands wealth, power, control, and oppression. Ronaviravich understands the elite rule through fear. Fear that you can’t feed your family. Fear that you will be jailed or executed. Fear that you have no medical resources. Fear of your neighbor. Fear of change. Fear of disease. Ronaviravich understands it has always been and always will be a fleeting victory for a handful of people before their terrible often bloody fall from their ivory towers. Never has the oppressor of any group remained in power. Ronaviravich understands the few in power get greedy and go to far. The peasants always revolt. The peasants always eventually win. Always. It sometimes takes generations and much pain and suffering before the peasants realize they have always had and always will retain the power through their sheer numbers as well as their willingness and ability to learn the skills to feed and cloth the people. Wealthy elitist rulers retain no skills aside from ruling and having others provide for them. They cannot provide for themselves. Peasants are stronger than their rulers in every way that matters. Rulers have always and will always fear peasants.

Ronaviravich further reflects on the point in which oppression becomes unbearable and true uprisings begin. For the married woman (or sometimes man) trapped in an abusive marriage, it’s the point at which she or he thinks they will be killed by their spouse. They have nothing to lose. It’s kill or be killed. For starving populations, it’s when food and medical supplies run out. For religious people, it’s when the church that offers them everlasting life is threatened. They are fighting for their eternal souls and no longer for their day to day existence. For some, the breaking point is poverty and loss of everything in which they invested throughout their lives (their home, their business, their freedom). For some, it is for their children’s future. For some, it is lockdowns and masks removing their freedom to live and enjoy life. Everyone has a different breaking point, but when it is reached, all bets are off. There is no more fear.

Ronaviravich, being an ancient gypsy, has always been on the side of the peasants. She adores chaos. There is no chaos under communism and tyranny. There is only fear and oppression. It’s simply no fun for her. What to do…

Ronaviravich knows conservatives voted for Trump in part because their voices were not heard by their wealthy elitist rulers. She understands Trump united many of the peasants. Now the peasants are a threat. They have awakened. Ronaviravich understands the peasants no longer have fear. The more the Democrats and wealthy go after Trump, the more united the peasants become. The more censorship, threats, loss of jobs, personal attacks, slander, etc., the more they will continue to unite. The Democrats retain control over their voters through fear of Trump supporters, fear of Covid-19, fear of climate change, fear of guns, fear of LGBTIQ losing rights, fear of police, fear of racism, fear of Russia, and through any other fear they can contrive and sell on mainstream media. Ronaviravich also understands that if all of the peasant groups were to unite, the wealthy elitist rulers would be dead in their tracks. They would cease to have power. The Democratic Party and the media is selling fear and hate amongst the peasants in order to retain their power.

Ronaviravich believes if she continues to aid entities like Bank of America in unethically if not illegally assisting the FBI in hunting Trump supporters, she can further awaken and anger the peasants. Ronaviravich plans to uncover more unethical practices by the wealthy elite as time progresses. Meanwhile, she is thoroughly amused by the fear shown in the fence built around the capital as well as the reinforced troops in DC.

Ronaviravich plans to enjoy watching the Senate impeachment trial of Trump. She knows it is the best possible way to further unite the peasants. Martyrs are historically the best uniting factor in sealing and truly setting off a lasting full force peasant rebellion. The wealthy elitist rulers did not understand why Trump won in 2016. They do not understand why his supporters are not fearful. They do not understand that they are keeping him in the limelight and in power through their own vengeance. They do not understand they are making the extremist groups more emboldened and angered. They do not understand that they are making the average conservative angrier by the minute with their constant attacks on freedom of speech and the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They do not understand that the fear is gone in conservatives…

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