WuWu’s Illegitimate Children

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Months ago, Ronaviravich cursed and banished her favorite bat WuWu. He flew in the dark of night to Harvard University. WuWu spent some time at Harvard hanging out in the virology department that was assisting with the lab in Wuhan, China. When the DOJ arrested a professor and two foreign exchange students, WuWu hitched a ride to China with the third student who escaped with 12 unknown vials from the Harvard virology lab. WuWu spent some time in Wuhan before beginning a life of isolation inside a cave in China. This story has been previously told, but what you don’t know is how badly WuWu behaved on his journey into isolation.

WuWu fathered an unknown number of illegitimate children both in the US and on his journey to and across China. WuWu had been a very badly behaved bat. Ronaviravich had been aware of his escapades. WuWu’s offspring are finally showing themselves throughout the globe. Rona decided it’s time to check up on their progress.

Rona gazed into her crystal ball to see where they are all surfacing and how much havoc they are creating. Zandile (name meaning-they have multiplied), in South Africa is one of Rona’s favorites. Zandile shows some resistance to vaccines. Zandile’s children maybe stronger. Rona sees WuWu’s offspring in places as yet unbeknownst to the world. Rona decides to do a quick foretelling. She sees a future of continuously updated vaccines, similar to yearly influenza vaccines, required to fight WuWu’s curse. She sees lockdowns destroying economies but ceasing to eradicate WuWu’s descendants. She sees panic, hysteria, and bad decisions based upon fear. She sees these things continuing until the world learns to exist without fear and strives to discover safe, fast, effective treatments instead of relying on a miracle vaccine or drug that refuses to appear. She sees fallen countries, poverty, war, social unrest, and a global monetary reset due to unwillingness to reopen life. She sees WuWu’s descendants as pawns for the wealthy world rulers to gain complete control of all wealth and power. She sees people through their fear allowing the ruler’s plans to succeed. Through it all, she sees WuWu’s descendants’ continued existence. Rona decides it maybe time to help the peasants. Rona has despised the ruling class for centuries. She’s had a direct hand in taking down more than a few during her centuries long lifetime. Biden particularly irritates her. His love of President Xi is troubling. Her GameStop stock purchase still gives her a good chuckle. She currently sits inside her cave devising a new scheme with many more unpleasantries for the world’s wealthy, elitist, ruling class. Trump still has a major role to play in her plans. She isn’t finished with him yet.


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