Steve wakes up.

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

Steve found himself lying at the bottom of a mountain in Colorado with Wackadoo licking his face. He was bruised and battered with a pounding headache. Why was he here? Wackadoo had sat by his unconscious body for hours guarding him and keeping him warm. She was ready to go back to the White House and visit with Major. She sniffed at the letter in his pocket, written by Ronaviravich for Biden, until Steve finally reached for it triggering the slow return of his memory.

Steve was a secret service agent. He was sent to a remote area of the mountains in Colorado to retrieve a message intercepted by undercover CIA operatives. The message had been sent by extremist Trump supporters and was believed to be a matter of national security. Steve was to pick up the message from the CIA and immediately return to DC and deliver it to Biden directly. Steve remembered his irritation with Biden at being sent on this mission. He was a secret service agent who was supposed to be guarding Biden. What was Biden thinking when he sent him to the Colorado mountains? Steve was beginning to question Biden’s mental capacity to be the President of the United States. Maybe Harris should take over.

As Wackadoo slowly led Steve back to the awaiting military helicopter, Steve recounted the events of the last few days to Wackadoo. He needed to be sure he remembered everything accurately for his report. Steve explained the Trump extremist insurrection being planned deep in the mountains. Although the CIA believes the insurrection to have been curtailed, Steve needs to ensure Homeland Security stresses their domestic terrorism alert to the American people. CIA operatives had shared numerous reports of Trump extremists (voters) planning mass terrorism and attacks on all Biden supporters as well as the US Government. Wackadoo could barely contain her excitement at the ensuing chaos.

Finally, they reached the chopper and were flown directly to the Whitehouse for Steve’s debriefing and Wackadoo’s reunion with Major. When Steve presented Rona’s note to Biden, he nervously tore it open, read it, had a seizure, and passed out.

Senator Biden,

Thank you for the stock tip.

President Trump

Steve has no memory of his meeting with Ronaviravich or even of her existence. He has no knowledge of the laced hot tottie she gave him to drink hours earlier before pushing him down the mountainside. A mountainside she considers to be her front yard. Steve certainly has no knowledge of the gypsy magic Rona used on him to implant false memory as he tumbled down the mountain. Steve has no knowledge of the content of Rona’s note to Biden. Steve is merely a pawn.


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