Ronaviravich receives a message from Biden

The continuing saga of the Gypsy Ronaviravich, her dog Wackadoo, and her cursed bat WuWu.

One morning while watching the sunrise outside her cave in the Colorado mountains, Rona was reflecting on her centuries of life as a gypsy and her employment with the US government. Up until Biden and Harris won, she had been feeling bored and done fixing elections, creating chaos, foretelling the future and other unseemly missions for power hungry politicians and military officials. The thought in her head as she saw a man in black struggling up the steep climb through the snow to reach her, was this: “Biden found out I bought stock in GameStop.” Rona went inside her cave, sat down and penned a note for Biden. The secret service agent finally made his way inside and collapsed at her feet in exhaustion. Rona served him a strong and slightly laced hot tottie. He gave her a letter sealed with the presidential seal. She opened and read the following handwritten note from Biden:

Lying dog faced pony soldier,

You ain’t black. I ordered 50 percent more vaccines for summer, some will begin to arrive as early as early summer and some to arrive by mid summer or early summer but it’ll be 600 million instead of 400 million and be enough to vaccinate 300 Americans. Homeland security alert domestic terrorists. You know the thing. Big tech and the thing you know the thing. Voters don’t need to know if I’ll pack the court. Unity. Pelosi’s laptop insurrection micro chip $15/hr minimum wage no pipline fracking online terrorists. Fema needs national guard help troops. Get a job manufacturing solar panels. Watching four year old girls dance.

Senator Biden

After reading Biden’s note she handed the secret service agent her sealed note for Biden which read:

Senator Biden,

Thank you for the stock tip.

President Trump

Ronaviravich walked an intoxicated and slightly high secret service agent to the edge of the descent from her cave. She gave him a solid helping push and returned to her cave to mess with Biden. Rona isn’t going to work in an imaginary solar panel manufacturing plant.


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