Ronaviravich consults Hitler

Despite the snow and cold, Ronaviravich had sweat pouring down her face as she dug up the corpse of a Jewish girl near her cave. Rona had sweat pouring down her back as she drug the corpse back to her cave in the Mountains of Colorado. She mumbled curses under her breath as she placed the corpse inside a steel cage beside her summoning table.

After a refreshing cup of tea and a cream cheese bagel with everything, Rona set about summoning Hitler into the Jewish girl’s corpse. Hitler and Rona had a history. Rona serves Chaos and Anarchy so she did assist Hitler in many of his schemes of death and destruction. Hitler had plotted her demise in a gas chamber due to her gypsy lineage. She neglected to tell him of his impending death which she watched through her crystal ball with great joy and happiness. Hitler is still sore and holding a grudge against Rona. Hitler resisted her initial summoning spells, hence the Jewish girl’s corpse as a lure and a trap. Hitler didn’t realize it was a corpse vacated by it’s former owner. Hitler was trapped and angry. Nonetheless, Ronaviravich coerced much needed information from him.

What information could Rona possibly require from Hitler? How many train cars are needed to transport Trump voters into deprogramming camps. How many people per car? Does size of the person matter? What about total weight? How many deprogramming camps are needed for 74 million people? Hitler, of course knew every detail. Over the course of several days, Rona was satisfied she knew everything she needed to know. She opened the cage door and let Hitler, imprisoned inside the Jewish girl’s corpse, out of the cage. Hitler is destined to walk the earth for eternity as a young Jewish girl. Ronaviravich was pleased with her work.


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