Ronaviravich and Wackadoo ensure the continuance of the QAnon cult

Rona and Wackadoo returned from their vacation to their hidden cave in the mountains of Colorado. Relaxed and invigorated, Rona sat down at her table to do a little foretelling of the future. Wackadoo snoozed on a bearskin rug by the fire. Rona became increasingly concerned over the loss of faith shown by Wackadoo’s QAnon cult followers. She read tea leaves, runic symbols, cast bones, and tarot cards only to have them all give her the same dismal future for QAnon. Throughout her centuries long gypsy life, Ronaviravich knew all about religions and cults. She had seen many arise and fall out of remembrance in the annals of history. She certainly knew how to make this one rise from the ashes of death.

When Wackadoo awoke, Rona reviewed time honored methods of indoctrination and affirmations required for any good cult or religion to withstand centuries of believers and naysayers. She briefly considered human sacrifice, but decided not yet. The following is the list she gave to Wackadoo for her focus going forward:

  • Prey on their self esteem and ego. Followers are important, educated people being given secret knowledge that no one else is receiving. How? Ensure there are key figures from the following areas: political, military, government agencies such as former CIA or FBI members and scientists. Without Q, they cannot possibly know what is really going on in the world. Because of Q, followers are now part of the enlightened. Ensure leaders have their own podcasts and websites so they make money. Lots of money. Ensure followers believe that the information received from leaders they see on podcasts and the tweets they read came from the unknown, mysterious Q.
  • Establish a God. Through QAnon they will grow in their enlightenment and get to know Q. Q is God. Enlightenment and knowledge is the religion. Further interest and following grows as followers try to discover who is Q.
  • Establish repetitive speech to enhance belief. Trust the plan. Trust the plan. Followers cannot possibly understand the plan. Only Q can see and understand the plan. Someday followers will be rewarded with total knowledge by Q. Until all knowledge is revealed, any expected event on any given date doesn’t need to be at all accurate. Followers were simply not privy to the entire plan. Followers misunderstood the signs and knowledge received because they are not Q. They are limited people needing Q to care for them.
  • Isolate and control followers. Convince your followers that unless the information comes from Q, it is deception and lies directly from Satan (or an evil force). Followers will discontinue belief in evidence contrary to Q teachings even when right before the followers’ eyes.
  • Have numerous storylines and goals all involving the greater fight of good against evil in which Q is engaged. Continuously provide a new date and event in which to anxiously await. It’s completely irrelevant if those events occur. It’s only necessary to provide constant streams of new information which keep the followers on a continuous wave of highs and lows. This engages a biological response and dependency.

Wackadoo was renewed with wonderful conspiracy theories, stories, and events well into the future after Rona’s input. Wackadoo is currently working on spreading the first of many to come across the internet. The cult of Q will live on.


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