Purge This

74 million plus Americans voted for Trump. Why? Economic and foreign policies. Belief in our constitution and form of government. Religious reasons. Belief in smaller government and fewer government regulations. 8 years of being attacked by liberals if we disagreed with Obama on any of his policies. Not being represented by our swamp leaders in either party. The list goes on and on and on….

Our mainstream media, wealthy handlers, and Democrat politicians are now discussing how Trump voters must be deprogrammed and purged. Good luck. That mentality is one of the many reasons Trump won in 2016. The Democrats and the media have learned nothing in 12 years. Nothing. Zero. Trump supporters aren’t like Democrats. They aren’t fearful and do not believe whatever the mainstream media tells them to believe. Had those thousands of Trump supporters at DC on January 6th wanted the politicians dead or kidnapped, it would have happened. Most of them were armed and vastly outnumbered any security forces at hand. Most of them were there to peacefully demonstrate. Although mainstream media isn’t showing the clips, there are many video feeds online showing the BLM and ANTIFA inside the capital, breaking out windows and vandalizing property. Were there Trump supporters inside the building as well? Yes, there were. Did Trump supporters take down the fencing? From what I watched, yes. Should all of these people inside the building or destroying property face charges of some type? Yes. How many thousands of people have been arrested during ANTIFA and BLM protests over the last year in the US? I am not even sure at this point. Mid summer of 2020 it was already over 10,000 with around 50 people dead. You cannot silence Americans. The harder you try, the more resistance you will face. Your deprogramming camps you are discussing are not going to happen. 74 million armed Americans? Think again. I have had about enough from the mainstream media and the Democrat Politicians to last me a lifetime. If anything, Trump supporters are angrier now than on the 6th. I think that is your goal. Biden was part of the problem for 8 years as VP on top of his previous decades in politics. That’s who you think is going to unite and heal this country. No, you know better. You’re trying to antagonize Trump supporters so that you can arrest and silence them. It’s not going to prove to be effective, but good luck.


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