My cat is an alt right terrorist.

Hider is a male indoor/outdoor cat weighing about 22lbs and is four years old. For the past year, he has left many clues as to his involvement with what most of us consider “fringe” activities. I had chosen to believe they were normal male cat activities. Things like refusing to let me clean the bathroom sink, chasing squirrels in the yard, chasing the neighbors dog, killing birds and mice, and prowling the neighborhood with my other male cat during the dark hours of the night. I’ve watched both of my male cats hunt birds and squirrels, and yes the neighbor’s dog, perfecting their stalking and hunting skills. Or so I thought. I didn’t realize they were actually doing military training exercises. However, after this morning’s events, I have no other choice but to acknowledge Hider is an alt right terrorist.

Hider is my bird killer extraordinaire. He brings me a couple of dead pigeons or black birds every week. Occasionally, he picks off a smaller bird. I’ve had extensive conversations with him about supporting the death of pigeons and black birds. First thing this morning, as I was leaving the house to take my son to school, Hider brought a bird to the porch. His latest kill. A red male cardinal. I used to have a male and female that lived in my yard for parts of every year. Now, there is just the female. I am not sure where she is as cardinals stay as couples and return to the same yards year after year. Hider was fascinated with the red bird he killed. He showed it to my other cats. I think Hider likes the color red. This dead cardinal is his trophy. He is now on my terrorist list. I may have to turn him in to the FBI.


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