Three sane people reside within the US.

Who are these three people? I have no idea. I am merely giving the US the benefit of the doubt that there are even three sane people within our borders. It’s highly likely they are here illegally and actively seeking an escape route which will avoid being picked up by ICE on their way out across one of our borders.

Our country is being influenced on both ends of the spectrum by both internal and external influences. One cannot take down a country and government without opposing forces fighting each other unless you use military force.

Since Trump took office in 2016, 19 minutes after his inauguration, the Democrats declared they were going to impeach him. The Democrats declared that he is not their president. We have had the continued growth of the Marxist groups, ANTIFA and the BLM. We have had continued censorship and one sided news coverage. Then Covid-19 arrived along with shutdowns. We then had the murder of George Floyd followed by demonstrations, looting and rioting throughout the country for months.

Through all of this, the Republicans bragged about their silence speaking volumes. They had elected Trump to single handedly save the country while they prayed and went fishing. Abortion was their only political platform in 2020. Vote for Trump against abortion, God will return, and save us all. All we need to do is pray and vote for Trump. And be prepared for Biden to get the votes. The votes won’t be real because of mail in voting. It’s ok though because God sent Trump to single handedly save our country. Never mind we have always had absentee ballots. Trump himself voted using an absentee ballot by mail. We could have told people to request absentee ballots early and sent them out to verified voters. We chose not to even discuss that option. And then there has been the loud message of who cares about the cities and states under lockdown from Covid-19. Those millions of people voted for their democrat leaders. They brought it on themselves.

We had the election with millions of mail in votes. Now, we have Trump supporters literally claiming that 70 percent of voters voted for Trump and republicans. Based on what facts? I have seen internet claims that less than 30 percent of voters in the US are even registered Democrats. You can look up the number of registered voters in each state on the internet. That is an absolute lie. How did 70 percent of voters vote for Trump and yet millions of people within democrat states and cities deserve no assistance because they voted for democrats? Which is it? Decide already because you’re arguing against yourselves. Was there voter fraud? Probably. Enough to change the election? I have my doubts. Fact is, we will never know. Fact is, the day our politicians were debating an election commission, the capital was stormed by extremists and the legal proceeding that should have taken place could not take place.

Throughout all of this, extremists on both sides of the aisle have been pushing biased news stories and often outright lies. QANON has given date after date over the past year that Trump was going to swoop in and single handedly save the world. There were going to be internet and power blackouts. 5G is a weapon. Covid-19 isn’t real. Cattle medicine is a cure for the imaginary virus. The QANON dates come and go without whatever huge event they predicted happening. There is immediately a new story as to why and a new date. The new date is always near enough to keep followers hanging on every word, but far enough out to buy them time to come up with their next excuse as to “what is really going on”. Predators on websites like Rumble, YouTube, FB, and Twitter are making a financial killing from spinning conspiracy theories. It isn’t just QANON or their followers. I don’t believe it’s just Americans. There are outside bad actors fueling the fear and conspiracies of both extremes. Extremist groups on the far right are growing in number and raging.

I believe we are at risk of a civil war. We do have Marxists trying to take over our country. We also have extremists on the right who believe our US Military is going to temporarily take over our government on or before the 20th. They will keep Trump in power and arrest loads of politicians. They believe our constitution supports the US Government Military taking over our entire government. It does not. The far right believes the election was stolen. The far left constantly pushes them intentionally to an even further extreme stance. As a country, we have to stop letting ourselves be led by emotions such as fear and anger or conspiracy theories.


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