It was either illegal Mexicans from Norway or black people with pure Swedish bloodlines from Italy.

From reading American news and echo chambers from both sides, I am not sure which specific group or people are responsible for January 6th, 2021. The media is adamant that ANTIFA and the BLM have never looted or rioted anywhere. They have only engaged in absolutely peaceful protests and demonstrations. The Trump supporters are adamant that any destruction or loss of life was not them. I don’t think there were any white people in DC on January 6th, 2021. Chinese people are busy spreading the China Virus as an intentional plot to destroy democracy throughout the world. That only leaves illegal Mexicans from Norway or black people with pure Swedish bloodlines from Italy. I’m not sure which of the two groups it was but everyone else has been eliminated.

Historically, when the US has had problems uniting it’s aggressive and self-professed superhero-saving-the-world-from-oppression citizens, it has picked a foreign country and bombed the living shit out of it. Usually, it’s a middle eastern country. If there are terrorists and oil, all the better. I am apologizing in advance to whichever country tops the list and acquires a target on it’s head. We will probably be on your doorstep soon to liberate your citizens or your neighbors from your government. Americans like to liberate other countries. My best guess for this one is Iran since it keeps threatening the US. The Democrats have a certain level of plausibility in blaming Trump as the instigator. But who knows who our US leaders will sell as the current world threat and oppressor of its people. Rest assured, that’s going to be the answer to lessening the divisiveness in America. It always is. And in the end, it always unifies our country when they find and agree upon a common enemy. If I were a middle eastern leader, I would be really nice to the American government during the next few months.


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