Followers of the Orange God battle the Borg

Reading or watching the news in the US is like viewing a new Star Trek episode where the Borg are trying to assimilate a band of people following their Orange God.

We have the media and the Democrats actively discussing how Trump supporters must assimilate to their agenda and their hive mind or be hunted down and placed in retraining programs where they will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. Assimilate or be hunted down and forced to assimilate or die. Resistance is futile. Only one source of information or view is allowed to be communicated directly into your brain by the hive mind. Resistance is futile.

Did everyone see the article about the PBS lawyer who suggested placing Trump supporter’s children into retraining camps? It was one of the stories on The Drudge Report today. The Borg are not joking about assimilating with their view and mindset. The Borg are planning on coming after the Followers of the Orange God. The Borg do not believe in peace and unity. The Borg believe in assimilating with the hive mind.

Meanwhile, the Followers of the Orange God are and will continue to refuse to assimilate. They would rather die fighting. They will never be assimilated. The Borg should leave them alone and move on to the next population. Borg never learn the real lesson that individuality and freedom of speech and thought cannot be assimilated out of a population. In turn, the Borg are never really defeated but continue to exist as well.

As an aside, Hollywood is dying. No screen writer, movie producer, or artist could possibly create anything as completely impossible NOT to watch as our current real life events. We have twisting and complicated plots and character development. We have action packed adventures. We have protagonists and antagonists. We have life and death scenarios. We have spies and espionage. We have a pandemic. We have natural disasters. We even have Space Force and AI sex robots. Go ahead Hollywood, give it your best try. I don’t think you’re up to the task.


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