Ronaviravich and Wackadoo take a cruise on de Nile.

Ronaviravich was feeling pleased with the complete chaos in America both herself and her dog Wackadoo had achieved so early in 2021. Wackadoo (aka Q) was, however, angry that she had been censored on so many internet platforms. Wackadoo wanted to go to DC and bite Pelosi and Mitch. Rona had a better idea. Rona decided they had both earned a vacation. She also thought Wackadoo deserved a reward for her hard work and chaos creation. Rona packed up their bags and teleported them directly to Dubai.

The Telegram office was not what Wackadoo expected. She was ecstatic. Wackadoo and Rona’s contact in middle eastern affairs quickly got Wackadoo set up to send encrypted messages to the world. Wackadoo is considering world terrorism as a viable hobby. When their evil plans were cemented, Rona teleported Wackadoo and herself onto a five star cruise ship on de Nile river.

Rona and Wackadoo are currently enjoying drinks and relaxation while sending spells into the night air. The spells are making their way through the jet stream and spreading throughout the US. They are, of course, de Nile spells. We are only beginning to feel their effects.

By April, every Trump supporter will believe there were no white people at the Trump Rally in DC on January 6th. There weren’t even any Trump supporters of any kind in DC. They will believe that DC was filled with ANTIFA dressed as Trump supporters who during an insurrection, broke into the capital building. They will believe Trump is still their president.

By April, every Biden supporter will believe every Trump supporter in the land conspired to murder every politician, hang Pence, and install Trump as our everlasting God on Earth to rule over our lands until Christ’s return.

Ronaviravich and Wackadoo are having the best time ever. They are considering extending their vacation…


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