The lies being spread by the media regarding the attack on the capital building are ridiculous.

As I’ve previously posted, I do not condone violence. I do not condone racism. I do not condone what happened at our capital. I do believe, however, that there are things in life worth fighting for. Our constitution and our country are worth fighting for. I believe up until this point we were able to fight against communism within the bounds of ethical and legal constraints. I’m not sure that ship didn’t sail when the capital was infiltrated and the media and far left began their onslaught of vengeance against all Trump supporters. Most of us denounce the attack on the capital. Most of us denounce violence. Most of us would like a peaceful country going forward.

I watched several live video feeds on the ground in the crowd that day. I watched a frontline video feed of the fencing being taken down. The person doing the live video was right there by the fence talking to the people taking the fencing down. Those were self professed Proud Boy Members. The police weren’t really trying that hard to stop them. Frankly, they looked confused about what they were supposed to do. The group removing the fencing did not fight with the police or anyone else. A Proud Boys member gave the police a thorough ass chewing at one point for not defending our country and constitution. They were on a mission to gain entry not to vandalize and fight. That video feed ended before they reached to door.

I then watched the video feed made by the ANTIFA member inside the capital. He was completely perplexed as to what was happening. At one point, he said, “I’m really stressed out” and went outside to smoke a cigarette before returning to video some more. There were ANTIFA members inside the capital and they were outnumbered by Trump supporters. There was no fighting between the two groups at all on the videos that I watched. ANTIFA looked scared they were going to be attacked and stayed in their own groups. They were never attacked. The kid shooting the video said there were cops with guns pulled at the top of the staircase so they couldn’t go up there. He said the room with the politicians was locked and there had been shooting inside of it. He also said there was no phone signal once you get past a certain point inside the building. This was the kid whose face has been shown on the media as an ANTIFA member being inside the capital. He was, but he was scared to even be there. I don’t know what he did after his live feed ended, but he didn’t do anything but video for quite a while and ask other people what was going on. He was streaming live when they wheeled the woman who was shot in the throat out of the building. Everyone moved back and made room for her to be taken to an ambulance. Shortly after that the video ended.

The attack on the capital building had nothing to do with race. It was either about getting to the computers and laptops, or simply getting in front of the politicians to protest and ask for their resignations. Probably both. The attack was about our corrupt politicians who do not represent any of the American people. It was not about race.

I think the fear from the politicians and the media is that the two groups were on the same side during that entire event. Both were mad at the politicians. ANTIFA was shocked the Trump supporters had the veracity to gain entrance to the building. I saw fear on the faces of ANTIFA. I also watched videos of Trump supporters telling ANTIFA as well as other Trump supporters not to vandalize anything. Obviously, at some point it all went off the rails and the vandalism began. I have seen pictures and videos supporting both. I have also seen a video of a side entrance where armed guards held the doors open for Trump Supporters and let them inside the building. A couple of the people going inside were saying it’s a trap and they’re going to lock us in. I have watched and seen numerous theories etc. I doubt we will ever know the truth.

I do know one thing it wasn’t about. That was race. Zero evidence it was about race. That’s the media and politicians trying to ensure that ANTIFA and Trump supporters fight and blame the other group. ANTIFA is a Marxist group whereas Trump supporters believe in our republic. They don’t want the same outcome but they did have the same grievances about the same people on that day. ANTIFA wasn’t even trying to protest racism. The whole thing was pretty surreal. Nothing about that event had anything to do with racism whatsoever.


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