The Far Left has shown it’s Communist face to the entire world.

Don’t believe what you hear from the Jake Tappers and Don Lemons of the virtual reality world. Trump supporters are getting angrier by the second. The Doxing of Parler accounts, the onslaught of retribution for daring to not agree with communism, censorship, the overseas shell companies used by politicians and wealthy elitists, and the continuing move of all wealth and power into a few people’s hands has pushed Trump supporters to the point of a civil war. No, Jake Tapper, Trump supporters are not scared. Certainly not of the likes of you. Trump supporters are military members both active duty and retired. Trump supporters are police officers. Trump supporters are working class people who know how to fight and defend themselves. Trump supporters aren’t cowering behind their bodyguards while sitting in their glass tower. When leaders of other countries are calling out our liberal left and our media, you might consider you’ve lost touch with reality outside of your own biased echo chamber. Even the FBI is warning the far left to stand down. If the left persists, we are going to have a civil war. If the left continues to attack Trump supporters, we are going to have a civil war. 74 million Americans are not intimidated by Jake Tapper and the leftist doxing crew that has spent years attacking Republican politicians in restaurants, their homes, and anyplace else they can corner them. Enough already. Stand down before we have reached the point of no return. Although, I’m not sure that hasn’t already happened. Trump supporters believe in our constitution and our republic. We don’t believe in communism but we do believe in fighting wars to prevent communism, regardless of the the geographical location of the war. Stand down before it’s too late. Trump supporters as a group believe in doing things peacefully and the right way. However, they also understand that our 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and self defense. It is to protect ourselves from our own government if or when it has grown too powerful and becomes tyrannical. Our founding forefathers foresaw what our government could become and gave us a means to prevent it from happening. It isn’t insurrection if the government has turned to tyranny. It is in fact our duty as American citizens to stop tyranny. There is a large segment of Trump supporters who believe we have reached the point of tyranny. They aren’t scared. They will do what they believe is their duty as American Citizens. They will defend our constitution and our country from all threats both foreign and domestic.

I don’t condone violence when a peaceful resolution is at all possible. Is it? Because I am not sure the way the US media and politicians are acting that peace is possible. It looks to me like it’s just more of the last 12 years of the far left doing whatever they can to silence the right and to enact vengeance upon anyone who doesn’t agree with their communist goal. 74 million Americans are not going to cower down, hide, and shut up. It’s beyond stupid to believe that they would even consider doing so.


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